I will create a trendy TikTok Ads video advertisement for you to increase your virality

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😂 I won't start with phrases like, "Looking for a TikTok video for your advertising campaign?"

Haha, of course, that's what you're here for since you clicked on this service.

🔥 Let me save you some time and present directly what I can do for you and at what price.

Is that good for you?


Video Creation Features and Process
🔍 Thorough research for videos to use in creating your impactful video
🎜 Selecting a trending music track that aligns not only with the product but also takes advantage of the algorithm's virality potential
✏️ Crafting compelling text and subtitles to evoke emotions, with a focus on the first 3 seconds
💥 Creating an attention-grabbing intro that makes viewers stop and want to watch the entire video
📲 Implementing professional branding (subtitle colors matching your brand colors + logo included in the video)
🛒 Including a concluding section that prompts viewers to take action quickly
⏰ 48-hour delivery
📌 Up to 3 revisions per video
🚚 MP4/HD format: TikTok video dimensions
⛔ Taking care to avoid areas that may obscure text and hinder the customer experience

For 5€ you'll get
1 video up to 30 seconds following the above specifications

Additional Offers 🥉 Pack 1 (15€) 🥈 Pack 2 (25€) 🥇 Pack 3 (50€)
Number of videos 3 5 5
Different products? Oui Oui Non
Number of products 3 5 1
Intro One unique intro per product One unique intro per product 5 different intros for one product
Number of revisions 3 per video 3 per video 5 per video
Delivery time 2 days 4 days 5 days
Duration Up to 30 secs Up to 30 secs Up to 30 secs

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions.

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