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"Mathematics is the foundation of many groundbreaking technologies such as artificial intelligence, cryptography and robotics, shaping the world we live in and opening up new perspectives for the future." It is therefore urgent to learn them and to embody them in oneself with passion, ease and pride ! A problem in mathematics ? Do you want to solve it with an experienced ? Don't panic ! I am at your disposal to help you.

Digital economist in a multinational school and having a solid foundation in mathematics, I hold a bachelor's degree in mathematical and technical sciences. During my school career, I won various prizes after my participation in the Olympics and mathematics competitions organized in my region. Confident in my skills and ability to address and clarify math issues, some parents hired me to mentor their children at home.

Having these qualities in the field of mathematics, I then proposed to put at your disposal my skills to guide you in the resolution of all your different problems, exercises and concerns in mathematics for the elementary and secondary levels.

So, I can help you solve problems or exercises in mathematics. The clear approach to solving this problem will be sent to you in the form of a handwritten and scanned document. It can also be sent in pdf or word format.

To know at all costs: Helping or guiding a learner is not synonymous with treating an entire exercise in his place. But rest assured: the resolution process that will be established will be clear and concise enough to allow you to effectively find the answer to the problem in question.

All your worries in arithmetic, algebra, analysis and geometry.

Good to know: Each exercise ordered must contain a maximum of 3 questions. So if you need help for 3 exercises as indicated by my basic offer, the number of questions on all 3 exercises should not exceed 9.
5€ for 3 exercises.

You will learn more about other options in the following. I invite you to explore them.

For help with an old exam topic:
In this case, it will only be a question of clearly explaining the approach to be taken to solve the difficult questions that blocked the learner when he was dealing with the old examination subject himself. To do this, he will first send me what he has already processed and I will check the accuracy of the answers, correct those that are not correct before moving on to the clear explanation of the difficult questions. The delivery of such a particular service will contain only the correction of badly found answers if they exist and the resolution process of those that have blocked you.

By using my services, I am committed to helping you solve your mathematical challenges with precision, clarity and enthusiasm. Together, we will turn problems into opportunities, strengthen your skills and give you the tools to achieve your mathematical goals. Let me help you navigate the fascinating world of mathematics and open the doors to your success.

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