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A 3D model will allow you to create a prototype of an idea that you have in mind, to showcase a product that you want to sell, or to receive a file that you can print with a 3D printer.
No matter what your project is, I will guide you with pleasure and assure you that you'll have a professional result!

Don't hesitate to take a look at my portfolio at the top of this page to have an overview of the offers that I am describing below.

The price of my work is based on 3 elements:

1. The complexity of the modeling:

◾ Your object is minimalist, meaning that it is mostly a primitive shape, such as a cube, a circle, a plane… Those shapes are often used to create a mockup (examples: box, CD, business card…). The basic offer of my service corresponds to this type of object.

◾ Your object is simple, it starts with a primitive shape but needs a bit more work (examples: a cup, a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of perfume…)

◾ Your object has an intermediate level, meaning that we are starting to be far from just a primitive shape and/or that your object needs much more detail (examples: an armchair, a pair of shoes, a computer, a chess set…)

◾ Your object is complex, it contains a lot of detail (example: Wall-E in my portfolio contains many different pieces) or is just harder to model (example: a car).

Don't hesitate to send me a message before ordering if you don't know in which category your object falls into.

2. The addition of a texture or not

The basic price of the service contains the modeling of a minimalist object, no matter if you order it with or without a texture.
The texture is the color and the material of the object (you can look at my portefolio at the top of the page to see the difference between "with texture" and "without texture").

However, for the three other types of objects, the price is different depending on if you need a texture or not.

3. The supplement

◾ With the "Text" option, I will add the sentences that you'd like near the model. The text may be in 2D or 3D, still or animated, with the color of your choice...

◾ You can add the option “Environment” if you want me to put your object in the middle of an environment with a nice lighting. (otherwise the object will be set in front of a background with a single color, or with a transparent background).

◾ Finally, you can add the option "Animation" if you wish to have a video rendering and not just a still image. You can then choose between three types of animation: a 360° rotation around the object, a cinematic with multiple shots that will allow to progressively discover the model, or an exploded view that will show every piece of the model moving away from the others, and then going back in place.

The type of file that you'll receive depends on the result : .jpeg or .png file (for a still image); .mp4 or .mov file (if you asked for an animation); .obj or .fbx (if you are going to use the 3d model in another software); .stl file (for 3d printing)...

Once again don't hesitate to take a look at my portfolio at the top of the page to see concrete examples of my service !

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