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Are you lacking creativity for your Facebook page banner? Do you want to give a professional and modern image to your business? Do you want a banner that captures the attention of your leads and entices them to learn more about you?

If you answered YES to any of these 3 questions, read carefully below...

👑 Facebook: the essential platform for any business.

As an entrepreneur, independent contractor, or small business owner, you may be wondering whether investing time and money into Facebook is worthwhile. These few statistics should convince you:

👉 80 million small businesses worldwide have a professional Facebook page. (Facebook, 2018 - source: oberlo.fr)

👉 74% of people surveyed use Facebook for business purposes. (HubSpot, 2018 - source: hubspot.fr)

👉 1.56 billion active users log in to Facebook every day. (Zephoria, 2019 - source: hubspot.fr)

In short, Facebook is the #1 social network for entrepreneurs. The pool of prospects and clients is considerable.

But why do so many companies use Facebook to drive traffic to their websites?

Facebook has many advantages:

・a wide age range of users (from teenagers to seniors);
・the free cost of a business page;
・the ability to communicate very specifically with a specific target interested in your offer.

You can adapt your communication and resources according to the recipients you want to reach.

You also have statistics for each of your publications. You can thus evaluate the impact of your posts and modify them if necessary.

With Facebook, the efficiency gain is considerable 🙂. Whatever your industry, your customers are on Mark Zuckerberg's social network. They are eager to get to know you and interact with your company.

Creating a professional Facebook page is therefore essential to ensure the growth of your business.

The banner: the magnet for prospects

Congratulations! You are convinced of the need to create your professional Facebook page to promote your business and to retain your customers.

In just a few minutes, you have created your page. It will become the partner of your success.

And yes, thanks to this "simple" page, you will significantly improve your visibility and reputation. This page allows you to connect with millions of users, interact with them through posts, and offer them advertisements.

But before you get there, you need to create a universe and present your expertise in an attractive way.

You only have a few seconds to arouse interest, appeal to your target audience, and even seduce them.

Otherwise, they will have no difficulty finding a competitor on Facebook.

To make the most of these few seconds of attention, you must offer a professional and aesthetic Facebook banner 😍. It is your first key to contact with your prospects or clients.

You must really take care of this cover photo.

Motivated, you look at other professional Facebook pages to try to find inspiration. You start creating, but you remain dissatisfied with your production.

And yes! Graphic design is an art 🎨. Creating a beautiful Facebook banner is no different.

This banner is like a logo. It is part of your company's visual identity. It conveys a message, informs about your values and your know-how.

You understand its importance, but as you try, you become aware of the countless difficulties that arise:

・What format to choose?
・What dimensions to select?
・What typography and colors to adopt?
・How to enhance your offer?
・What Facebook rules to follow?

Faced with the enormity of the task, you have 2 alternatives: either do your best and propose an unoriginal banner that will scare away your prospects, or delete your Facebook page at the risk of losing an interesting revenue lever 😭.

With this service, I offer you a third alternative.

Seize this opportunity to boost your business while dedicating a minimum of time.

Who am I? 😃

As a seller on the platform since 2016, I have the pleasure of being the privileged partner of many entrepreneurs.

My passions: graphic design and marketing.

Attentive to every detail, driven by a quality approach, I offer you all my expertise and experience.

Want to discover the scope of my offer...

👉 Click on my profile

🌅 My offer for a Facebook banner.

Below is the description of 4 formulas that will fully meet your expectations.

⭐️ For only 5€

✅ a first series of 1 idea;
✅ delivery in JPEG format;
✅ a high-quality HD banner;
✅ the possibility of 1 revision.
⚠️ I do not provide photos or images and do not perform photo retouching.

🏆 Pro Pack +15€

✅ a first series of 2 ideas;
✅ delivery in JPEG format;
✅ a high-quality HD banner;
✅ the possibility of 2 revisions;
✅ I provide the images.
⚠️ I do not perform photo retouching.

💎 Premium Pack +45€

✅ a first series of 6 ideas;
✅ delivery in JPEG format;
✅ a high-quality HD banner;
✅ the possibility of 3 revisions;
✅ I perform photo retouching if necessary;
✅ I provide the images.
⚠️ I do not perform photo retouching.

👑 Supreme Pack +95€

✅ a first series of 10 ideas;
✅ delivery in JPEG format;
✅ a high-quality HD banner;
✅ unlimited revisions;
✅ I perform photo retouching if necessary;
✅ I provide the images.

👉 Want to stack the odds in your favor? Take advantage of many other available options:
・several image sizes for the same banner;
・obtaining AI or EPS source files.

A truly professional Facebook page.✨

Enhanced by an elegant and original banner, your Facebook page helps you:

• 📈 improve the traffic to your website or online store;
• 🤝 federate and retain a community of people (prospects and/or clients) interested in your products and services;
• improve your visibility 👀;
• 🚀 increase your sales.
In short, you have a real growth lever that is easy to activate and use.

👉 "79% of surveyed companies saw activity on their page increase after customizing their cover photo." (99designs, 2014 - source: emarketinglicious.fr)

Don't miss this opportunity to stand out from the competition!

#A relief for you.😌
You finally have peace of mind 😌! Your Facebook page is based on solid foundations with a professional, aesthetic, and attractive banner.

Avoid wasting your time and energy. They are too valuable to waste on a realization or activity that can be counterproductive.

You need every minute devoted to your business to be effective and add value to your company, your customers 💪.

You now know it. Creating a Facebook banner requires expertise and know-how. There is no shortcut.

Poorly done, your banner can even seriously harm your business: unreadable messages, loss of customers, decrease in activity 😱.

Spend this time and energy elsewhere, on a much more important task: managing your business.

Analyze, evaluate, anticipate. To make the right strategic decisions, you must be absolutely calm, take your head out of the weeds🧘.

You are finally at peace at the helm of your business, your life.

How to order?💻

To order, it's very simple!

I invite you to select the pack that suits your needs and click on the blue "Order" button:

Once you have placed your order:

I invite you to quickly answer a few questions to better understand your expectations;

  • You provide me with the information requested through the chat;
  • I validate and start your order;
  • You receive your "custom-made" banner;
  • You insert it in just 2 minutes on your personal or professional Facebook page.
  • You now have the cards in hand 🃏.
  • Are you a freelancer or independent?

You feel that this service meets your expectations, but you still have some questions.

👨💻Take action and click now on the white "Contact" button located at the top right of this page, under my profile picture and statistics.

Write to me privately. I am happy to answer all your questions quickly and with pleasure.

Graphic design and marketing are my great passions. Take advantage of my expertise, offer your business and your Facebook page a modern banner, the banner they deserve 🤩, the one that showcases your products and services.

See you on the other side 😉.


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