Training & coaching

Increase your activity, and boost your self-confidence by consulting the varied offers on the ComeUp website, high-quality services proposed by specialists in training and personal coaching. Learn a new skill, make career changes, improve your relationships with people or the way you work with clients, enhance your mental development, and increase your leadership, there are so many ways in which you can learn and continue your development. Whatever your needs may be, you’ll find solutions adequate on our platform.

For the pleasure of learning new things, discovering, and developing new competencies, coaching services are ideal to advance your activity. From a more personal point of view, coaching allows you to gain confidence and have the keys to overcoming your daily problems and questions. Often it’s not easy to find time to realize those things. Nonetheless, they are necessary for the development and flourishing of a project. The ComeUp website proposes coaching services in various subjects accessible from $5. This entry price allows everyone to access high-quality personal coaching services. Don’t wait any longer to discover the offers proposed by our qualified freelancers.


Coaching in job searching

It’s not easy to start your job search by yourself. You may be wondering, where should you start? What are my assets? Am I going in the right direction? Is my resume engaging and adapted? There are many questions you may have at this moment. To help you gain self-confidence, and move ahead more serenely, use a ComeUp professional. A resume redaction expert, a writer with a good sensibility to write a motivational letter that will draw interest, or a social media manager to boost your LinkedIn profile so that you can get an interview with the company of your dreams. These small steps are all essential to build up to your success. Don’t hesitate to use ComeUp’s training and personal coaching services. You’ll easily find what you need and even more.

If you need additional help, think about your personal and professional development. Growing your career by applying to jobs is not the only solution. Call upon different coaches to change and experience personal growth that translates to your professional life. Improve your mental health, focus, or your leadership skills. There a so many positive changes you to take and learn, which will make you feel empowered. Use coaches to set attainable yet challenging goals that way you know where to focus your energy, and you have a clear guide to help you grow.


Personal Coaching

Learn to manage your time, be more organized, communicate better at work, get a better math level, boost your self-confidence, and try a yoga or meditation session to slow your rhythm. The possibilities are endless to improve on a personal level. Some moments in life are invitations to reflect and retrospect on what you could do better. Use these moments to motivate yourself to try new things. With ComeUp, take advantage of a wide range of training and personal coaching services to improve yourself. A great way for you to start a new chapter in your life with the right foot forward.

Improve your everyday life with a life coach that helps you with your mental health, and relationships, and offers other related support. Your health is important, and that starts with your mental health as well as feeling good. If you don't feel right or if you feel like you're not making progress, set goals and try out a new experience. Life coaches will give you all the tools and guide you to success in your life so that you feel positive daily.


Coaching in e-commerce

You’re launching your brand, and decide to open only an online shop. You’re right to invest in e-commerce and dropshipping, so don’t hesitate to surround yourself with professionals available whenever you need them to train you and coach you in the subject. Get increased performance for your business or increase your client acquisition tactics with marketing coaches that have all the work experience. Don't just focus on the client side, but also find ways to keep your team united with more positive leadership and support. You can also use a management coach to teach you how to set goals for the people on your team. Hundreds of qualified freelancers can help you using ComeUp. Choose the services that interest you the most, the most relevant for your new business, and take advantage of our reasonable pricing. The ComeUp website offers many more coaching domains in business, languages, music, sports, social media, sports betting, or complementary revenues. You won’t have any difficulties finding the service you need on our website. Hundreds of professionals are available for just $5. Each has a profile page full of information, with their skills, experiences, general profile, and reviews. You have all the elements to make an informed decision based on your preferences and use one of our experienced freelancers to help you with your project.

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