Let your projects take form on ComeUp

A platform that breaks away
from existing models

ComeUp is a mainstream marketplace platform that connects service providers and buyers.

It is open to both individuals and professionals where you can find various profiles: copywriters, web developers, designers, and so on.

On ComeUp, buyers can search for the offer that matches their project the most amongst a wide choice of online services. It’s just as easy for sellers. They just have to register and validate their seller profile to offer services on the platform.

ComeUp came into being on the back of a simple truth: in France, hardly any solutions were truly suited to those with a business project. Most of the platforms already on the Internet charge a hefty commission in exchange for their trusted third-party service. With those platforms, freelancers spend lots of time answering calls for tender from buyers with no guarantee of a result. And as they are often paid platforms, those solutions do not provide talent with access to job offers without a prior financial investment.

A platform that offers
genuine solutions to freelancers

In 2013 we launched the first version of ComeUp under the name 5euros. And ever since, we’ve gone in the opposite direction to all the other marketplace websites and the work market as a whole.
In October 2022, 5euros became ComeUp, but our ambition remains the same — providing freelancers with a solution that is truly suited to them to grow their business.

A free service

ComeUp is a platform that both individuals
and professionals can access free of charge.
Following sign-up, neither the buyer
nor the seller needs to pay to make the most of the website’s basic
features. Buyers don’t have to pay a thing to view the services
available on ComeUp. And the sellers who sign up to the platform
do not pay to offer their skills either.

Making life easier for freelancers

Our aim is to support entrepreneurs as they grow their business. To simplify things for freelancers and small businesses, ComeUp handles all quotes, secure payments, and invoicing.
That means no more paperwork; and no need to chase up buyers for payment. Once an order is delivered, it is paid. When a seller accepts a job, there are no quotes or invoices. All they have to do is clearly specify what they are offering and the cost in advance.
That way, buyers know exactly what they are paying for and how much it will cost. As for invoices, we take care of it all. With this time-consuming task out of the way, the thousands of solopreneurs on our platform can focus purely on their jobs. And above all, they have more time to support companies and people with a business project.

A trusted third party

ComeUp operates as a trusted third party. Our primary goal is to connect sellers offering services with buyers who need those skills. We offer a secure space for both parties to discuss projects and work together.
ComeUp supports thousands of freelancers, companies, and individuals by enabling them to turn their projects into a reality. We offer a solution to monetize their expertise and skills. Every year, we pay out more money to our sellers than the year before. And we don’t plan on stopping there! We want to remain in close contact with budding entrepreneurs and the founders of start-ups by providing them with the means to go even further and boost their businesses.

Our values

Fair pay for freelancers

Here at ComeUp, we make a point of paying sellers a set price. A platform is a technical solution that handles small orders in the same way as larger ones. As such, the associated costs should not change. And just like with an Internet connection, accounting tool, or software subscription: you know how much you will pay. That means no unpleasant surprises for freelancers!

We have also decided to give sellers the option of a $1 commission per order, which they pay, provided they are on a ComeUp Plus plan. With the free plan, sellers can see how the website works and secure their first sales, albeit with a 20% commission. Because we feel it’s important to adapt to a seller’s needs, our offers evolve as they do. If they start securing larger, more regular sales, They can easily upgrade to one of our paid plans to reduce the commission to $1. It’s a revolution in the marketplace market.

Fully transparent pricing

As a marketplace platform connecting buyers and sellers, we act as a trusted third party. When it comes to rates for services, transparency is key. Buyers need to know at all times how much a seller will receive for the order they are requesting. Likewise, sellers need to know how much the buyer pays. This transparency underpins the relationship of trust we have in this three-way relationship.

On ComeUp, we provide a breakdown of costs in billing documents and share them with both parties.

A community above all

First and foremost, a platform belongs to its users. They are the ones who use it, interact with it, keep it going, and make it grow. When you develop a project, it is important to keep user expectations in mind. Likewise, it is essential to train them, allow them to share their feedback, or help one another.

We strive to provide a dynamic ecosystem where community spirit plays a key role. It’s why we do our utmost on ComeUp to ensure sellers can talk with one another, learn together, and train on the platform. Our team has a hands-on role coaching them and answering them live via tools, especially for them.

As we want to offer our sellers the very best, we regularly negotiate discounts for various tools that can help them grow their business.

Made a mistake or want to cancel? You can.

In business relations, buyers and sellers may not see a service through to the end. In such cases, we wouldn’t have fulfilled our support role as a marketplace platform either. As such, it is only natural for us to offer a partial or full refund, depending on the situation. And always without fees.

Highly responsive customer service team

Customer services on a marketplace platform need to handle both sides: issues experienced by buyers and sellers. Everyone has expectations, and the platform is the central pillar that connects them. Buyers and sellers have entrusted part of the responsibility and the transaction proper to the platform.

75% of requests on ComeUp are handled within less than 1 hour, of which nearly 39% are handled in less than 15 minutes. We make sure that the maximum response time is 12 hours.

A real team by your side

Since its creation in 2013, ComeUp (formerly 5euros) has grown thanks to a team of driven individuals. We are spurred on by one desire: to revolutionize the freelance platform market.\That’s why we propose a complementary lineup to support you: a team of moderators, customer service agents, web development and design technicians, and marketing pros. We are a small (but mighty) team that is keen to remain close to its members.

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