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•••• Setting up and quickly pointing your domain name on Shopify ••••

Buying a domain name directly on shopify is still simple but has two major problems to know:

  • It is quite expensive on average 20€, while with an external domain name provider you will get it for 4X less, which makes you a huge money saver especially if you have a small budget.

  • In addition to the economic aspect, your domain name purchased from shopify has several restrictions that disappear with an external provider, you have control over all the features and settings as well as full ownership of your domain name allowing you to use your domain name on other platforms other than shopify.

No need to draw you a picture, all e-merchants with a small budget or wishing to have full control over their domain name always turn to a third party provider (OVH, Godaddy, Namecheap ...) because it is more cost effective, secure and functional.

On the other hand, the configuration and the pointing of an external domain name to Shopify can quickly prove to be complex and problematic if you are a neophyte and you don't know exactly how to proceed because the slightest error will cause a dysfunction (bug) or a non functioning of your domain name.

My team and I will:

For only 5€:

  • Configuration and redirection of your domain name in .myshopify.com to your domain name purchased on the shopify platform


For only 5€ more:

  • Configuration and pointing of your external domain name directly on Shopify
  • lnstallation on your shopify site the https security protocol for the protection of your data and the safe purchase on your site
  • Redirect your .myshopify.com domain name to your external domain name

For only 15€ more:

  • Deliver a turnkey OVH domain name operational from A to Z: Create your account on OVH, purchase your OVH domain name (at your expense), link and point your .myshopify.com domain name to your OVH domain name, install on your site the https security protocol for the protection of your data and the safe purchase on your site, configuration of a free professional email.

For only 15€ more:

  • Configuration and registration of your domain name on a platform other than shopify (EX: Wordpress.com, Clickfunnels, Systeme.io, Wix ...)

For only 15€ more:

  • Reset your hosting to make your site accessible without problem (Excluding wordpress site created via a host: Ovh, Hostinger, Ionos, Lws ...)

For only 75€ more:

  • Change, configuration and registration of your domain name on the Wordpress platform created via a hosting company (EX: Ovh, Hostinger, Ionos, Lws ...)

For only 35€ more:

  • Transfer of your domain name to a new registrar (host)
    ( IMPORTANT: Please contact us beforehand via the Comeup messaging system so that we can make sure that your domain name is transferable)

If you have any question, don't hesitate to leave us a message, we are very reactive.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Thank you for your trust.

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