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🚀Skyrocket Your Brand's Reach with Your TikTok Ads Video

TikTok is an unstoppable force at the moment.

So why not harness some of that power for your own business?

TikTok provides a distinctive user experience. If you can master the art of advertising on TikTok, you'll attract niche target audiences and engage demographics that might otherwise overlook your brand.

And that... we're here to help you achieve!

What do we bring to the table ❔

🔎Audience and Brand Analysis

The first step in any TikTok advertising campaign is crafting a clear, data-driven strategy.

Our agency will work with you to pinpoint exactly who needs your product/service, and convert that into sharp, precise targeting.

✨A Unique Process

TikTok is a unique platform, so it only makes sense that how you use it to market your brand should be unique as well.

💸Boosting Your Sales is Our Goal

Our team will assist you in creating a personalized video that will help expand your brand's reach as well as boost your sales.

🚀Viral Successes

We don't just follow trends, we create them. Your brand could be the epicenter of the next TikTok craze and benefit from its viral momentum.

✅Our Experience

We have over 3 years of experience in the advertising industry, so you can be assured that you're in good hands.

🔥TikTok Advertising is Powerful, Here's Why🔥

🎯 Advanced Targeting Options: With interest-based, custom, and lookalike audiences, you have deep targeting options to reach the right users with the right content.

🛠️ Creative Tools: TikTok's creative studio allows you to repurpose your existing content in your ads.

📈 High Engagement: TikTok ads often draw much higher engagement than other social media platforms.

🔊 Immersive Experience: Most users keep their sound on, creating a more immersive advertising experience.

🌍 Global Reach: TikTok has a diverse, worldwide user base, providing immense potential for global brand reach.

📊 Data-Driven: TikTok provides robust analytics to help fine-tune your ad performance and optimize your ad spend.


TIKTOPIA is a TikTok agency specializing in creating content for businesses and individuals. With years of experience in the field, we offer high-quality service at affordable prices.

We work with you at every step of the process, ensuring your expectations are surpassed and giving personal attention to every project we undertake.

We now bring our services to this platform to expand our reach and provide you with the services you need.


🕜Delivery 48 hours
Raw footage duration (files) 1 minutes 2 minutes 3 minutes
Final video duration 5-10sec 15-20 sec 20-25 sec
Number of videos 1 1 1
10 min call to define the project
Trendy TikTok music
Visual effects
Advice and support
Call to Action at the end of the video
Script and text customized by TIKTOPIA
Research content on your product or service if needed
Color grading
Sound effects
4k rendering available
PRICE 25 € 45 € 55 €

💭Why Is It Important to Test Multiple Ads?

Another great benefit of TikTok marketing is that you have the chance to test out ad creatives. Launch an ad campaign with several creatives at once and track their progress to see what works well.

This enables you to invest your advertising budget into your videos with the best conversion rates.

⭐Our Packs with Multiple TikTok Ads⭐

Here are our different packs for testing multiple creatives, and optimizing your advertising budget subsequently.

PRIX 75 € 135 € 150 €
PRIX 125 € 225 € 250 €

🚀Performance Pack: 10 ULTIMATE ads videos

  • 📞 30-minute Call (via ComeUp) to understand your business and your target in depth
  • Enables testing of many more ads simultaneously
  • Increases your visibility on TikTok by enhancing the impact of your advertising message
  • Allows for variety in the content of your ads to better captivate your target audience
  • Explores different ad formats of TikTok, such as in-feed ads, brand takeover ads, top view ads, etc.
  • Price: 500 €

✅Opt for our pack of 10 TikTok Ads videos if you wish to invest in your business's success on TikTok

FAQ🗨️ :

Why should I hire an agency instead of doing it in-house?

When you opt for an agency like ours, you're essentially investing in the expertise, resources, and creativity of a whole team committed to boosting your advertising returns.

An agency has the advantage of diverse experiences with other clients, staying updated with latest industry trends, and having dedicated tools and technologies - all these factors contribute to a more informed, comprehensive, and effective ad strategy that an in-house team may miss due to other commitments or lack of resources.

You seem good, but aren't you expensive?

Not at all! Compared to other TikTok marketing agencies, and considering the return on investment we provide, our prices are very reasonable.

We offer various packages based on your content production needs, the number of creatives, and more. So, there's likely a solution that fits perfectly within your budget.

How soon can we see results from TikTok ads?

TikTok's dynamic and fast-paced nature allows for quicker engagement and visibility than many other platforms. As such, you can typically start noticing an uptick in engagement and brand awareness within just a few days or weeks. However, for more ambitious goals like substantial sales increases, allow for a longer timeframe to see those results. Remember, a well-executed ad strategy is a marathon, not a sprint.

Are TikTok ads suitable for all types of businesses?

While TikTok is hugely popular with a diverse user base, it might not be the perfect fit for every single business. We'll assess your business needs, target audience, and industry to determine if TikTok advertising can effectively help you reach your goals.

🕹️Isn't it about time to let the professionals take control?

👉Choosing TIKTOPIA is no longer an option, but a necessity for an ambitious business.

Now, you hold all the cards: the ball is in your court!

Looking forward to working with you,


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