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Welcome to my service dedicated to the professional redesign of your WordPress website using the powerful page builders Divi or Elementor! If your site needs a fresh look, a modern layout, and an enhanced user experience, I'm here to offer you a complete and customized redesign.

Here's what I offer in this service:

  1. Analysis of Your Current Site: I will carefully study your existing WordPress site to understand its structure, content, and functionalities. This will allow me to plan the redesign effectively, taking into account your goals and preferences.

  2. Choice of Divi or Elementor: Depending on your needs and preferences, I will work with one of the most popular page builders: Divi or Elementor. These powerful tools will enable me to create a visually appealing and functional redesign for your site.

  3. Creating a New Layout: I will design a new layout for your site, using the advanced features of Divi or Elementor. This redesign will include elements rearrangement, improved navigation, content structure optimization, and the addition of interactive features for an enhanced user experience.

  4. Graphic Customization: I will customize the visual elements of your site, such as colors, fonts, images, and icons, to match your visual identity and strengthen your branding. Your site will thus reflect a professional and consistent image of your business or brand.

  5. Integration of Advanced Features: If you wish to add specific features to your site, such as contact forms, image galleries, customer testimonials, call-to-action buttons, etc., I will integrate them professionally and optimally.

  6. Mobile Optimization: I will ensure that your site is fully responsive and adapts perfectly to various devices and screen resolutions, providing an optimal user experience on smartphones and tablets.

  7. Testing and Revisions: Before finalizing the redesign, I will conduct thorough testing to ensure the proper functioning of all features and to check for any errors or issues. If necessary, I will provide revisions to make the necessary adjustments.

Invest in a professional redesign of your WordPress site with Divi or Elementor and breathe new life into your online presence. Order now and let me transform your site into a visually appealing, modern, and functional platform.

For €100, we can:

✔️ Redesign your site with the Divi or Elementor theme (must have a valid license)
✔️ Provide 10 revisions

Optional Add-ons:

✔️ Installation of a child theme**: €25
✔️ Creation of a blog page: €10
✔️ Creation of a blog page and customization of article pages: €30
✔️ Create a contact form: €10
✔️ Create an advanced form with conditional logic or multiple steps (forms that change based on how a user responds to a question using conditional logic): €30
✔️ Create an image gallery: €10
✔️ Create a section for testimonials : €10
✔️ Create 1 page with your content on your WordPress site: €10
✔️ Edit 1 existing page on your site: €10
✔️ Create 2 pages with your content on your WordPress site: €15
✔️ Edit 2 existing pages on your site: €15
✔️ Create 3 pages with your content on your WordPress site: €20
✔️ Edit 3 existing pages on your site: €20
✔️ Create 4 pages with your content on your WordPress site: €30
✔️ Edit 4 existing pages on your site: €30
✔️ Create 5 pages with your content on your WordPress site: €50
✔️ Edit 5 existing pages on your site: €50
✔️ Create between 5 and 10 pages with your content on your WordPress site: €100

A child theme is a theme attached to your main theme, called the parent theme. It inherits all the features, design, and layouts of the parent theme and can be customized without affecting the parent theme.

Feel free to contact us before placing your order.
My other services: https://comeup.com/@hraf

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