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Unfortunately, the search for influencers proves to be complicated and very expensive. To address this issue, why not trust micro-influencers? With fewer than 100,000 followers, their fees are lower and their engagement rate is higher.

For 5 euros?

🌟I will provide you with a carefully selected list of 10 micro-influencers (up to 100,000 followers) based on your criteria.

🌟Of course, I make sure to choose influencers with a good engagement rate. I also verify that they are not part of Instagram pods. These are groups that aim to artificially boost engagement on posts. Unfortunately, this engagement is not genuine; it's more like a "like and comment on my posts, and I'll do the same for yours" kind of deal. For this reason, I ensure that the influencers on the list I will propose to you are not part of Instagram pods.

Want more micro influencers?

Here is a summary table of my rates for influencer lists:

Option price Total number of influencers
5 euros more 15 micro influencers
10 euros more 20 micro influencers
20 euros more 30 micro influencers
30 euros more 50 micro influencers
70 euros more 100 micro influencers
140 euros more 200 micro influencers

An email to contact influencers

For 5 euros; an email template, to contact influencers :

🌟I will provide you with a template email to contact influencers. You just need to fill it in with a brief introduction of your product or service.
🌟Knowing how to approach influencers, I am able to offer you an email that will maximize your chances of getting a response.

For 10 euros ; a personalized email, to contact influencers :

🌟I will write you a personalized, relevant and professional email that you can send to the micro influencers I will have suggested (up to 170 words).
🌟Knowing how to approach influencers, I am able to offer you an email that will maximize your chances of getting a response.

Influencer brief

Did you know that many influencers fail to be profitable with partnerships because their briefing is not good?

Yes, promoting a product is an art that most influencers do not master. That's why it is essential to provide them with a briefing: a document that summarizes everything they should say and do. (up to 400 words).

🌟For an additional 25 euros, I propose to make the brief of your partnership.

Instagram partnership contract

To avoid any dispute with an influencer, establishing a contract is essential! Indeed, it will protect you in the following cases:

❌The influencer does not fulfill his task.
❌He does not respect the previously agreed conditions.
❌He does not allow you to use his images.

I propose a contract template for an additional 5 euros.

An Excel spreadsheet to manage your partnerships with influencers

Have you ever tried contacting multiple influencers at once? We quickly encounter a problem that hinders our efficiency: poor partnership management tracking.

For an additional 10 euros, I will provide you with an Excel spreadsheet specifically designed to efficiently and effectively track your influencer partnerships in the most optimal way possible!

It is therefore a ready-to-use table, with predefined columns that you can fill in as your partnership progresses.

You will be able to know who responded to you, if the answers are positive or negative, if the product was sent or not,... All this thanks to your tracking table.

This will allow you not only to manage your existing partnerships, but also to track the new influencers you reach out to.

Available in French

This service is also available in French. You will also find testimonies from people I have worked with:


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