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Have you missed out on job opportunities, scholarships, or travel due to poor French skills? If so, you may have wondered why you struggle with understanding or fluency in the language. However, mastering French is a must nowadays.

As an experienced bilingual French coach with ten years of teaching experience, I offer practical sessions via Zoom Meet or Google Meet for 20, 40, or 60 minutes per day for ten days (five days a week). During the sessions, you'll be able to practice your speaking and listening skills, as well as access resources to enrich your practice.

I will assist you in overcoming common obstacles you may encounter, such as fear of speaking, lack of motivation, focus or time, or lack of confidence. My scope of work covers a broad range of vocabulary, from general English to specialized vocabulary in fields such as purchasing management, finance, hospitality, risk management, business, law, insurance, medicine, digital, conference, cosmetics, travel, and more.

For only $15, you can schedule a 20-minute session. We will discuss your specific needs, evaluate your proficiency, explore ways to integrate French into your daily life, and establish a personalized program for subsequent sessions.

Additional options for 40-minute sessions and 60-minute sessions are also available.

Contact me today to discuss your individual needs and begin making progress in French.

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