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🎯 Looking to grab the attention of your prospects, customers, and future partners?

A letterhead is the perfect tool to achieve this goal, overcoming the primary obstacle of any business relationship 💪. It is an extremely valuable communication support 💎. It should even be at the heart of your marketing strategy.

This may seem surprising in the era of everything digital, where email is king.

And yet! Mail is one of the best ways to capture your targets' attention 😍.

Think about it?

👉 "Every day, nearly 1.4 billion emails are sent in France."
(source: mondedumail.com)

Prospects, customers, partners... Your targets are tired of seeing their mailboxes constantly filled with messages that do not bring them any added value.

Tired of this overload 🤯, what do they do?

The bravest quickly scan the message without paying much attention, and voila! The destiny of the email is sealed! It is sent to the trash 🗑, never to be consulted again.

Those who have no patience act more radically 😡. They don't even open the emails. They read the headlines, select the least convincing ones, then delete them without remorse.

Result: you risk mobilizing human, financial, and temporal resources for minimal efficiency 😭.

But you want to persevere... Full of hope, you resend an email waiting for a response to initiate a business relationship.

But be careful, another danger awaits you: unsubscribing.

👉 87% of French Internet users unsubscribe because they receive too many messages from their senders. (source: SNCD 2016)

In short, you've got it! Email has two major disadvantages: it is overexploited and impersonal.

Real problems in an era where your targets want to make sense, engage personally with a company to act on society.

Do we behave the same way with our physical mailbox? Of course not. Every mail is rare 💌. This feeling of weariness is nonexistent. It is unlikely that your targets will throw away a mail without opening and consulting it.

Micro-business, SME, CAC40 group... Whatever its size, a company can no longer base its business relationships solely on email. The letterhead is an excellent way to stand out from the competition and show special attention to prospects, customers, and partners. Ideal for attracting their attention!

🚀With a beautiful letterhead, you boost your business.

Your target has opened their mail. Congratulations 😀! This is where the letterhead comes into play.

It is the first element seen in your mail. If it is well done, it enhances the content of your letter, encourages your reader to read it with interest 🤓. The first impression is essential.

There you go! You've done the hardest part: capturing their attention.

This text, printed on the top of your mail, must provide key information:
● your logo or symbol;
● the address of your head office;
● the legal name of your company (SA, SARL, ...);
● ...

But above all, the letterhead ensures professional communication, facilitates the reading experience of your interlocutors who more easily identify the purpose of your letter (quotes, invoices, ...).

Like your logo, it must be in line with your graphic charter, your visual identity. It represents your company 🏫.

The colors used, typography, shapes, layouts... All of these elements convey information, convey messages, and provide information about your values.

You must be particularly attentive and maintain the "same codes" on all your communication channels.

Your professionalism and credibility are at stake!

By taking particular care with your header, you reassure your interlocutor 😌. They note your seriousness, and you appear as a trustworthy, honest, and reliable company.

Trust, honesty, reliability: keywords for building a sustainable and profitable business!

Without them, there is no chance of starting interesting business relationships, let alone building loyalty.

It's decided! You want to take full advantage of the benefits of a beautiful header. But you lack the time or are not sure you have the necessary skills to create effective graphics.

No problem! I'm here to help.

Find the reviews of clients who trusted me on my profile.

My values: professionalism, creativity, and demand.

My priority: to meet 100% of all your expectations with an offer tailored to your goals.

🌟 3 packs for an effective and efficient header.

Professional design Professional design Professional design
A first set of... 1 idea 2 ideas 3 ideas
Delivery format JPEG PDF ✍️Editable Word + PDF
Number of possible revisions 1 3 3
Price 5 € 20 € 50 €

🤝 Now it's your turn to play!
Are you an independent entrepreneur or the owner of an SME? Do you want to give your company a modern and professional image?

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Give your name and company the header they deserve!

Now give yourself all the means to take off your business 🚀.

See you on the other side 😉.

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