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✔️ You own an e-commerce website and you want to havesocial proof in order to boost your sales?

✔️ Looking for a commercial-use video to advertise on Tiktok, Instagram, YouTube or even Facebook?

✔️ Need actors to make a UGC Video promoting your product or service on your Sales Page?

Nowadays, customers have the power. ➕➕

🔊 The online business & marketing is a world of pain, you need to stand out from the competition by offering a Unique User Experience.

And when you're new on the market, without authority, it's hard to convince a prospect. 😓


Why should you have UGC videos (User Generated Content)? 🎥

Well, nowadays, it's far too easy to install an app to leave fake reviews on your website. Yet, the prospect who will see a mere photo with a 5-star review will never be convinced.

It is therefore more than necessary to have natural UGC video

Videos where you see an ACTUAL person talking about your product or service with a big smile 😁 Now that will convince your prospects!

Exactly like an influencer would do

But dealing with influencers comes with problems:

➡️ Your customers know them
➡️ Your customers make the association "influencer = scam / bad product"
➡️ They overcharge you

At the end of the day, what your followers want to see are normal people, like themselves, showcasing the product or service they're going to buy from you


Tiktok + UGC = Fashionable Business 🚀

Nowadays, to get your prospects' attention, there's nothing better than a short video where you see a person putting themselves on stage to introduce a product or service

✅ It's easy to watch
✅ It's interesting
✅ It's addictive and hypnotic

🤑 And most importantly…. it sells! 🤑

Tiktok is the proof. I bet you're seeing more and more UGC videos like these

And we're just getting started...

This is the power of the UGC market with social networks

UGC is the proof of authority you needed to get your business off the ground 🚀


Get the people who best fit your brand image 🤝

If you've read this far, you know you need actors who look like your average customers, so they can relate to them

That's why I've gathered, for you, a team of experts of all different ages and backgrounds to best fit your persona. 🧑🤝🧑

You can find us directly on our video-montage in the thumbnail of this service ⬆️ (coming soon)

Choose the profile you want

With them, you will undoubtedly find an actor able to address your customer base as if he was part of it

Here is :

♀️ Lou, 20 years old (the model student) : The polyglot of the group, Lou speaks English as well as German and French. As a young novice, Lou sets herself apart by her desire to do well, and she does not hesitate to spend time learning her script from scratch.
Spoken languages: 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 (bilingual French-German, C2 English)

♂️ Loïc, 24 years old (Gym boy) : Northern European type, athletic. Regularly solicited for videos about sports, marketing, coaching & motivation and online business (crypto, make-money...). Loïc can do an American accent that would fool the natives! He’s the shining helm of the team
Spoken languages: 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇪🇸 (native French, C2 English, C2 Spanish)

♀️ Zohra, 31 years old (La Havannah) : She's a big fan of social networks, Zohra is the person you need if you're looking for dynamism and naturalness. Zohra will put all her energy in the realization of your video: Pet, children, beauty, she will get involved 100% for your products and will adapt to your audience for a convincing result!
Spoken languages: 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 (native French, C2 English)

♂️ Pierre-Guillaume, 35 years old (the Godfather) : The perfect look to play the real estate investor. P-G speaks Italian and uses his best body language through every testimony. He will appeal to all of those who need the credibility of a 30-year-old for their business with flawless acting.
Spoken languages: 🇫🇷 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 (native French, C2 English, C2 Italian)

♂️ Benjamin, 40 years old (el padre de Tijuana) : South-american, Benjamin is a father who conveys wisdom. If you're looking for an actor who makes you feel confident and your persona is a 40+ year old, you'll need a video with Benjamin. We'd trust him with everything
Spoken languages: 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇬🇧 (bilingual French-Spanish, C2 English)


They talk about our UGC Video service

They trusted us to make their video testimonials and today, they do not regret it, and it is not their wallet that will say otherwise

