I will do genealogy research in France

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Do you want to find your ancestors ?
I can help you to create your family tree.

I will search for the dates/places of birth, marriage, death of a person living in France from 1600 to 1920.

I can provide the results in different formats: PDF, Gedcom (standard for genealogy).

So let's find your ancestors !

I am doing genealogy for more than 15 years and I have found more than 1000 persons in my family tree.
Genealogy is a passion for me and I love to share this passion with other people. I have access to several premium sites around genealogy to make sure that I can find relevant information.

As an option, I can extend my search on several generations with the dates/places of birth, marriage, death of these persons. You can then continue your search on your own starting from these people.

For 10 euros, I can use other sources like convict, celebrities, military decorations, ... to give more details on the life on a person.
I can also indicate what is the probable origin of a name.

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