Everyday life

Fashion and beauty, nutrition and well-being, real estate and IT, we all need tips and tricks to improve our daily lives! ComeUp, the specialist marketplace platform, provides thousands of offers from qualified freelancers, who are available to help you at any time!

There are plenty of little things we’d like to do in life, but sometimes we don’t have the skills – or the time – to do them. ComeUp is based on that very idea: with an extremely attractive starting offer of $5, anyone can present a skill and anyone can benefit from someone else’s expertise. Our “Everyday Life” category groups a wide variety of topics which anyone can improve their skills, learn more, and find a training course. All kinds of useful everyday services are available at really attractive prices.

Listening and knowledge-transfer services

All the sellers on ComeUp offer targeted services that meet a specific need. This need is often connected with a situation that can be improved with this service. For example, you need to create spreadsheets for your project, but you’re rusty and don’t have the right templates. You will be able to find a specialist on ComeUp who can help you by offering you spreadsheet templates or by explaining how they work. Our services are based on knowledge transfer. An encouraging freelancer will help you turbo-charge your skills and allow you to achieve your personal and/or professional goals.

Services for any area of everyday life.

You’ll never believe it, but you will find all types of services on ComeUp. Our sellers make their vast range of skills available to you. Prepare a healthy recipe, write an advertisement to sell a property, repair and clean your computer, find a personal shopper, start a program to quit smoking, plan a tailor-made trip abroad and go to the right places, receive tutoring in math, English, economics, or even geometry. Relieve pain with naturopathy, learn how to become a magnetist or even interpret dreams, or understand your birth chart or horoscope: that’s just a glimpse of the possibilities that you can find online!

ComeUp, a new way of collaborating

Trying a ComeUp service means testing out a new way of working by keeping things simple. It is a marketplace platform, which allows you to test new things, learn on a daily basis, and ensure that learning is quick and simple. In just a few clicks, you can find the service you need: based on your tastes and your needs, and you can select the seller who seems best suited to your request. Each seller has an information sheet listing their skills and you can read reviews from others who have used their services in the past. Start using ComeUp with complete peace of mind.
Test ComeUp in your everyday life: you will find high-quality services that meet a specific need and help you through a difficult situation. You can contact your seller via the chat box at any time, and you’ll only pay when you confirm that the service has been delivered. And that gives you an additional guarantee when you use a wide variety of our services!

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