I will provide you with terms of use and sales GTU & GTS templates

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Let me provide you with General Terms of Use and General Terms of Sale (GTU & GTS) or GTC Templates for 3 pages

Do you want to get General Terms and Conditions (GTC) or General Terms and Conditions (GTC) contracts? Or do you just want to get a legal basis template for your site or a Privacy Policy (including cookie policy) and a GDPR "General Data Protection Regulation" for your Marketplace?

These are all complementary documents you need to have for your website or Marketplace. All this will allow you to better regulate the relationship between your website, your customers and your sellers.

Why should you choose my services for your legal templates?

The Law is my domaine As a lawyer (Master of Business Law) with several professional experiences in law firms such as lawyers and bailiffs, I am the ideal person to fulfill your needs.

The templates of GTU, GTC or GTS, Legal Notice, Withdrawal Form, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Privacy Policy (including cookies policy) that I provide are already ready to use. You will just have to fill in the missing and indicated fields yourself.

Important: I am the author of all the documents I provide here.

You can use the templates of legal bases or legal pages provided instantly. The documents I provide respect the positive law and you can adapt them to your different projects or fill them in at the indicated places or ask for more templates.

What is the legal particularity of the Marketplaces?

First of all, it is important to note that the GTCS (General Terms and Conditions of Sale) must be completed with the GTCU (General Terms and Conditions of Use) to guarantee a good contractual relationship between all parties. The retraction form and the legal mentions are also important for your site to better regulate the relationship between you and your customers. At your convenience, you can also complete a Privacy Policy according to the needs of your project.

Why is it necessary to have T&Cs, GTCs, Privacy Policy, Legal Notice and Withdrawal Form?

T&Cs, GDPR, Privacy Policy (including cookie policy), etc. guarantee customers good transparency in doing business with you.
Legal Notice, Withdrawal Form, etc. will definitely help you multiply (x10 or more) your conversion rate and get more sales.
GDPR, Privacy Policies (including cookie policy), T&Cs & UGCs, etc. protect your interests as well as those of your customers and anticipate the settlement of disputes that may arise in the future.

If you don't have legal templates (T&Cs, Privacy Policy, Withdrawal Form, GDPR and Legal Notice) properly provided by a legal expert and legal, you risk heavy fines and the closure of your marketplace or website. If you have any doubts or concerns, you can consult your lawyer for further clarification or legal advice, he is a sworn professional.

My basic service here is to simply provide you with General Terms of Use and General Terms of Sale (GTU & GTS) Templates (for 3 pages) that you will fill in yourself afterwards.

For only 10€ I will provide you with GTU & GTS templates for 3 pages. The documents will be delivered to you in Word or PDF or Google Docs version as per your convenience.

However, you can go beyond the basic option and request more pages for T&C Templates as additional options templates or additional templates documents (Legal Notice, Privacy Policy, RGPD and Retraction Form) to complete your T&Cs & GTCs.

Below, the additional options well detailed :

Option 1: Template GTU & GTC for 5 pages = Basic Offer of 10€ + 60€ (70€)

Option 2: Template Privacy Policy (including cookie policy) for 4 pages = Basic Offer of 10€ + 20€ (30€)

Option 3 : Template Withdrawal Form for 3 pages = Basic Offer of 10€ + 15€ (25€)

Option 4 : Template Legal Notice for 4 pages = Basic Offer of 10€ + 10€ (20€)

Option 5 : Template RGPD for 2 pages = Basic Offer of 10€ + 15 € (25€)

DIAMOND PACK Option : Templates (GTU & GTS + Privacy Policy + Withdrawal Form + Legal Notice) for 8 pages total = Basic Offer of 10€ + 70€ (80€)

Option PACK CERISE : PACK DIAMANT for 10 pages total = Basic offer of 10€ + 100€ (110€)

We are at your disposal in case of doubt or questions.
Looking forward to working with you.

Sincerely !

Important: I am the author of all the documents I provide here.

Everything starts with trust! Trust us and you will not be disappointed.

I will provide you with terms of use and sales GTU & GTS templates

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