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⏳Free up your time by entrusting me with your TikTok video scripts!

📲 TikTok has become the most popular social network in recent weeks.

There are no less than 1.7 billion TikTok users as you read these words. 🤯

Exactly a year ago, this number was over seven times smaller (313 million users in 2021).

👉 Being an active user on this network is therefore a golden opportunity.

The audience potential of the TikTok app is just incredibly large...

(Especially since the rather enticing remuneration program that allows content creators to monetize their videos 🤑).


🧐 Why is it essential to have good TikTok video scripts?

Publishing a video usually isn't enough to hope to see the view count skyrocket. 🙅🏻♂️

Given the number of videos posted daily on the platform, it becomes very difficult to stand out...

That's why...

Having good TikTok video scripts is a trigger for success.

Why is that?

✅ The script will create the structure of your video.

✅ It will make your video fluid and concise while maintaining the entertaining tone of your video.

✅ It will also improve your SEO ranking (because publishing a video on TikTok is good, but promoting its exposure is even better).

✅ And finally, the script will save you a lot of valuable time. No more having to redo your video 50 times.

In summary?

TikTok is a platform where a video script will be a great help to make an impact and retain the people who will watch your videos.


In order to generate views on your TikTok videos...

I'm going to write captivating and powerful scripts for you! 🎯

But, why choose me for this service?
📃I have a Bachelor's degree in marketing, so I know cognitive biases and various powerful marketing techniques.
✍️ I have been a professional copywriter for 1 year.
🎯 I had the opportunity to assist some big names in the world of Francophone entrepreneurship like @vrai_entrepreneur, @motivationfrance_, or @sj.social.
✨ I am results-oriented and focused on optimization. Therefore, it's natural for me to strive to satisfy you to the best of my ability. I assure you a quality service that will meet the indicated deadlines.
My service is for you if you want to...
🔸 Boost your TikTok videos
🔸 Create captivating and structured videos
🔸 Save a significant amount of time
🔸 Increase the views of your videos

Here's what I can offer you for only €5 :

👇 👇👇👇👇
✅ Writing a 300-word TikTok video script (equivalent to a 1-minute video)
✅ In-depth research on the subject of your video
✅ A summary of important information
✅ A spacious layout for smooth and comfortable reading

If your budget allows, here are my best offers:

📝 1 additional script for your TikTok videos (300 words) +5 €
📝 2 additional scripts for your TikTok videos (600 words) +15 €
📝 5 additional scripts for your TikTok videos +35 €
📝 10 additional scripts for your TikTok videos +70 €
📝 15 additional scripts for your TikTok videos +95 €
📝 20 additional scripts for your TikTok videos (-10 %) +125 €
📝 30 additional scripts for your TikTok videos (-10 %) +190 €
📝 50 additional scripts for your TikTok videos (-10 %) +315 €
📝 75 additional scripts for your TikTok videos (-20 %) +420 €
📝 100 additional scripts for your TikTok videos (-20 %) +560 €
📝 200 additional scripts for your TikTok videos (-20 %) +1000 €

🤔 FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

🎤 ** "In what format will my order be delivered?"**

I will write the scripts on a Google Docs, to which you will have the link.

🎤**"Is it possible to secure a long-term contract?"**

Absolutely. If you are satisfied with my services, I am prepared to become your personal writer and thus carry out tasks in the medium and long term.

🎤 "How are modification requests handled after delivery?"

After the delivery of a content, you can request an unlimited number of revisions until fully satisfied.

💬 Do you have other questions?

Do not hesitate to contact me whenever you want by clicking on the white "CONTACT" button.

I will respond to you as soon as possible!

I can't wait to discover your projects.

Will - Copynary

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