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✔️ You are new on ComeUp and you are struggling to make your first sales?

✔️ Are you already a seller on ComeUp, but would like to work full-time on your profile and get more orders?

✔️ Do you want a well-written service page that gets you customers and earns you a substantial income every month?

Before I introduce you to my offers, I have a question for you:

Would you like your profile to look like these sellers? 💭

I'll let you take a look at these profiles of vendors who have ordered from me in order to get services that sell (click on the links)

Adrien 👍 Top Seller 🏆
"If you want to have an impactful and punchy text that stands out, Loic is the seller you should turn to. I already have a little experience on ComeUp, but willing to go to the next level, I gave the optimization of my services to Loic, and I must say I am stuned! I should have done it before. I recommend Loic to all future and former ComeUp sellers. Bravo!"
Link to his profile: Linkedpro
Pierre-Guillaume PierreGBR 👍
Not only does Loïc work very quickly, but he also really masters his job as a copywriter: it's convincing, persuasive, but also clear AND CONCISE, which means that the reader doesn't fall asleep on your text and that you get straight to the point. In short I recommend, you won't be disappointed."
Link to his profile: PierreGBR
Lea La_Lea 👍
It's quite simple, if you want a quality and unique work, you absolutely MUST go through Loïc! Quality work, fast and precise, I am really satisfied. Thank you very much."
Link to her profile : La_Lea

They didn't hesitate to invest in their profile, and today, if there is one thing they regret, it's not having called me sooner.

Get a professional seller to write your services 👔🖋️

🥉 An average seller takes several months to make his first sale on ComeUp
🥈 A good seller makes sales on a regular basis
🥇 A great seller has dozens of orders in progress and brings in new customers every day

My goal, as a professional, will be to write a ComeUp service for you that will put you into that last category of excellent seller 🥇


Men lie, but numbers don't

I'm Loïc, professional writer and copywriter 🖋️

And the reason I'm offering you this service today is because I'm part of the top 0.1% of ComeUp sellers

✔️ 1300 sales (and counting) in 2 years of hardwork on ComeUp
✔️ Top 10 sellers in September 2021, April 2022 and October 2022 with respectively more than 5000€ of income those months
✔️ Regularly in the daily Top Sellers ranking
✔️ Continuously have orders in progress

✅ You can check, ComeUp sellers’ statistics are public.

If I tell you all this, it's not to brag about it

No... it's for you to make the right choice. Indeed, many vendors will offer you to write your services on ComeUp

You just have to rely on our statistics. Just browse our profiles, look at our statistics and ask yourself the following question:

➡️ Which one of them do you want to be like the most?


How does a good service work on ComeUp?

A good Service isn't just going to get your customer to pay. 💳
That would be good enough... But please, be a little more ambitious than that

Would you rather have :

❌10 orders of 5€?


✔️3 orders of 100€?

I think you already know

And just so you know, there are indeed ways to upsells your customer for much more than 5€, that's how you will be able to make sales at several hundred euros

Precisely, I'll explain to you why 95% of the sellers on the platform don't make any sales or very few

Because, ** in order to be successful on ComeUp, there is a well-kept secret** 🤫

It's not about being the best at what you do, and waiting patiently for customers to come, as many would have you believe


The secret is Copywriting 🖋️

Copywriting is the art of persuasion, selling with words. A text with good copywriting will allow you to sell

Mastering copywriting, requires you to address your customer, get them to trust you, convince and persuade

And to be trustworthy in the eyes of your prospect, you have to answer 2 of his main objections:
Why your service?" and **"Why should I trust you?

There are other factors to consider

The page-layout of your service, having a well-organized text with bolded words, italics, highlights and emojis😯🤺 are of paramount importance to make your service pleasant to read

There is also the relevance of your offers

This is essential for your survival in this competitive environment, your readers will give you very little attention, 5 seconds on average

5 seconds is the time you have to convince your prospect to buy from you. If your offer is confusing or irrelevant, your conversion rate will drop, and you won't sell.

So, from my experience in sales and copywriting, I am now able to offer you...


ComeUp services that customer will love!

When creating your services, I'll start from a blank page and apply point by point all the copywriting techniques to convince your prospects

And I will only deliver those services when I’m sure they sell

As for the content of these services ...

