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Have you ever had bad experiences when buying SEO articles? Let me explain.

Aware of the importance of SEO, you took it upon yourself to collaborate with an SEO web writing agency. After a complete analysis of your editorial strategy, you received several SEO optimized blog posts.

On YourText.guru or 1.fr, these articles had scores ranging from 80 to 100%. Keywords were heavily represented. The hn tags were full of winks to Google. It’s impossible that the visibility of your website doesn’t explode with such texts.

And yet...

After a brief growth peak, search engines have relegated your website to the depths of the digital universe.

Why is that? How come your SEO-optimized texts don't convert when all the indicators were green?

Very often, it's because during the writing process, one person was left out: the reader.

Too busy with the semantic optimization, SEO experts often forget the humans behind the screens. And the judgment is not long in coming. The web portal's traffic is down and Google doesn't want to hear from you anymore.

If Google encourages people to visit your website but the coldness of the place puts them off, the algorithm will show your platform less and less.

Are you starting to understand what's going on?

SEO is not what drives your visitors to start/continue a relationship with you. It's just a tool to position your content in front of potentially interested people.

Then, it is up to you to convince them through captivating texts, which highlight the values you defend.

This is where I come in.

===> Who am I?

My name is Aona and I am the Samurai of words who whispers your story into the ears of your readers.

A professional web copywriter since November 2018, I wield words like a samurai and control SEO with the dexterity of a seasoned puppeteer.

Graduated in digital marketing, certified in luxury and fashion industries communication, it is with pleasure that I would put my pen at your service. Registered on Come Up since March 2019, I have to my credit more than 1,035 orders completed on time and a 99,99% satisfaction rate.

More than numbers, these statistics represent hundreds of stories that have come to life under my pen.

For those who have chosen to put their trust in me, the benefits have been immediate. Brand consolidation, increased time spent on the site, ... They, better than anyone, can attest to my effectiveness.

===> What my clients think of my services

"How can I tell you!? The article is really good. It fits perfectly with what I wanted. I will ask you again for other projects. Great work. Thanks again." - El Manolo.

"I don't know what to write anymore, I am so satisfied. I have rarely collaborated with such professional, proactive and fast people! 4th order and even more delighted. THANK YOU Aona!" - Mimieli.

"I found my editor. Perfect, super-fast and knows how to handle words. Thank you." - Jessica Taverny.

"For the second time, I am very satisfied with the work provided. Thank you." - Julie Rabacal.

"I am always satisfied with the articles written by Aona. Once again, a serious service. The fast delivery is a plus. See you soon for other articles." - Anne DE.

===> Am I really able to write a perfect SEO article in french?

In one word: yes.

Perfectly bilingual, I grow up talking french and english, as they are both the official languages of my country.

French is the language I use on a daily basis. Whether it's when I buy my groceries, take a taxi or jus wander in the streets, I speak french fluently and without any mistakes.

Actually, I’m pursuing an international MBA dispensed in english and I’m thriving. Cherry on the cake: my love of travel has led me to live in english-speaking countries.

Due to my mastering of english, I will be able to fully understand the spirit of your brand and the values you stand for.

And because, Moliere’s language has no secrets for me, I will then write a copywritten sales page which perfectly convey your ideas, tone of voice and create real emotions.

===> Why trust me?

The answer can be resumed in one word: Bushido.

Meaning "the way of the warrior", this nipponese word designates the code of moral principles that Japanese warriors were required to observe. I like to describe myself as a samurai of words, and I take example from the strength of character of these soldiers without fear or dread.

My bushido can be summarized in three points:

1- Emotion: more than words, each text you receive will be charged with emotion. The content I write is not intended to go unnoticed. Beyond SEO or editorial strategy, they speak directly to the hearts of those who read them.

2- Uniqueness: no plagiarism, no translation and of course no AI. Yes, I know... It's a shame to have to mention it in a web writing service. Sincere in my actions, I make it a point to fight against duplicate content and low content.

3- Truth: real information. The surest way to lose credibility is to report false information. As a real bookworm, I would scour the web for literary, artistic and scientific sources really relevant.

Because of my assiduous follow-up of "The Way of the Warrior", my statistics Come Up are high. And above all, my clients all perceive the benefits of our collaborations. Increased time spent on the site, increased conversion rate, ... let my texts whisper in the ears of your readers.

Will you walk next to me according to the precepts of Bushido?

===> What will you receive by opting for this service?

For 35 euros, you will receive a 500-word SEO blog post. If you need more, the additional options give you access to 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 or 2,500 words 100% organic.

No plagiarism, no crudely translated text or AI. Each word will be carefully selected and hand-typed by me.

My advice: since the average length of articles that appear first on Google is 1,890 words, I recommend ordering a text of 1,500 words.

