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Professional website creation

Trust a professional for the creation of your website. As an experienced web designer, I master the latest technologies and best practices to create an aesthetic and functional website. Together, we will define your goals, brand identity, and target audience to design a website that reflects your vision. Whether you need a showcase website, an online store, or a content platform, I am here to create a website that highlights your business.

Building High-Performance Websites for Your Online Presence

I ensure that your website is secure, fast, compatible with different browsers and devices, and user-friendly for your visitors. With my expertise in web design, I can create a website that meets your expectations and provides an optimal user experience. Trust my expertise to create a website that represents your business professionally.

Take advantage while you still can... Our prices will increase in a few days!!!

**Trust us like many clients here on Comeup.**

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⚡ For €495, you will have a complete website.
✔️ A professional website on WordPress, regardless of your type of business (merchant, artist, service provider, restaurant, hair salon, institute, blog, etc.)
✔️ Up to a maximum of 10 pages, which is more than enough for a complete website
✔️ Dynamic and modern design
✔️ Contact form
✔️ SSL security included (HTTPS://) if the hosting provider allows
✔️ Responsive design. Your website will appear correctly on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
✔️ Security optimization to prevent hacker attacks and viruses
✔️ Included marketing advice
✔️ Creation of a blog section
✔️ Transfer or installation of the designed site on your domain name
✔️ Setting up one or more professional email addresses
✔️ Training included : We will show you how to easily use your website through a personalized tutorial video.

Regarding the text content, you can either provide us with the complete content of the website page by page or give us the main guidelines, and we will take care of creating the text content, with a maximum of 1000 words per page. For images, you can either provide them to us or we will use royalty-free images.

To have an E-commerce website, simply choose the e-commerce option for €100, making the total €595.

✔️ E-commerce using the WooCommerce platform
✔️ Creation of multiple categories for services or products
✔️ Stock management
✔️ Addition of shipping fees
✔️ Integration of payment methods: Credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, etc.
✔️ Creation of discount vouchers
✔️ Customer reviews and comments
✔️ We will add a maximum of 20 products, and you can easily add more products using our tutorial video, which will show you how to add new products easily.

This will give you the opportunity to sell your products or services. A complete, customized e-commerce website at a low cost.

As an option, you have the possibility to optimize the website's search engine optimization (SEO). We will work on your website to optimize each page and choose the best keywords for your business. This service will cost an additional €100 only.

How do we proceed?

1️⃣ To design a quality website, we will need content (text, etc.), the desired menu, your logo, and anything else that will be useful for creating your website.
2️⃣ We will work on the website on our server initially.
3️⃣ Once the website is developed, we will show you the result.
4️⃣ You will provide us with any changes or feedback, and we will take them into account to continue working on the website.
5️⃣ Once the website is finished and the changes are completed, resulting in a website that fully meets your expectations, we can proceed with the transfer to your domain.
6️⃣ You will then provide us with a database and access to your FTP, or just access to a basic WordPress site with login credentials. If you're unsure how to find this information, we can use the credentials of your hosting provider and handle everything ourselves. After the transfer, you can change your passwords.
7️⃣ Once the website is transferred to your domain, no further changes can be made. Any modifications should be requested before the website transfer.
8️⃣ We will prepare a personalized tutorial video to show you how to easily edit the website.
9️⃣ We will provide you with access to the administration of your website.
🔟 After the website transfer, we will finalize the order, and you can leave us a review. We will remain available to assist you if you need any help.

Why choose Webdesignerpro ?

✔️ Professional expertise: Benefit from my professional expertise in website creation to obtain a high-quality website.
✔️ Aesthetics and functionality: Your website will be both aesthetically appealing and functional, offering an optimal user experience.
✔️ Online visibility: With my service, you will increase your online visibility and reach a wider target audience.
✔️ Added value to your business: A professional website enhances your company's image, setting you apart from the competition and attracting new customers.
✔️ High customer satisfaction: Over 120 positive customer reviews testify to the quality of my work.
✔️ Assured trust: Choose my services with confidence, knowing that your satisfaction is my top priority.

Note: Our offers do not include any domain names or hosting. We recommend the cPanel offers from LWS.

I will create a professional website

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Merci beaucoup pour votre professionnalisme et la qualité de votre travail. Je suis extrêmement satisfait. Et encore bravo pour la réalisation de mon site !


Merci beaucoup :)

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“Web Designer depuis bientôt 10 ans, j'aime que le travail soit bien fait quelque soit le prix de la prestation, 5 ou 500€. L'essentiel est de livrer un service de qualité, rapidement et que le client en ressorte content pour revenir recommander d'autres services. Faîtes moi confiance, vous ne regretterez pas.”

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