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✔️ Do you want to bring organic traffic to your Shopify products?

✔️ Do you wish to create beautiful product descriptions with copywriting that makes people want to buy?

✔️ Have you got the time and skills to optimize your product descriptions for search engines?

✔️ Would you like to turn your store into a source of passive income?

Let me handle your product descriptions and boost your sales with organic SEO traffic 📈

~Why bother with SEO on a product description ?

If you are doing dropshipping on Shopify or if you own an e-commerce store, you may not have the budget to launch a Facebook Ads strategy

That's when SEO (Search Engine Optimization) becomes essential.

By regularly writing quality product descriptions on your store, you will send good signals to search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). 📊

Thus, you will gain traffic every day, your website will rise up in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)

And more visitors equals ➡️ more sales...

Every month, for free and without doing anything else.

Do you understand the importance of product description? 🤔

If you want to:

✔️ Improve your ranking on Google

✔️ Boost your sales

✔️ Give your Shopify store a real brand image

Then you need a flawless SEO strategy and the foundation of any store is its products


How do you make a good SEO optimized product description?

Several elements come into play in SEO, here is an outline of what will distinguish a very good SEO product description from a bad one:

A good SEO product description
➡️ Hn tags optimized for search engines
➡️ Smart writing that focuses on the user experience (UX)
➡️ Effective copywriting to improve your conversion rate
➡️ A good keyword allocation for SEO
➡️ A large and qualitative semantic field

And of course, in addition to validating those points, you must present your product as effectively as possible 🗏

If you do all of that, I guarantee you 100% that your product description will have a very good ranking

However, this is much easier said than done... 😓

That's why you can just enjoy my service and chill until the money comes in 🏖️


But by the way, who am I?

I'm Loïc, professional SEO writer 🖊️

I’ve spent many years working for e-commerce websites and writing SEO optimized articles and product descriptions 📈

I've taken some SEO & copywriting courses from well-known marketers

Thus, I have had the opportunity to write hundreds of product descriptions 📝 and to see some of them take the first places on search engines and generate hundreds or thousands of euros every month.

Therefore, I decided to offer my professional services to a larger number of people on ComeUp

Thanks to my experience as a writer, I can give you an all-inclusive solution

Outperform your competitors on Google and attract new customers NOW.


Crystal clear product descriptions! 📝

All the information needed for your product description's performance will be there:

  • The H1 title
  • The meta-description
  • The characteristics of the product
  • The targeted keywords

My offers:

Pack Number of PD Words per PD Price
BASIC 1 150 5€
🙂 DISCOVERY PACK 3 200 15€
⭐ WEEKLY PACK 7 250 50€
🛒 E-COMMERCE PACK 14 250 100€
💎 MONTHLY PACK 30 250 190€
🏆 NUMBER 1 PACK 60 250 350€
🚀 ULTIMATE PACK 100 300 600€


Place your order with peace of mind:

I am committed to make sure that you got the best product descriptions on the market.


Your Shopify store grows, your listings take the top positions on the SERPs and your readers like them:

So, you reach an audience 5 times larger and you start generating passive income every month, without doing anything else.

I'd love to have helped you develop your website. So don't wait any longer :

1️⃣ Place an order according to your needs
2️⃣ Tell me more about your niche and your target.
3️⃣ Send me the link of your website and show me the products for which you want a SEO product description

Then I'll take care of the rest

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