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Are you ready to optimize your online presence and maximize the potential of your website? Look no further! I am here to assist you with a professional service of creating and installing your Facebook Pixel.

What is the Facebook Pixel ❓

The Facebook Pixel is a powerful tool that allows you to gather valuable data about the visitors to your website. It helps you understand their behavior, interests, and preferences, enabling you to personalize your marketing and effectively target your audience.

As a digital marketing expert, I am fully equipped to create and install the Facebook Pixel on your website, regardless of the CMS or platform you are using. My extensive experience and knowledge of conversion tracking best practices allow me to set up the Pixel accurately and efficiently.

When you choose my services, you benefit from a personalized approach tailored to your specific needs. I start by analyzing your website and marketing strategy to understand your goals and target audience. Then, I proceed with creating the Pixel, configuring it to collect the most relevant data for your business.

Once the Pixel is created in BUSINESS MANAGER tool of Facebook, I seamlessly install it on your website, ensuring it works properly on all pages and devices. I rigorously test its functionality to ensure all visitor actions are accurately recorded.

Finally, I provide you with a detailed report on the data collected by the Pixel, giving you a clear insight into your website's performance and optimization opportunities. I am also available to offer guidance and recommendations on leveraging this data and improving your marketing strategy.

What is Facebook Business Manager ❓

Facebook Business Manager is a platform that allows businesses to manage and organize their advertising activities on Facebook and Instagram. It is a powerful tool that offers features such as page management, creation and scheduling of posts, ad management, performance tracking through the Facebook pixel, and collaboration with other team members. With Facebook Business Manager, businesses can centralize and control their marketing efforts on social media platforms more effectively.

Pixel Facebook : What is iOS 14 update ❓

The iOS 14 update for the Facebook pixel refers to the changes made by Apple in their iOS 14 operating system that impact how the Facebook pixel functions on iOS devices. With the update, Apple introduced a feature called App Tracking Transparency (ATT), which requires apps to obtain explicit user consent before tracking their data across other apps and websites.

As a result of this update, Facebook and other advertisers have experienced limitations in tracking user activity and gathering data for ad targeting purposes on iOS devices. The iOS 14 update also includes privacy enhancements such as the App Store privacy labels, which provide users with information about the data collected by apps.

To adapt to these changes, Facebook has implemented the Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM) protocol, which allows for limited tracking and attribution of events within the iOS 14 environment. This update has led to adjustments in how advertisers can track and optimize campaigns on iOS devices, requiring them to prioritize and manage their data collection and targeting strategies more carefully.

What is Facebook Pixel Conversion API ❓

The Facebook Pixel Conversion API, also known as the Conversions API, is an application programming interface (API) provided by Facebook. It allows businesses to send customer events or conversions directly to Facebook's servers, bypassing the need for browser-based tracking with the Facebook Pixel.

With the Conversion API, businesses can track and report specific actions or events that occur on their websites, mobile apps, or other platforms. This includes actions such as purchases, sign-ups, leads, or any other custom events defined by the business.

The Conversion API is particularly useful in cases where browser-based tracking might be limited, such as with ad blockers or when users don't complete actions on a website directly. By utilizing the API, businesses can ensure accurate tracking and measurement of conversions, providing valuable data for optimizing their advertising campaigns on Facebook.

What is a standard or custom event? ❓

Standard events are predefined actions that Facebook has created for common actions taken by users, such as "Content View," "Add to Cart (ATC)," and "Purchase." These events provide a standardized way to track important actions on your website and are designed to align with common marketing objectives.

On the other hand, custom events allow businesses to define and track specific actions that are unique to their website or business objectives. With custom events, you can create event names and parameters that align with your specific tracking needs. This flexibility allows you to track and optimize for actions that are most relevant to your business, beyond the predefined standard events.

🔥 Don't wait any longer to harness the power of the Facebook Pixel and enhance your online marketing. Contact me today and let me create and install your Facebook Pixel on your website for measurable results and lasting success!

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if you would like more information about my services. I am here to help propel your business to new heights!

✔️ For 5€ I propose you to create your Facebook pixel and to integrate it on your website.
✔️ For this pack, I create up to 20 events to track the number of clicks on buttons or visits on pages.
What will you get with this Pack ❓
✔️ Creating and setting up an advertising account in the BM
✔️ Fix IOS 14 update
✔️ Conversions API
✔️ Standard or Custom Events (Ex: Content View, ATC, Purchase, etc)

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