I will write your services & sales pages for your ComeUp business and complementary sources of income

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🚀 LAUNCH OFFER: -50% on all services!

👀 If you're here, it's for 2 reasons:

  • 💫 You're having trouble selling on ComeUp.
  • **❓ You're looking for a solution.
  • 📈 You want to get your online business off the ground and generateadditional income.**
  • 🎨 If you need to revamp your sales copy, SEO is the thing to do !

👏 But frankly, bravo, you're much better than 99.9% of other sellers.

✅ You've challenged yourself.
✅ You made an effort to identify your problem.
✅ You thought things through.
✅ You take corrective action on the problem.
✅ You know you need help.

👏 That's really rare, and it's a real strength.

🧠You already have a fragment of the answer: The sales text

It's like a first contact, people judge you directly, and the first impression is often the right one.

Especially today. We're in the age of attention. TikTok and its format on all networks.

  • When you have to choose a movie on Netflix, it takes you 30 minutes.
  • With TikTok, you don't think, the content comes to you, and if you don't like it, you swipe.

So, today, it's extremely hard to get more than 3 seconds of attention.

⏰ You've only got a few seconds!

You win.

Or get swiped

➡️ That's why it's important to entrust this task to a ComeUp specialist copywriter.

After all, anyone can get involved in service copywriting.
But, without the right training, the results will be lacking.

❌ This skill is rarely mastered by salespeople.

  • Some buy templates and sell them back to you.
  • Some have no talent at all.
  • And I'm skipping all the tricks that exist.

So be really careful!

🚨Your copywriter must follow a list of key points for a successful text.

  • Exceptional copywriting
  • Colors with emojis
  • Tables, aeration
  • Striking ice-breaking
  • Perfect spelling
  • Visible originality
  • Rigorous & logical writing

And, if you're here, it's because, as you can see, I knew how to make you read, because Irespected the marketing criteria of sales copy.

🚨 Your copywriter has to be interested in you.

  • Introduce yourself and your business.
  • The title of your service.
  • Your target clientele and your positioning on the platform.
  • Your marketing strategy.
  • Your values.
  • The key information you want to appear.
  • Software to be integrated
  • Style (modern, sober, original).

🚨 Your copywriter must have a multitude of sources to find inspiration and tools to make you a unique text.

(Which I'll keep for myself for competitive reasons 😇)

🧠 So you've got it. Choose your editor carefully... 👋


➡️ Excellent question! And I'll answer it.
📈 Knowing the importance of sales copy.
➡️ Personalize your order.
And if you've read this far, it's proof that my texts work 😉


➕ I'm a Quality Engineer by day. So it's only natural to offer and deliver services of exemplary professional quality(no pun intended). My job: to find the little details to take care of the services at every level.

➕ I'm preparing a double Master's degree in science and economics. I sell a service only when I'm 110% sure of my performance.

I am bilingual. I speak French and English fluently.


💎 Use Word, you'll just have to copy and paste

🤝 He trusted me! Why don't you?

BryanCaloz : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Excellent service! Quality sheet that met my expectations! Thank you very much

However, I need to define a few terms for what follows.


  • Sales text = Your service text

➡️ This is the part that requires the most work and produces the results.

  • ☑️= New compared to previous offers

➡️ Unlike "✅", which is already present and unchanged.


🚀 LAUNCHING OFFER -50% on the shop

💎 CLASSIC PACK 🚀 50€ ➡️25€
☑️ 1 sales text
☑️ 3 retouches maximum
☑️ 1000 words
☑️ Word or PDF format
💎💎 FULL PACK 🚀 100€ ➡️ 50€
☑️ 3 sales texts
✅ 3 touch-ups maximum
✅ 1000 words
✅ Word or PDF format
☑️ English or French


💎💎💎 PREMIUM PACK 🚀 150€ ➡️ 75€
✅ 5 sales texts
☑️ No word limit
☑️ UNLIMITED changes
✅ Word or PDF format
✅ English or French

👀 Packs don't suit you?

👏 You can check the options that follow.

🔁 French-English passage 🚀 +10€ +5€
🖌️ UNLIMITED touch-ups 🚀 +10€ +5€
2 texts (Classic offer + 1 text) 🚀 +100€ +50€
3 texts (Classic offer + 2 texts) 🚀 +150€ +75€
4 texts (Classic offer + 3 texts) 🚀 +200€ +100€
5 texts (Classic offer + 4 texts) 🚀 +250€ +125€
10 texts (Classic offer + 9 texts) 🚀 +500€ +200€
20 texts(Classic offer + 19 texts) 🚀 +1000€ +350€

🤝 Have you found what you're looking for?

