I will create a script that alerts you to trades made by top Binance traders

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Want to follow the best Binance traders but tired of refreshing the page while waiting for new trades?

I have just what you need:
With a Python script, you can automatically receive notifications of trades made on the leaderboard by Binance traders via Telegram or Discord message notifications.

You can then choose to follow each trader and analyze or track their trades!

For €105, you get a Python script (.py) that allows you to track the trades of a single trader. If you want to follow more traders, several options are available from 2 to 10 traders!

Don't know how to choose a trader?
Based on Binance rankings, the bot always displays the trades of the best traders

You want to create a community, choose your alert texts, here are the different options available:

You can then choose the texts of alerts, emojis ...

BUTTON ( Telegram only ) :
You want to create a call product to your private group or a service? Add a button (redirecting to your services, affiliations links..) to your alerts when a trade is positive!

CHRONOLOGY ( Telegram only ) :
You want to follow more than 3 traders ? This option is recommended:
Your alerts will answer each other. When a trade will be modified, the bot will indicate the message corresponding to the alert of the opening of the trade in order to have all the elements at hand!

WEBHOOK ( Discord only ) :
You want to follow more than 3 traders? This option is recommended: the author of the alerts will be the same as the Binance trader, same name and same profile picture. Essential to make the link between alerts modifications and initial openings !

Do you want to change traders regularly? This option allows you to choose the traders that the bot follows directly from Telegram or Discord!

For each package, you will receive a .py file that will allow you to receive notifications directly in your Telegram/Discord channel. You can then select the alert text for different cases (opening, closing, trade modification). However, to be notified, you need to run this file so that the bot can alert you. Therefore, you need a 24/7 computer to host your scripts or rent a VPS server. In both cases, it is a turnkey service. No computer knowledge is required. I take care of the installation on the machine/VPS.

In both cases you will not have access to the source code. The code is only executable.

Do you have any other questions? Don't hesitate to contact me :)

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