Please note that the text you receive will automatically include the following services:
=> 100% organic and unique writing for the highest emotions;
=> a Word layout including an h1 title and hn subtitles;
=> carefully selected keywords;
=> a semantic optimization carried out with care;
=> an internal/external linkage if it is necessary;
=> the highlighting of important elements through bold and italics;
=> a proofreading/correction by a professional;
=> a free HD image, free of rights and in landscape mode;
=> an extensive documentary research;
=> a 100% editable file for an easy integration on CMS.

The document will be returned to you as a Word file within a maximum of 96 hours.

I’m looking forward to talk to you.

Aona, Samurai of words.

I will write french SEO blog posts that really convert

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About the seller

Aona 3 hours ago

“Rédactrice web professionnelle depuis novembre 2018, je manie les mots tel un samouraï et contrôle le SEO avec la dextérité d’un marionnettiste aguerri. Inscrite sur 5euros depuis mars 2019, j’ai à mon actif plus de 300 commandes bouclées dans les délais et un taux de satisfaction de 100 %.


Écrire pour le web est un art à part entière. Au moment où je pose mes doigts sur mon clavier, la stratégie éditoriale de votre site web prend un tout nouveau départ. Via ma plume, je suis capable de donner une âme à votre e-commerce et de rendre vos produits uniques pour les lecteurs.

Tout ce dont j’ai besoin, c’est du nombre de mots et de quelques directives de rédaction SEO. Thèmes, charte éditoriale, type de pages web, … Exercer le métier de rédacteur web implique de connaître aussi bien les moteurs de recherche que la psychologie humaine.


Diplômée en marketing digital, certifiée en communication des industries du luxe et de la mode, c’est avec plaisir que je mettrais ma plume à votre service.

Ayant débuté dans le blogging en 2015, mon parcours m’a naturellement poussé à devenir rédactrice web freelance en 2018. En l’espace de quelques années, j’ai eu à rédiger du contenu dans presque tous les domaines. Beauté, immobilier, entrepreneuriat, … Être prête plume littéraire m’a permis d'écrire plus de 4 000 textes aux formats variés (articles de blogs, fiches produits, pages de ventes, etc.).

Cependant, en tant que blogueuse, la rédaction de billets reste mon domaine phare. Mes sujets de prédilection sont le blogging, le marketing digital, l’entrepreneuriat (trois compagnies à mon actif), le lifestyle, les relations amoureuses et le développement. Eh oui… Polyandre par nature, je papillonne d’un sujet à un autre avec une grâce naturelle.


Pourquoi me faire confiance ?

La réponse tient en un mot : Bushido.

Signifiant "la voie du guerrier", ce vocable nippon désigne le code des principes moraux que les guerriers Japonais étaient tenus d’observer. Aimant à me décrire comme un samouraï des mots, je prends exemple sur la force de caractère de ces soldats sans peur, ni craintes.

Mon bushido peut être résumé en trois points :

1- Émotion : plus que des mots, chaque texte que vous recevrez sera chargé d’émotions. Les articles de blog que je rédige n’ont pas vocation à passer inaperçus. Au-delà du référencement SEO ou de la stratégie éditoriale, ils s’adressent aux cœurs de ceux qui les lisent.

2- Unicité : pas de plagiat, ni de traduction. Oui, je sais… C’est dommage de devoir le mentionner dans un service de rédaction web. Sincère dans mes actes, je mets un point d’honneur à lutter contre le duplicate content et le low content.

3- Vérité : des informations réelles. Le moyen le plus sûr de perdre toute crédibilité est de rapporter des propos fallacieux. Véritable rat de bibliothèque, j’écumerais la toile à la recherche de sources littéraires, artistiques et scientifiques d’une rare pertinence.

Du fait de mon suivi assidu de "La voie du guerrier", mes statistiques sur 5 euros affichent des scores élevés. Et surtout, mes clients perçoivent tous les retombées de mes textes. Augmentation du temps passé sur le site, hausse du taux de conversion, … laissez mes textes murmurer à l’oreille de vos lecteurs.


Êtes-vous un restaurateur qui aspire à faire connaître son art ? Laissez-moi décrire vos plats gastronomiques et par la même occasion, mettre l’eau à la bouche de votre audimat. Envie de vous positionner comme un expert du marketing digital ? Je vous écrirais des articles de blog de qualité pendant que vous domptez le code binaire.

Indispensable à l’équilibre de tout un chacun, le bienêtre est une thématique dans l’air du temps. À l’heure où j’écris ces lignes, mon micro service feel good est ma deuxième prestation la plus demandée. Peut-être est-il temps que les chakras de vos lecteurs s’ouvrent…

Tantôt vif, tantôt apaisant, mon style d’écriture s’adapte à la charte éditoriale de votre marketing de contenu. Il n'y a qu'une étape qui vous sépare de textes de qualité, et c'est me confier votre rédaction. Qu’attendez-vous pour commander l’un de mes micro services ?

Aona, samouraï des mots.”

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