With content that adds value to your target audience, ebooks or white papers are powerful tools to add to your digital marketing strategy. And if it’s an excellent solution to attract prospects with compelling and relevant high-quality content, the white paper should also be integrated into your customer retention strategy.

What’s the secret to a successful ebook? Content that captivates the attention page after page, a subject that answers a problem or question, offering a solution and your expertise to readers. Because writing quality content cannot be improvised and necessitates the writing talents of a specialist. Rely on our ghostwriting experts who know how to write delightful content for readers. On ComeUp, among the many services available, you’ll find the writer to complete your ghostwriting jobs and put your business, activity, and know-how in the spotlight. Don’t wait any longer and set yourself apart and boost your SEO referencing of your company with the ebook that will generate quality leads.


Inbound marketing, personalized ebooks, and white papers.

Used in your marketing strategy, ebooks are a great lead generator for your prospects while being a useful tool to get your target’s contact information. The white paper is also a sizeable asset to maintain a relationship between your company and your clients. Share your advice and expertise with your clients using a custom-made guide.

You can define the target and the objective of your white paper with the help of our expert freelancers. Make your white paper available on your website or blog to offer quality content to your readers. In addition to general copywriting services, our sellers offer different options to create the ebook that best reflects your company and delights your customers. With hundreds of services dedicated to ebooks, you can access experts who translate your ideas into pages of your white paper. And to complete your inbound marketing strategy while boosting your SEO ranking, deliver high-quality SEO-optimized articles written by a copywriting expert.


When the ebook becomes your product

In addition to their marketing benefits, ebooks can also be products from which you can profit by reselling them on platforms like Amazon. Much more than a long-term investment, creating content is a way to generate more sales and get more customers. By answering problems with information that brings added value to clients, you’re offering a guide that will be among the bestsellers.

Are you looking for a themed ebook already ready to be used? The copywriters on the ComUp platform offer guides that put you in the driver's seat that you can download in one click and diffuse to your target and clients.

For the most curious and those that want to produce ebook content autonomously, sellers share secrets to having a well-redacted document with you. Get access to information and advice that will allow you to reach your objectives.

From copywriting and design to layout and content editing, ComeUp offers a full range of services related to ebooks and white papers. Having your document written by a professional is a great way to save time and generate leads for your company in order to reach your objectives and generate results. Ready to get some high-quality content? Compare the services of specialized writers and order your ebook and white paper writing starting from $5.

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