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  • Have you finished your book? If so, congratulations! 👏
  • Do you want to format your book or ebook on Amazon KDP?
  • Are you struggling with your Word/PDF file for formatting, choosing cut sizes, cover dimensions, and manuscript?
  • Did you delegate your cover or manuscript to a provider and now you can't upload it, is that right?

You will quickly get:

  • a final document formatted specifically for Amazon KDP
  • with a table of contents adapted + pagination
  • ready to use on Amazon KDP
  • PDF, Word, or KPF format


  • 1750 paper books online
  • 750 advertising campaigns on Amazon France
  • 550 advertising campaigns on Amazon Canada
  • 294 orders
  • 4 premium graphic designers
  • 3 crew members and myself at your service, John or Jonathan. I personally answer all your questions and information requests on the chat. I respond within 12 hours, because I admit that sometimes I have to sleep a little 😴, to give you complete satisfaction 🙂

Our secret; process management, attention, vigilance, and kindness...

The service for 20 euros

✅ Verification of formatting (only for Kindle and not paperback)
✅ Verification of cut size (width and height of your book)
✅ Verification of "bleed" if your book contains images that need to reach the edge of the page
✅ verification of respect for top, bottom, side, and interior margins (small background or binding)
✅ verification of several points required by Amazon KDP
✅ 0 retouching included
✅ Delivery of a file in PDF format
✅ At the end of the service, we will indicate the points to modify or improve
❌ This offer is insufficient to fully enjoy Amazon KDP

Upgrade to the higher quality: AVAILABLE OPTIONS


  • A minimalist layout, sufficient to pass the Amazon KDP validation stage. And have your book available on Amazon.fr
  • RHODIUM OFFER 💎💎💎 In compliance with the law and regulations. This is a PROFESSIONAL layout worthy of that practiced by publishing houses beyond validation on Amazon KDP. It requires more time and attention.
Services Silver Bronze Gold Diamond RHODIUM
Verification of my file & export to a PDF file adapted to Amazon KDP (paperback and Kindle)
Addition of a table of contents
Modification of styles
Formatting of section breaks and chapter titles
Pagination check
Retouching until full validation by Amazon
Addition of mandatory legal mentions in the manuscript
Verification of even and odd pages
Improvement of pagination
Management of paragraph spaces and line indentation
Verification of footer alignments
Recommendation of the most appropriate format based on what is practiced by publishing houses
Treatment of font styles
Professional decoration for titles and chapter beginnings (drop cap)

You need to provide us with the unprotected Word file.

✅ Facilitates referencing when you want to sell your book in bookstores
✅ Manuscript complying with French law
✅ Mandatory legal notices
✅ Compliance with the LANG law on the sale prices of your book
✅ Great serenity, as your manuscript meets all unnecessary obligations on Amazon KDP

Some books have different pagination styles between the preliminary pages (Roman numerals) and the body of the text (Arabic numerals). If you are not sure about the different pagination styles to use (it is not a common practice for novels), find books with similar content to yours to get an idea of readers' expectations. To obtain different pagination styles, you must use section breaks.
_ 0 included touch-ups


  • Do I have the unprotected Word file?
  • Does my title have any mistakes or errors?
  • Regarding my cover, have I kept a sufficient margin (left, right, top, bottom) so as not to cut off text during book printing?
  • Regarding my manuscript, is my text displayed in a font that is large enough and readable for readers?
  • I do not have more than 3 blank pages inside my manuscript.
  • I am the owner of my https://kdp.amazon.com/ account
  • The phone number and email listed for this Amazon KDP account belong to me.
  • I have the copyright to this work.
  • My book is not already on Amazon or referenced by my publisher or publishing house.
  • I will be responsive and provide all requested documents and files as much as possible.


I don't know if my book is ready to be sold, can I ask for your advice?
YES, send your manuscript/cover in a private message. You will receive feedback and advice on different services to improve it if necessary before referencing it.

Why doesn't my Kindle Ebook have a clickable link? Why isn't my Kindle Ebook displaying correctly on my computer?
The visibility of your document will depend on the software or reader (tools) you are using. For example, while we "justify" the manuscript text, it may appear as "unjustified" on certain e-readers. Finally, certain features such as font, color, brightness, and page width depend on the source file you provide us. By providing an .ODT or WORD file, you can have access to these features.

After your layout, how much will my book cost on Amazon KDP?
The unit cost of manufacturing and printing your book by Amazon KDP depends on several criteria; format, trim size, number of pages, interior quality, color pages or not, etc... This cost is calculated only when you upload your files online. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot give you a cost at this stage.


✅ It's very easy, simply click on the "ORDER" button located at the bottom left or right of this service, below this text, or at the top right now, and then select the options that interest you.

✅ ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PROJECT, and once I have all the precise data, I will ADVISE AND ABOVE ALL GUIDE YOU throughout the service execution.

✅ You will never be alone, as I will accompany you from A to Z throughout the process. I promise.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly!


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