Here are my offers :

✔️ Creation of your service (400 words)
✔️ Classic, effective copywriting
✔️ Highlighting your basic offer at 5€
(50€) 30€ !
✔️ Creation of your service (600 words)
✔️ Premium Copywriting
✔️ Putting forward your classic offer at 5€
✔️ Putting forward your complementary offers (upsell)
✔️ Page-layout of your service (Requires ComeUp+Premium Offer)
(90€) 60€ !

Want to make money from your online business RIGHT AWAY? Don't waste any more time, here is the pack you need:

✔️ Creating your service (800 words)
✔️ Premium Copywriting
✔️ SEO Optimization
✔️ Putting forward your classic offer of 5€
✔️ Creation and highlighting of your complementary offers (upsell)
✔️ Page-layout of your service (Requires ComeUp+Premium Offer)
✔️ Creation of a Q&A to answer customer objections
✔️ Writing your order-instructions and “thank-you” message
✔️ Writing your profile bio
(140€) 85€ !

🏆 As you can see, to sell properly, you need a service that :

✔️ Includes good copywriting
✔️ Answers your readers' objections
✔️ Displays clear and enticing offers
✔️ Is pleasant to read

If you have these four medals, there's no reason why you can't make a living online today!


3 choices are available to you 🃏

1️⃣ You do nothing. You ignore my service and continue to do nothing on your own at home. After all, being a freelancer, having financial and geographic freedom, maybe it's not for you...

2️⃣ You start on your own. It's a choice... You can try to do your services yourself. Test, fail, then try again etc... But remember that ** 98+% of the sellers on the platform get stuck in the last pages of the search engine and make no sales**. Do you want to be one of them?

3️⃣ You benefit from my experience to promote your services. I personally take care of creating services that sell. You finally become a Top seller of the platform and earn a comfortable living 😎

You are just a few clicks away from becoming a Top seller like Linkedpro. So what are you waiting for ?⌚

In order to help you make an wise decision, here are the questions related to ComeUp that I am frequently asked:



"Is it a good idea to create my own service ❓"

If you are a professional, have good copywriting and proven sales experience, then go for it!

If not, you'll waste time creating copy that doesn't sell, fail, start over, get upset, tell yourself that "ComeUp is screwed up, the website doesn't display my profile" and you can kiss your entrepreneurial dream goodbye

"Why don't I take inspiration from you, or from other sellers ❓"

This is a guess, unfortunately, anyone can do it

It's hard enough to get inspired by other sellers, many fall into the plagiarism trap and waste a lot of time

Some people have already tried to copycat my copywriting and copycat my sentences, but first of all, it's forbidden, furthermore, remember that it's not enough to look like someone else

And even if you slip through the cracks by taking inspiration from other sellers, you will only be a pale copy of a personality and style that isn’t yours.

Eventually, customers see it and feel... and you inevitably won't sell.

"Can you write any type of service ❓"

Of course! Researching information is part of the deal in my service and even if I don't master some sectors, I'll do some research and use my best copywriting to create the perfect service for you

"Will my service sell for sure❓"

To be honest, this will depend on you. First, you need to have a service idea that you are comfortable with.

You also need to come up with a service idea that has potential, if you ask me to write the service "I'll teach you how to find mushrooms in Northern Ireland", chances are you won't find buyers on ComeUp

But if you have a service that sells on ComeUp and you have the skills to deliver, then it's a 100% GO ahead! 🟢

"How much can I expect to earn on ComeUp with your services ❓"

If you have the premium package, not only can you afford a beautiful page-layout, but you also only have a 1€ fee on each order!

This means that you can easily make 1000€ of income per month with a few orders, if your services are well-written

I will make sure that your service rank, in order to help you make your first sales.

Of course, you can as well enter the top 50 sellers of the month and earn about 2500€ of income per month


⚠️ There is a 90% chance that I will deny you access to this service ⚠️

Why? The reason is simple.

Today, I proved myself in copywriting, I also proved myself on ComeUp

Now my goal is to work with the best and most motivated among you.

Because I want to fill my portfolio up with successes, from winners.

That's why after ordering, you will be provided with a questionnaire to test your motivation

And I will only validate orders from people who are motivated to work, motivated to make money, people whom I feel can become Top Sellers, people I will be proud of, people that won’t slack off

So if you are motivated, you know what is your next step. ⬇️⬇️

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