👏 Once you've chosen the offer of your choice, place an order with me on the ComeUp platform. I'll ask you for a few details to offer you thé best service. And I'll get back to you, and take up the work again if necessary with even more additional information.


Do you have any questions about the service? Or can't decide what's right for you?
Don't hesitate to contact me, I'll do my best to answer your question as soon as possible. I'll post it here afterwards.

💬 What's your credentials for this service?

➡️ I've already made several sales on the platform, and you're reading my service, so my text is working.

💬 What's in it for me?

➡️ What's in it for you is that I'm offering a competitive rate, for a quality of service that I want to be "top of the range" or "high ticket". I'm offering you a service that will increase your sales and clicks, and therefore your turnover, to maximize your additional source of income with ComeUp.

💬 What are the results?

➡️ Look at the photos of my service and you'll see my results! More precisely, you'll see my ranking according to the keywords that propelled my views and clicks. We're talking about a x10 in one month!

💬 Do you have any guarantees?

➡️ As long as the order isn't returned and you have the "unlimited modifications" option, I'll be at your service to modify your text again and again for your ComeUp business.

💬 What are you looking for personally?

➡️ I'm looking to build trusting relationships between myself and my customers. The aim is to build loyalty in you, the person reading this answer.
This directly echoes the previous question. I'm aiming for the long term and trust, so I'll provide a premium service so you can visually claim "High Ticket" services.

💬 What's your language level?

➡️ I'm French by birth and have a very good level of English (several trips, work in an English-speaking environment, TOEIC B1 (865/995)).

💬How does my order work?

➡️ Once you've chosen the service that's right for you, you'll receive instructions in my automated message. I'll provide you with further details based on your order.

My other services that might interest you ⬇️

ComeUp thumbails service creation :

Find all my services on my profile, available in French (left) and English (right)

👏 The last word

You're not just placing an order, you're making an investment! 📈
An investment yields results.
You're increasing your number of leads on your ad, so you'll increase your sales! 📈

It's up to you to decide whether you like the idea of paying hundreds of € to earn thousands.

Looking forward to working for you!

I will write your services & sales pages for your ComeUp business and complementary sources of income

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_Aurelien_ Il y a 7 heures

“🧑‍🔬 Scientifique & diplômé d'école de commerce.
🤝 Innovons ensemble ! Votre succès, ma réussite
💂 (English after the French) 💂

💖 Ma raison d'être :
Devenir plus qu'un prestataire, je souhaite être votre allié le plus fiable, votre bras droit discret, mais infaillible. Dans l'ombre, je suis la force qui propulse votre projet vers le succès, vous offrant tranquillité d'esprit et assurance que chaque détail est pris en charge avec le plus grand soin. Votre vision devient ma mission, et votre réussite, ma plus grande fierté.

👀 Ma vision :
J'aspire à tisser des liens indéfectibles avec vous, en m'appuyant sur mon expertise et mes connaissances approfondies. Construire une relation solide n'est pas seulement un objectif, c'est ma manière de vous assurer que vous êtes toujours entre de bonnes mains. Envisageons un futur où nos collaborations se transforment en partenariats durables, bâtis sur la confiance, l'excellence et une compréhension mutuelle.

🎯Ma mission :
Je m'engage à vous offrir une correspondance unique et sur mesure, adaptée à la singularité de votre projet. Mon objectif est de répondre à vos besoins de manière précise et personnelle, car je crois que chaque projet est une empreinte unique, méritant une attention particulière.
🧑‍🔬 Scientist &business school graduate.
🤝 Let's innovate together! Your success, my achievement

💖 My purpose:
To become more than a service provider, I wish to be your most reliable ally, your discreet but infallible right hand. In the shadows, I am the force that propels your project towards success, offering you peace of mind and assurance that every detail is taken care of with the utmost care. Your vision becomes my mission, and your success, my greatest pride.

👀 My vision:
I aspire to forge unbreakable bonds with you, relying on my expertise and in-depth knowledge. Building a solid relationship is not just a goal; it's my way of ensuring you are always in good hands. Let's envision a future where our collaborations turn into lasting partnerships, built on trust, excellence, and mutual understanding.

🎯My mission:
I commit to offering you a unique and tailor-made correspondence, adapted to the uniqueness of your project. My goal is to meet your needs in a precise and personal manner, as I believe every project is a unique footprint, deserving special attention.”

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