I will draw your ideas, your characters, a scenary, and much more in my illustration style

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You need a unique drawing of characters, animals or objects, a scenary, covers for your book, a character in a setting specific or just an idea? This service is exactly what you need! Nowadays, information or a message illustrated in the form of a drawing is easier to understand and allows you to stand out very easily. I therefore propose to give life to all of your ideas and this at a very reasonable price.

Let me introduce myself quickly

I am Ayemane, digital illustrator and freelance graphic designer for 3 years. I care about perfection and customer satisfaction is very important to me. I mainly work with the Procreate software on Ipad pro and Photoshop on my Laptop. Also, I made many Mini-comics for companies, covers and illustration designs for children's books, print designs for clothing brands and many more.

What should you know about my drawings?

The drawings offered relate to:

  • drawing of characters, animals and objects in a specific environment;
  • scenary;
  • items or products for sale,
  • covers for your book, your website or album,
  • drawing of a personal or professional idea.

How to place your order?

To place an order, just contact me to discuss the details of your idea. Then once the order has been placed, I will let you follow the progress of my work as I go along with the possibility of reviews. Finally after finalizing your order, I will send it to you in PNG, JPEG and PDF formats.

My rates:

- For 15€: I will make a complete version only in white and black of your drawing and without background, and 01 touch up maximum

- For 25€ : I will make a full color drawing with shading and special effects without background, and 03 touch ups maximum

- For 40€: I make a full color illustration with a character in a simple background (without characters), and 04 touch ups maximum

- For 60€: I make a Premium illustration(Full color, 02 characters, more detailed background, special effects, etc), and 05 touch ups maximum

- 02 full color Drawings for 40€: I will make 2 full color drawing without background, and 03 touch ups maximum

- 03 full color Drawings for 60€: I will make 3 complete full color drawing without background, and 04 touch ups maximum

- 04 full color Drawings for 80€: I will make 4 complete full color drawing without background, and 04 touch ups maximum

- 05 full color Drawings for 95€: I will make 5 complete full color drawing without background, and 05 touch ups maximum

- Express Delivery for 10€: I deliver to you in express within 2 days instead of 5 days normally for a drawing

Note that whatever your drawing projects, you can contact me if it turns out that you do not find among my options those that suit you. I can even create new ones to better satisfy you 🙂

⚠️Also looking for professional drawings for your books or instruction sheets? I offer a gig even more focused on this kind of request: https://comeup.com/fr/service/367415/draw-original-illustrations-for-your-childrens-books

⚠️ Do you have a small business and are you looking to stand out through a more original visual identity? I also offer you myMascot and avatar logo design gig through this link: https://comeup.com/fr/service/366756/draw-your-professional-mascot-logo-avatar. My rates remain reasonable while guaranteeing you quality work with the possibility of numerous reviews. Why don't you take a look?

NB ‼️: Do not hesitate to contact me for more information whatever your project!

I will draw your ideas, your characters, a scenary, and much more in my illustration style

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I am absolutely amazed by this artist's talent! Their speed of execution is simply breathtaking. In the blink of an eye, they manage to bring incredible works of art to life. It's as if they have a magic wand in their hands, capable of transforming a blank canvas into a beautiful creation in an instant. But what truly sets this artist apart is their incredible listening skills. They take the time to understand their clients' ideas and visions, and then translate them into drawings of astonishing precision. They don't just create visually stunning works; they also manage to capture the very essence of what you have in mind. In addition to their undeniable artistic skills, their ability to listen attentively to their clients' needs makes them a real asset. They create a genuine connection with those they work for, making the experience even more enjoyable. If you're looking for an artist who combines speed, expertise, and a keen sense of listening, you won't find anyone better. They are simply exceptional, and I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to bring their ideas to life in a spectacular way!


Thank you !

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Ayemane_DRAW Il y a 1 jour

“I am fluent in both English🇺🇸 and French🇫🇷

Salut, 🇫🇷
Je suis Ayemane, illustrateur et graphiste digital professionnel. Je travaille avec Procreate et Affinity design sur iPad Pro et Photoshop et Adobe Illustrator sur PC depuis quelques années. J’ai le soucis de la perfection et la satisfaction du client est très importante pour moi. J'ai collaboré sur des projets tels que des mini-bandes dessinées, des illustrations de jeux de cartes, des couvertures et livres pour enfants , la conception de Logos et des designs pour des marques de vêtements.

Contactez-moi pour vos projets!


Hi there, 🇺🇸
I'm Ayemane, a professional digital illustrator and graphic designer. I've been freelancing for 3 years, and I'm committed to achieving perfection and ensuring client satisfaction. I mainly work with Procreate and Affinity Design on iPad Pro and Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator on PC. I've collaborated on various projects, including mini-comics, character design, book covers and illustrations for children’s book, logo design, and designs for clothing brands.

Don't hesitate to contact me for your projects!”

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