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Save time: automate!

🌞 What if you saved 1 hour a day by automating a daily task? That would give you more than a day's worth of time each month to do other things!

📋 The automation of redundant tasks has progressively imposed itself as an unavoidable need for companies concerned with improving their productivity, but also for individuals who use a multitude of applications!

⚙️ Zapier is a web platform that allows you to automate actions by connecting the various applications you use on a daily basis. There are more than 3,000 of them:

Youtube, HubSpot, Pinterest, Twilio, Airtable, Sendgrid, Instagram, Google Sheets, Discord, Trello, Stripe, Wordpress, Facebook, Dropbox, Typeform, Systeme.io, Pipedrive, Slack, Calendly, Notion, Twitter, Monday, Mailchimp, PayPal, ...

Millions of combinations are possible!

👍🏻Thus by automating as many repetitive tasks with low added value as possible, you (or your teams) will be able to save time and focus on tasks with high added value.
Chances are you will need automation without even noticing it. An automatic e-mail before an event starts? An SMS alert when it's time to renew a subscription or to remind you of an appointment? This is all automation, and these tasks do not require any human intervention to be performed properly.

So how does it work? Zapier detects a trigger on application A, then performs one or more actions on application B, here are some simple and very practical examples in the form "trigger" => "action" :

  • ⏰ every morning at 9am
    => send an email 📨
  • you post a new tweet
    => post the content also on your Facebook page and on Instagram 📨
  • you receive an email with an attachment
    => *transfer the attachment to your Dropbox account
  • you receive a payment on PayPal
    => saving the customer's email in a Google Sheet => *saving the customer's email in a Google Sheet
  • etc ...

These different workflows are called Zaps. By definition, a basic zap connects 2 applications together, and performs an action following a trigger.

⌨️ My automation service can fit your needs if:

  • You currently have several processes that you daily operate on;
  • You want to improve or optimize an existing automation.

Do you recognize yourself in the these two situations?

Then we can start working together!

🤓 About me

My name is Yoann and I'm a web developer for more than 12 years.

Thanks to my long experience in big companies, I have strong skills such as thoroughness and fast understanding. The quality of the customer service and my taste for work well done push me to carry out irreproachable services with a perfectly functional result, in order to bring you whole satisfaction.

I propose to put all my expertise at your disposal in order to automate your business.

🖱️ Much more than an automation service!

➡️ The €30 basic offer:

For only €5, I propose to:

  • understand and analyse your needs
  • connect to your Zapier account
  • build a basic zap (1 trigger => 1 action) that fit your needs, or start a complete analysis of the Zap of your choice and indicate any improvements that could be made

If you have a Make.com account, I can also carry out your automations on this platform (we speak here of scenarios)!

Would you like me to set up a more complex automation?

These options are made for you!

➡️ Options to go even further:

1 extra action on your main Zap €10
2 basic Zaps (or 2 actions) €20
4 basic Zaps (or 4 actions) €50
1 advanced Zap up to 8 actions including several filters or formatting operations €75
Full automation of your business (between 1 and 5 Zaps) €250

🤩 My customers give their opinion!

Chalou ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 Thank you very much for the reactivity and the work done with a lot of involvement, I will come back to you quickly for other requests!
AudeBRIDARD ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 5 stars - A perfect job, fast and a good understanding of my expectations. I highly recommend. Great work!
AlexandreFuchs ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 Perfect service, perfect support and the result is beyond my expectations with the improvements proposed by y0nX_web, the king of Zapier! Thanks again and see you soon!

💡 Any question?

Feel free to send me a message by clicking on the CONTACT button. I will advise you on the most suitable offer for your needs.

Looking forward to working with you,


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