I like the idea that there is a "catalog" of actors available that allow the selection of profiles according to one's expectations I fully recommend
Loïc is very professional and attentive. He did his best to deliver the order as fast as possible. We bought his UGC service for foreign language video. I highly recommend.
I am very positively surprised by the work of Loïc and his team. The work done is perfect, I recommend these services with my eyes closed. EXCELLENT
I have ordered 4 UGC videos and I am very satisfied! Thank you for your professionalism and reliability.
The emotions are there, no need to tell him, he knows exactly what to do. Thank you very much!
Absolutely amazing! The video is of excellent quality, it's exactly what we wanted. We recommend Loic 200% for his **professionalism and fast delivery!
Top! Very satisfied! Work well done, respect of the deadlines => delivered before the scheduled date, which is great! Loic is very attentive and very professional, I highly recommend him! I look forward to working with you again Loic!


Tailor-made UGC video 🤳

By ordering our service, you are at Subway ordering your sandwich: you decide everything we do for you

✅ You choose your actor
✅ You decide how many videos
✅ You can select the length of the videos
✅ What we say is up to you

If you want us to show your product on camera, it's free! Don't hesitate to ask us

With the basic option at 5€ you will have a 3 seconds UGC video on the service / product you offer, in mp4 format

3 seconds is a good start to say :

I am super satisfied with the brand [your brand]!

or even

I can only recommend [your brand] for their professionalism!

... But not enough if you want a real social proof, for that you will need a longer testimonial or one of our additional services.



LONGER VIDEO 🎥 : 3 seconds is not enough for you? We can tell more about your services! Please find our rates at the bottom of the page.

**PHOTO ACTOR 📱 :**You want a photo with one of our actors for your video thumbnail? Or simply increase the social proof of your website with the presence of one of our actors? This is also possible! We can realize : Outdoor photo 🏞️, in an apartment 🏠, in a car 🚗, in the city 🌆 or at the gym 🏋️

VIDEO EDITING 🛠️ : We'll take care of editing your scenes, adding subtitles, your logo and beautiful transitions. A ready-to-use UGC!

WE GET THE SCRIPT DONE 📝 : Don't feel like writing your own video script, no inspiration ? Not a problem: who better than a real prospect to provide an impactful UGC script? Let us take care of your script and we will be both your actor and video-director!

FOREIGN LANGUAGE You want to conquer different markets ? It's a good idea to use our language expertise for your UGC videos in French 🇫🇷, Spanish 🇪🇸, German 🇩🇪 or Italian 🇮🇹 ! All our actors are C2 level or bilingual (see profiles section)


The train of success is about to leave 🚉💲

Today, there is a resurgence of UGC worldwide

Social networks + UGC business model is growing out of proportion and it's easy to take big market share this way

In the same way that once upon a time it was very easy to make money creating a dropshipping website or investing in a shitcoin

But easy business is also most often temporary. Take it while you can! 2023 must be your year to make big dough; so... what are you waiting for? ⌚



... That you have a great video about your product or service, and it multiplies your sales!

Or else...

You gain the trust of dozens of prospects with our videos, and you start to really build your brand image

We'll be happy to have helped you to boost your career. So don't wait any longer and order from us in 3 steps:

1️⃣ Place an order based on your needs
2️⃣ Send me your script or tell me about your brand
3️⃣ Tell me which actor you want to play in your video

Then we'll take care of the rest and get it all done for you real quick.



"How big should my script be ❓"

Note that on your scripts, we will be able to add a personal touch to record the video more naturally, but, the message of the video will remain 100% faithful to the script.

The script(s) you provide us must respect the following size:

🎥 3 seconds = 📝 One sentence (5-10 words)
🎥 10 seconds = 📝 Up to 20 words
🎥 20 seconds = 📝 Up to 40 words
🎥 40 seconds = 📝 Up to 90 words
🎥 1 minute = 📝 Up to 140 words
🎥 1 to 2 minutes = 📝 Up to 220 words
🎥 2 to 3 minutes = 📝 Up to 350 words
🎥 Up to 5 minutes =📝 Up to 500 words

"What if I want several videos❓"

Just place order according to the total length

For instance, if you want 3 videos of 20 seconds: select the option "UGC video 1 min" and tell me in the chat that you actually want 3 videos of 20 seconds with the actor(s) of your choosing

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