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Are you looking to vectorize a logo? I'm here to help you optimize and achieve high-fidelity results for your pixelated logo by editing it. Send me your source image (in pixelated matrix format), and you can edit and resize your vectorized logo/image infinitely without worrying about any loss of quality.

What is a vectorized logo?

A vectorized logo is a digital image composed of geometric objects such as lines, segments, curves, etc., and can be enlarged without losing quality, unlike a bitmap logo or matrix images. The vectorized logo does not pixelate despite enlargement. That's why printers use this format. The vector image is not composed of a set of pixels but rather of geometric shapes and lines that are linked by mathematical formulas.


Why vectorize an image?

Converting a bitmap image and choosing a vectorized logo gives you the ability to resize it at will without any pixelation effects that could harm its quality. Your vector logos will always be qualitative and original, perfectly adapting to all formats and retaining all their sharpness, unlike bitmap formats.


How to convert a logo to vector?

The graphic designer must use computer-assisted vector drawing software (such as Adobe Illustrator, which I use to create vector images manually). Entrust me with your graphic design to be vectorized and recover some time for yourself.

1_ Unbeatable rate
2_ Ultra-fast work
3_ Professional quality
4_ 100% manual tracing


I vectorize your graphic elements:

1_ Redraw the outline of each element: all logo details and outlines are reproduced.
2_ Reproduction of colors: I color the logo based on the number of original colors.
3_ Vectorization of effects: gradients, shadows, and reflections are perfectly reproduced.
4_ Vectorization of typography: the text is vectorized while respecting the original typography.


[FOR 5€]

1_ Retracing of the pixelated logo
2_ Touch up imperfections
3_ Delivery of files in JPEG and PNG format (White and transparent background)
4_ Exporting the graphics in high definition 300 dpi
5_ 2 possible modifications


1_ Unlimited modifications to fully satisfy you
2_ Changing colors

3_ Edit and modify your logo: This option allows you to have your logo edited, modified, or updated to better fit your needs. You can add, remove or modify elements or text in the logo to create a new look.

4_ Editable source file in .AI or .EPS format
5_ Vector PDF or SVG file
6_ PSD file (for Photoshop)
7_ Vectorize 3 logos
8_ Identify fonts

9_ Convert a complex graphic element: This option is ideal for logos that have intricate designs such as mandalas or mascots that would require a significant amount of time to vectorize manually. With this option, I will carefully convert your complex graphic element into a vector file that you can use for any purpose, including high-quality printing.

10_ Premium pack:

High-resolution PNG and JPG format
PNG version optimized for the WEB
AI and EPS source file
PDF and SVG vectorized file
PSD file
Favicon 32x32
Optimized profile image version for three social networks of your choice
Logo Mockup
Retouch and modify the logo (color or imperfection)


To start working, I need:

_ Your original image (matrix image)
_ Recommended file formats are JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, or PDF
_ If you need a specific vector format, send me your printer's instructions.
_ Specify if you want to separate the layers.

Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact me and send me a preview of your logo.

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