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🎯In a world where everyone's trying to stand out, find your uniqueness with us, because yes, you've got it. **Your logo doesn't have to look like anyone else's **.

Get the logo your company needs now from €25.

💯More than 150 entrepreneurs have put their trust in my services.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Very satisfied, many alterations were made for an optimal result I highly recommend! MickaelPomeyrol

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ It's quite rare to find a service provider who combines talent, expertise and personal involvement, and who at the same time delivers such an exceptional customer experience! That's what I can say about BACK_GROUND, who responded promptly and professionally to each of our requests. Thanks for the service, we'll definitely be coming back to you! Smile Romain_OPTIMUM

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Frankly, I'm extremely satisfied with the work he did. My logo needed a lot of retouching and he was able to give me a logo that met my requirements. I wish him every success in his business - you can trust him with your eyes closed! What's more, he works really fast. Tyna_15

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Masterfully designed logo! With care and speed, attentive and responsive! Top 10 / 10 ! Adiosbook

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This guy is as professional as they come. He's very fast, and a great teacher. He executes your needs to the letter. I recommend him by the thousands. nicksonjoris

And why shouldn't you?

It's always a pleasure to receive a message "Good work! I'm satisfied." from you✅

A quality, minimalist and unique LOGO to put a special accent on your business would never be too much️

  • 💢Are you looking for a service provider capable of creating and modernizing your professional logo that reflects your company in every way?

  • 💢Do you want to entrust your logo project to an experienced graphic designer?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then you've come to the right place✅

Whether you're a firm or entrepreneur or a individual, you need a unique and original logo that fits your business

❌❌❌Despite everything, you can't afford to have a bad Logo.


✅A good, unique logo is the cornerstone of your perfect visual identity. It represents the public image of your company, and is the first symbol your customers, business partners and prospects see when looking for a solution.

❌No free online logo generator can give you more satisfaction than an experienced graphic designer, precisely in the choice of shapes, colors, specific design and adherence to production guidelines to make it impeccable to your business sector.

This is one of the key aspects of your company's visibility that you absolutely must not ignore.

A good, unique logo is appreciated, and we're always on the lookout for more!


It represents your values and symbolizes your know-how. A logo that's too complex will detract from the message you want to get across.

A unique logo is the basis of any visual identity, and is the most important communication tool because it allows you to identify a structure, a company, a product or a brand in a graphic way. It is therefore important to entrust your logo to a professional so that he can take great care of it.


Many sites today offer free resources. In this mass of resources on offer several fledgling and not really Professional companies are opting for the easy way out at the expense of quality.

🔴 Basically, no one knows if these resources are already being used by a third party until you realize that your logo isn't unpublished and Professional. But it is being used by several people.

So there's no point in just downloading resources from sites and using them as your Professional logo - it reduces your credibility.

We're sure you're not looking for a logo that's already been used elsewhere

We'll put our skills at your disposal to create a minimalist, original and unique logo.

BACKGROUND PROD, the agency that makes your brand shine. Our mission is to lift you out of the shadows and propel your identity to new heights. Whether you have a rich history or have been in the shadows for too long, we're here for you.
We bring exceptional value to every project, capturing the essence of your ideas to create unique, impeccable, fully customized works. Your guidelines are our bible, and we follow them to the letter.
Our team consists of **three Web Designers, two Graphic Designers and two 2D Animators, all ready to put their expertise to work for your success.

✔️ A team of experienced graphic designers.

✔️ A combination of experience and creativity.

✔️ Original and unique logo designs

✔️ Superior customer support and satisfaction

✔️ *Transparent, high-resolution logo types

✔️ Different source file types (AI, EPS, PDF and SVG)

✔️ *Complete branding guide

✔️ Unlimited revisions until you're satisfied.

✔️ Full copyrights

To make your decision easier, we are able to create one of the following styles:

  • Minimalist logo

  • Luxe

  • Elegant

  • Initial

  • Typographic

  • Abstract

  • Geometric shapes


⬇️⬇️⬇️Unlike many sellers on the platform, with us, you'll get your own unique, professional logo from our basic package...

