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Hi , my name is Aurelien, I have an Instagram account with over 95,000 followers specialized in image creation with AI, but more specifically with MidJourney

I'm happy to present you my course in PDF format "Use Midjourney like a pro" **in English** . You will receive a PDF of over 180 pages, this is a quick read format with images and step-by-step explanations to help you get started with Midjourney as easily as possible.

This course was created to answer your questions and give you the techniques and tips I used to succeed.

Since I started using MidJourney to create my images, I've received many requests from people who wanted to know how I got such neat and impactful results. So I decided to share my expertise with you!

I'm extremely proud to share with you everything I've learned in these 5 intense months on Midjourney!

With over 2600 hours of experience on MidJourney and other AI related software, my goal is to train you in the exciting world of AI.

Are you a creative professional, passionate about your job as a graphic designer, tattoo artist, designer or just curious or looking to create a new business?

**Look no further, our "Using Midjourney like a pro" course is here to help you!

Imagine being able to create stunning renderings in just minutes, thanks to our Midjourney course.

You can unleash your creativity while saving time on your productivity!


Midjourney is an artificial intelligence (AI) that can create images from keywords (prompts).

Midjourney is the creation tool that allows you to create 4 images of exceptional quality in only 1 minute, where an artist would need several days or even weeks to do the same.

This AI uses a technique called "machine learning", which allows it to automatically learn to recognize patterns and generate images accordingly.

This tool is revolutionary for artists and creatives, as it makes digital creation accessible to everyone.

With Midjourney, you can let your imagination run wild and explore new artistic horizons.

Prompts" are keywords or phrases that you can use to generate images in the artistic style of your choice.

This also allows you to improve your technique, your artistic style, while having fun experimenting with new techniques.

Whether you're an Instagram influencer, editor, designer, tattoo artist, sketch artist, graphic designer or a creative enthusiast of any kind, Midjourney is a tool that can help you make a difference.

It is clear that we are on the cusp of a revolution that will change our world forever.

Look at the giants of the tech world, such as Microsoft, Google, OpenAI (Dall-E and ChatGPT), fighting to have the best AI in their field.

In the coming years, a turning point is happening and the world will change, all the biggest companies are fighting each other to have the best AI (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon)!

And this is only the beginning!

That's why I want to talk to you about this today! Something huge is happening and it's happening now!

It's the beginning of a new era, it's time to get trained so you don't miss the train!

And I want to pass on my knowledge to help you understand this ever changing environment.

**This is the most powerful tool on the market today and I propose to train you on it!

What is artificial intelligence?
Introduction to AI Art and its applications

## CHAPTER 2 - Getting started
The lexicon of all the technical terms about the software
Step-by-step guide to creating your first images with Midjourney

## CHAPTER 3 - User guide
Presentation of the different versions of Midjourney and the upscalers available
How to use these tools to improve the quality of your images

## CHAPTER 4 - Commands
Presentation of the commands available on the Midjourney bot.
How to access the parameters and presets, use the job ID, and the most common technical terms

## CHAPTER 5 - Parameters
Presentation of the different parameters available on Midjourney.
How to use ratios and aspects, compatibilities, chaos, quality, seeds, and how to style your image

## CHAPTER 6 - Advanced prompts
How to use advanced prompts such as image prompts, remixes, and multi-prompts

## CHAPTER 7 - Tips
Tips to save time and improve your efficiency in creating art with Midjourney on Discord

## BONUS 1 - I give you the prompts of 3 of the most viral posts!
I'm giving you my prompts that got me off the ground on Instagram with over 95,000 followers in just 5 months.

- Carapuce +195 000 likes
- Batman Royal Black Edition +110 000 likes
- Ironman Antique Collection +85,000 likes

## BONUS 2 - My 30 Photoshop Presets + my secret COMBO "MJTGP" + the secrets of the Instagram algorithm
Optimize your images for maximum impact on social media.

Get the best quality images possible with my "MJTGP" COMBO.

You will have access to my 30 Photoshop PRESETS that I use every day to retouch my images in the blink of an eye accompanied by its FAQ to explain you how it works!

We also offer you a summary table to help you understand Instagram's algorithms and get great results.

## BONUS 3 - Sites and apps
A list of over 20 of the best free and paid software and apps for creating and editing images, creating videos (Instagram Real), and improving the quality of your images.

## Today I'm offering you everything included (course + all bonuses ) for only 25€.

## But all these bonuses are free for a very limited time! After that they will become paying!

The course will also change in price, to 45€, then 95€.

Don't lose the opportunity to pay for such a high quality and low cost course .

Our progressive pricing is designed to reward early birds people who act quickly and thus benefit from the most advantageous rates.

**The longer you wait, the higher the price will go, so don't hesitate too long before making your decision .**

Don't hesitate to sign up now to take advantage of our introductory offer at an attractive price !

To recap, when you buy my course, you have access to :

1. My course in EBOOK format of 180 pages in English!

2. Bonus 1: My best Prompts (keywords)

3. Bonus 2 : My 30 Photoshop Presets + my secret COMBO "MJTGP" + the secrets of the Instagram algorithm

4. Bonus 3: A table with the best software and applications for photo creation and retouching

And most importantly, don't forget,

Your only limit is your imagination!



Questions Answers
What is this course? This is an AI Art EBOOK course that teaches you how to create professional quality images with the help of Midjourney. It provides you with a step-by-step guide to get started, tips and tricks to improve your efficiency, and exclusive bonuses to help you maximize your results.
What will I learn in this course? You will learn how to use Midjourney to create professional quality images. The course is divided into chapters, which guide you through all the features and settings available in Midjourney. You will also discover tips to improve your efficiency in creating artworks with Midjourney.
Who is this course for? This course is intended for beginners as well as for experts who wish to create professional quality images with the help of AI Art. If you are a passionate artist or an entrepreneur who wants to improve your visibility on Instagram or in your business, this course is for you.

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