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☑️ Are you looking for a qualified translator to expand your business internationally?
☑️ Do you want French-speaking audiences to be able to read your writings because you are an author or writer ?
☑️ Do you want to increase sales for your online store by reaching out to customers worldwide ?
☑️ Have you written a text and need a qualified person to translate it into French** ?
☑️ Would you like to learn more about a subject, but your documents are written in French, a language you're not proficient in ?


😎 Welcome to our professional French/English and English/French translation service, the perfect choice for businesses and individuals looking to expand their international reach and effectively communicate with a multilingual audience. We take pride in offering you top-quality translations, carried out manually by experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language.

🤓 We don't rely on automatic translation software. Instead, our team of translators uses advanced linguistic skills and an in-depth understanding of the culture and nuances of the target language to ensure an accurate, smooth, and faithful translation. Additionally, our translators are experts in their specialized fields, which means they grasp the technical terms and nuances of your content and can translate them accurately.

🤗 We understand the importance of delivering projects quickly and efficiently, while maintaining quality. That's why we are committed to providing fast and reliable translations without compromising the quality of our manual work.

✍️ Our translation process starts with a thorough assessment of your needs. We take into account the nature of your text, the specific terminology of your expertise, and your timelines. We also evaluate the level of complexity of your content and provide you with a competitive and transparent quote that suits you.

🙂 Once we receive your confirmation, our team of translators immediately gets to work, utilizing their advanced language skills to ensure accuracy and quality in manual translation. We also review each translated text to ensure there are no grammar or spelling mistakes and that the style is consistent with the original content.

😀 We also offer revision services for existing translations. If you already have translated content, we can manually review it to ensure correct and consistent translation, and we can also make revisions to improve the quality and clarity of the text.

🤑 We take pride in offering manually translated services at competitive and affordable prices. We believe that quality should be accessible to all, and we work hard to provide top-quality translations at competitive rates.

⏲️ Don't waste any more time using automatic translation (Machine Translation). None of those automatic translation tools (Google Translate, Deepl, etc.) can compare to the knowledge of a qualified multilingual specialist.

🤩 We are here to help you stand out. We don't do word-for-word translation. We will deliver an appropriate translation that preserves the central idea of the original document.


My name is Gilles, and I am a language enthusiast. Since my childhood, I grew up in a bilingual environment, surrounded equally by English and French speakers. I quickly realized that languages were much more than just a means of communication; they were a gateway to fascinating cultures and worlds.

Today, I am proud to lead a team of bilingual translators, individuals who share my passion for languages and cultures. We are freelance translators, web writers, and ghostwriters, all driven by the same mission: to help our clients communicate effectively across language barriers.

Our approach is different from other translation services. We don't simply translate words from one language to another. We strive to understand the deep meaning of each word, each sentence, and even each culture. We immerse ourselves in the psyche of each language, each culture, to grasp all the nuances and subtleties that make each expression rich.

We believe that manual translation is the only way to guarantee accuracy and translation quality. That's why we have developed particular expertise in manual French/English and English/French translation. We have an intimate knowledge of the similarities and differences between the two languages, allowing us to translate with precision and fluency while preserving the deep meaning and nuances of each word.

Every day, we wake up with the same passion and commitment to help our clients communicate effectively in an increasingly globalized world. We work with businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational companies, as well as individuals looking to translate their novels, websites, articles, and more.

If you are looking for a team of passionate bilingual translators, we are here to help.

👉 Contact us today to learn more about our manual translation services.


  • Blog articles

  • Interviews

  • Social media posts

  • Emails, letters, newsletters

  • Cover letters, reports, etc.

  • Academic documents (essay, dissertation, internship report, presentation, etc.)

  • Literary texts (fiction, novels, short stories, etc.)

  • Philosophical texts

  • Speeches, pleas

  • Advertising texts

  • Product descriptions

  • Ebooks (sports, nutrition, cooking, etc.)

  • Sports, fitness, bodybuilding programs

  • Websites, e-commerce sites, blogs

  • Applications

  • Subtitles

  • Summaries, reports

  • Biographies, autobiographies

  • Etc.

⛔ CVs (Resumes)
⛔ Poems
⛔ Legal and medical documents
⛔ Restaurant menus and cards
⛔ Instructions and user manuals

✔️ We will provide you with a meticulous translation of a text up to a maximum length of 100 words from French to English or from English to French.
✔️ Delivery of the translated document in Word or PDF format.



Q: Do you translate websites and applications?

👉🏼 Yes. We can translate websites and applications. In order to provide an accurate quote, we need to know the word count of the website, webpage, or application. Simply copy and paste the text and send it to me in a Word, Open/Libre Office, or Google Doc file with the precise word count.

Q: Can you preserve the formatting of my document after translation?

👉🏼 Yes. We can reproduce the formatting of your document, including bold, italics, underlining, bullet points, font size, color, etc. We take care of all these aspects during the translation process.

Q: I am an author with a novel. Can you optimize my work after translation?

👉🏼 Yes. Beyond translation, we can rewrite your text to make it more current and enjoyable to read, using a richer semantic framework. Sentence structures are also revised, which is ideal if you want to publish a text without creating duplicate content. Unlike more formal writings, creative texts require more time for interpretation and a finer writing style.

Q: Do you translate audio and video files?

👉🏼 Yes. We offer several solutions for audio and video translation. However, we need you to provide the file in advance so that we can assess the sound quality and provide an accurate quote.


Best regards,

I will handle your French to English and vice versa translation

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