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🤑 Do you want to increase your revenue and get paid on time?

Writing your business proposal, promoting your products or services, training, managing customer support, handling accounting... As an independent worker or even the owner of a small business, you need to be a true "Swiss Army knife." From creating the offer to closing the sale, you must master all the steps of marketing to ensure the sustainability of your business.

This versatility is your strength 💪.

However, managing all these tasks on a daily basis is a real challenge. A day only has 24 hours. So, you constantly make trade-offs between your different priorities.

To cope with this significant workload and for the sake of efficiency, you decide to minimize the energy and time invested in what seems to bring little added value to your offer and your clients. Administrative tasks are usually targeted.

Redundant and time-consuming ⏱, the hours devoted to them may seem unproductive to you.

Yet, among these tasks, two are crucial for the success of your business: creating estimates and invoicing.

Yes, these two documents are the first and last contact with your clients. They are an integral part of the marketing process for your offer.

The estimate must convince and meet your clients' expectations to obtain their approval. It is an essential step in increasing your revenue 💸.

The invoice must summarize the service provided and ensure your payment 💰.

You've understood it! These two documents deserve all your attention. But it would be a shame to write them on a blank A4 sheet with Word or PDF. I suggest going much further while saving you time.

Much more than a simple A4 document!

🚀 Boost your business activity.

The estimate and invoice are an integral part of your company's communication. Like a logo or advertisement, they convey messages and provide information about your company's values through their presentation.

Take advantage of this opportunity, stand out 💎! Don't produce dull, uninspiring documents with just your contact details, your client's details, a service summary, and an amount.

There are two risks with this practice:

  • You lose the trust of the client, who perceives that you don't value them enough (for the estimate).
  • The client doesn't pay you on time because the key information is not clearly highlighted (for the invoice).

With a polished presentation, you appear as a serious, meticulous, and professional partner. Colors, layouts, shapes—every detail matters 🎨.

Prospects, who appreciate your attention to the smallest details, see you as a trustworthy service provider. They "sense" that these important documents were not hastily produced with the sole ambition of making maximum money with minimal effort.

With well-crafted documents, you "officialize" the business relationship. Even before starting work, you demonstrate the values and principles that guide you 🤓. The ideal context to close a sale!

This rigor applied to the drafting of these documents encourages clients to adhere to payment terms. Highlighting relevant information also facilitates this process.

I know what you're thinking! Great, it's the perfect situation. But if I have to spend countless hours creating beautiful estimates and stunning invoices, I won't be able to manage.

My service, my offers fully meet your expectations. You'll have a clear, attractive, professional, and user-friendly document. You'll keep this template on your computer and fill it in whenever necessary ✍️.

Two birds with one stone: you improve your business, you ensure your payment.

Change dimensions now!

3 Packs for high-quality and elegant layout ✨

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Why not simplify your daily tasks?

Will you be able to create an attractive layout in such a short time 😒?

Starting from only 5 euros, I offer you the opportunity to enhance your company's image and save precious time. When you're an entrepreneur, every minute counts. Avoid wasting your energy on producing an estimate or invoice without being sure of the final result 😭.

Being an entrepreneur means knowing how to delegate and surround yourself with the right partners🤝.

Take advantage of a ready-to-use and professional document template. In short, it's a winning investment!

Placing an order is very simple! Just select the option below that suits you and validate your order by clicking the "Order" button.

Don't wait any longer! Lighten your schedule now!

See you soon!


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