I will write the Arduino/ESP code for your IoT project

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If you want to realize an end of studies project (TPE, PFE, PFF, ...), a professional project or a personal project, and you are stuck in the programming, design or editing part. Then you have found the right place.

Since I got my engineering degree in embedded systems, I spent a lot of time in the development of embedded electronic systems based on the Arduino board and more generally on embedded boards. I have now more than 6 years of experience in this field.

I offer you my services to program your Arduino board (including ESP32 and ESP8266 boards) with the "C for Arduino" language. The code provided will be of high quality, well documented, optimized and tested. My goal is to provide extremely reliable Arduino code that simply works, no ifs and buts.


Arduino source code with comments to fully understand the code (*.ino file) .

Simulation file of your Arduino code on proteus or TinkerCad (optional).
Flowchart of your Arduino code (option).
Electronic schematic of your project on Fritzing (option).

For the basic package of 5 euros :

Arduino source code with comments for up to 3 sensors and/or actuators. (to have more sensors see options).

* Consulting and project study option: if you want to develop an electronic project and you don't know what to do (what hardware to use, what program to use, what is the estimate of the project, ....) then this option is for you, I will study the feasibility of your project in order to determine the specifications and the components needed to realize the project, I will also answer to your technical questions to develop the project (For this option, the number of sensors is limited to 7 sensors/actuators and a maximum report of 2 pages).

I expect from you :
Your specifications or a diagram that explains your project.

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