I will follow on your instagram 100 people so that they follow you too

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Are you on **Intagram **and want to expand your audience?

I suggest that you follow a certain number of people that we will determine below on a regular basis over time without being outside the terms of use which would lead to an Instagram penalty.

The initial idea:

When you follow accounts, most will follow back, become your followers in other words, this is the main criterion that Instagram robots look at to then put you forward.

By granting me your trust, I will therefore use your instagram account to follow X people who use a hashtag or who would be followers of a person, known, of a competitor or of a company page.

I cannot give you a positive rate of return on this strategy, it is necessary to evaluate your sector, the quality of your content and your current number of Followers (because the more you had, the more people will be in a climate of trust) .
I like to use Pareto's rule of 80%/20%

😶 For 5€: I follow 100 people from your target
😏For 10€: I follow 300 people from your target
😌 For 15€: I follow 500 people from your target
🙂For 20€: I follow 700 people from your target
😀 For 25€: I follow 1000 people from your target
🤤 For 30€: I follow 1500 people from your target
🥉For 45€: I follow 2000 people from your target
🥈For 55€: I follow 3000 people from your target
🥇For 65€: I follow 4000 people from your target

With all my thanks for your trust.
I need access to your instagram account while executing your order.

*- You will need to ensure that your number of "followers" + that of your order does not exceed 7500 because Instagram prevents exceeding this number.

You must not be under an instagram penalty that blocks your follow and following actions*
A text file is provided at the end of the task on request.

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