We offer two packs:

📢 Standard package at €100

At 100 euros, we offer you an original logo that perfectly meets your needs and your company's specific requirements.

This offer includes:

  • ✔️01 logo proposal;
  • ✔️300dpi resolution;
  • ✔️Delivery in JPG or PNG format
  • ✔️Modifiable file (.Ai) of the logo
  • ✔️Unlimited retouching until satisfaction
  • 🎁GIFT: 1 Custom Mockup (On request)

🚀The Advanced Pack at €195

It's quite normal to have doubts about the logo designed, but it would be awful of us not to offer you the Advanced Pack so that you can have 5 logo proposals with the detailed graphic charter of your logo.

😊This pack is perfect for having a logo designed to measure with a graphic charter.

This offer includes:

  • ✔️A series of 5 logo ideas;
  • ✔️300dpi resolution;
  • ✔️Delivery format: PDF, JPG, PNG
  • ✔️Modifiable file (.Ai) of the chosen logo
  • ✔️Graphic charter of selected logo (in PDF)
  • ✔️Unlimited retouching until satisfaction
  • ✔️Customized logo
  • 🎁GIFT: 5 Custom Mockup (On request)

Summary of two offers for original logo creation💥

My Offers 📢Pack Standard 🚀Pack Advanced
A unique and original logo design Three original and custom logo designs
Logo idea series 1 logo idea proposal 5 logo idea proposals
Delivery format JPG, PNG and Vector (Ai.) PDF, JPG, PNG and Vector (Ai.)
Number of retouching options 1 only Unlimited until fully satisfied
Resolution 300 dpi 300 dpi
🎁Bonus 1 Custom Mockup 2 Custom Mockups
Detailed Graphic Chart
🛒Price €100 + €95

So we're waiting for you to be my NEW SUCCESS for a unique and original logo.

Graphic design is what we do best. We put all our energy into designing your unique, original, made-to-measure logo.

🔎F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

Can you touch up my existing logo?
It's possible with our [logo retouching] service (https://comeup.com/service/267692/retoucher-votre-logo-pour-une-modification-ou-une-refonte-de-logo-tout-en-ayant-un-logo-minimaliste). Here we're talking about the creation of your logo.
Can you create a logo from scratch?
It's up to us. Just tell us about your business, your goals and what you'd like it to look like, and we'll add our creativity and passion.
Can you show me examples of logos you have created in the past?
Of course, we'd be delighted to show you some of the logos we've created for our customers in the past. Just leave us a message and we'll send you our portfolio or recent designs.
What's your average turnaround time for logo design?
The average turnaround time for logo creation depends on the complexity of the project and the number of revisions required, but we aim for a maximum of 2 to 3 weeks. However, if you need a logo more quickly, you can reduce the delivery time by choosing express delivery when placing your order.
What information do you need to create a logo?
To create a logo that meets your needs, we need to know more about your company, your target market, your competitors and your branding objectives. The more information you can give us, and the more examples of logos you like or dislike, the better we can create a logo that suits you.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact me at any time by clicking on the white "Contact" button, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

I will create your logo design

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Ce fut un plaisir d’avoir sollicité vos services pour la réalisation de mon. Bon courage pour la suite et surtout beaucoup de concentration.


Merci pour la collaboration. Je reste disponible pour toutes vos préoccupations

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Je m’appelle Bernadin, j’ai une licence en didactique Anglaise et j’ai opté continuer dans ma passion qu’est le Web Design et le Graphisme.

Je mets donc à votre disposition mes compétences à travers mon agence BACKGROUND PROD.


Notre mission, mes collaborateurs et moi, c’est de vous révéler à vos prospects, c’est de réhausser votre identité de marque de l’ombre vers la lumière en la mettant au niveau supérieur. Nous sommes surtout là pour vous qui êtes dans l'ombre, et qui avez un parcours (BACKGROUND)😊

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➕Un travail toujours livré dans les délais


Si vous avez la moindre question à me poser ou un projet à me soumettre, n'hésitez surtout pas à me contacter via le bouton "Contacter".

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