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French native and professional proofreader, I will revise your French texts.

Ensure your French texts are revised and proofread before publication or self-publishing, allowing your book to reach a Francophone audience and get more readers !

French is spoken by over 300 million people worldwide. It is the official language of 29 countries and the second most spoken language in Europe, with significant influence in Africa.

✒️ You are an author who has translated your book into French to target a Francophone readership and want to publish or self-publish it?

Too many errors in French can discourage your readers. Give your French text the best chance without any mistakes! Offer your Francophone readers a flawless, well-formatted text in French.

📞 Any questions ? We can organize a call via Comeup.

👉 I have being working on Comeup and providing proofreading services in French since 2020. Check customers reviews here :


I will provide to your book corrections and revisions in French

French mother tongue.

✔️ Spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, tense, typography, and spacing.
✔️ I check proper nouns (places, names, people), facts, and bibliographic references.
✔️ If necessary, I provide light rephrasing suggestions in a separate document for the author to incorporate into their final writing. For example, enriching vocabulary or avoiding repetitions (I do not rewrite the text, though).
✔️ My sources are : Le Larousse dictionary and encyclopaedia, the “Code typographique de l’Imprimerie Nationale”, and the “National Center for Textual and Lexical Resources”.

What types of texts can I proofread in French and services:

✔️ YOUR PERSONAL WRITINGS: I proofread all literary genres, including:
Novels: general literature, fiction, young adult, feel-good
Non-fiction: testimonials, life stories, autobiographies, family narratives
Poetry, short stories, poetic prose
• Other literature: **fantasy, crime, erotic, young adult novels **
Professional essays, practical books: coaching, business, personal development books

✔️ YOUR PROFESSIONAL WRITINGS: eBooks, white papers, professional reports, print/web communication materials. Editorial options for your text in French
Other services :

✔️ Text formatting improvement with the option of a clean "manuscript" layout for self-publishing your text in French or enhancing its formatting.

✔️ Back cover text for your book and press release in French (for novels, essays, testimonials).

Why trusting a professional proofreader?

✅ I am a professional French proofreader with a certificate from the CEC (Centre de Communication et d’Ecriture) in Paris, and I am certified by Voltaire Certificate (French grammar and spelling).

✅ Based in Paris, I work as a proofreader and literary advisor for French authors, publishing houses, and French speaking authors from around the world (such as Canada, Ghana, Morocco, Belgium, Switzerland), and others french speaking countries within the Francophonie.

✅ I have revised and proofread over 300 manuscripts and provided advises to numerous authors for their writings who published their books with publishing houses or self-publishing.

✅ I provide personalized and meticulous editing services for your manuscript. I have been offering my services on Comeup since May 2020.

✅ With extensive writing experience, I am also an author, with four published books.

YOUR TEXT will be my top priority! Check out the positive reviews on my editing services.

Prices for proofreading your text in French?

Professional proofreaders establish prices based on the word count of the text.

👉 The price is based on the number of words and depends on the length of the text.

👉 Send me your text in Word format (or another text processing software such as Google Docs or Libre Office) in an unlocked document before placing your order, and I will advise you on the options to choose based on its length and other editorial options (e.g., simple formatting, bibliography revision).
If none of the options suit you, I will guide you based on the text length, sometimes combining multiple options.

👉 For 5 €, I proofread 250 words (basic option).

Beyond that, you need to choose the options below to match the word count of your text.

Ask for advice by sending me your text before placing your order, and I will tell you which option to choose.


• + 500 words: + €10
• + 1000 words: + €25
• + 2000 words: + €55
• + 3000 words: €65
• + 4000 words: €85
• + 5000 words: €105
• + 10,000 words: €210
• + 15,000 words: €295
• + 20,000 words: €395
• + 30,000 words: €595
• + 40,000 words: €795
• + 50,000 words: €965
• + 60,000 words: €995
• Insertion and verification of the bibliography: 10 references: €25; 20 references: €35

**Examples of prices (essay, novel, narrative): **
• A short children's novel of 5000 words: €105
• A collection of poems or a young adult novel with 10,000 words: €210
• A personal development essay with 25,000 words: €505
• A novel with 35,000 words: €695
Sometimes if the manuscript is long, you may need to choose two options to match the word count of your text.

If the text includes a lengthy bibliography (more than 10 references to check), an additional option needs to be added.

✍️ How to check the length of a text in a Word document? Review tab => Word Count => the word count appears in a window.


✔️ Option 1: Simple formatting in Word: €60/€105
€60 for texts up to 40,000 words
€105 for texts exceeding 40,000 words.

You will receive a simply formatted file (titles, subtitles, paragraphs, page and section breaks, front matter, legal notices, acknowledgments, dedications, quotation, table of contents) ready to be submitted on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) to self-publish your book.

Note: I do not handle highly elaborate formatting (with numerous diagrams, illustrations, and hundreds of photos).

For a document containing more than 30 photos or complex graphics, I will refer you to qualified graphic designers on Comeup.

✔️ Option 2: In addition to the proofreading of your book, I can write for you the book blurb (or back text) and press release in French: €145

I will write the book blurb and the press release of the proofread book or document. This option cannot be ordered seperatly. It's part of an order of proofreading.

• The book blurb: an engaging text about your book, 250-350 words (including the author's biography).
• The one-page press release includes the book blurb and information about the book. Details about your biography may be required. Turnaround time for proofreading your texts: Proofreading is a lengthy and meticulous process.


MireilleT (Congo), May 2023
Thank you very much for your professionalism, punctuality, and flexibility. The work is meticulous and well done. I am happy to have collaborated with you!

Evy_Baj (Switzerland), March 2023
Very satisfied with my order: completed on time and with great attention to detail. I highly recommend getting professional proofreading before publication, as the added value is noticeable (consistency of verb tenses, punctuation correction, formatting, etc.).

NathalieNabarro (Belgium), November 2022
The corrections are relevant, interesting, and thought-provoking. Excellent quality of work and communication. It is a talent to understand what each author wants to convey. I also improve with each correction. A big thank you! And I highly recommend Aude as a proofreader without hesitation.

DidierDarya (France), September 2022
Anne was brilliant and efficient in proofreading an entire book with pertinent suggestions despite the technical specificity of the book.

Carol_C (Canada), July 2022
Thank you to Anne for her kind perspective and highly professional follow-up. She knows how to highlight your text without erasing its essence and provides valuable advice.

IsabelleMouniama (France), September 2021
I thank you for your perfectly explained corrections. It's exactly what I was expecting. I can publish my ebook with serenity and without errors.

A few words about me: why trusting me?

👉 French native, French language is my mother tongue
👉 Over 300 manuscripts reviewed, corrected and proofread.
👉 I am a professional and certified proofreader.
👉 Passionate about writing, reading, and spelling, I have published four books : 3 books with traditional publishing houses and one book through self-publishing, distributed on Amazon in both paperback and ebook formats.

👉 Since 2019, I have been working as a freelance proofreader and literary advisor in Paris. I have advised over a hundred authors who improved in their writing process and have either self-published their books or found a publishing house. I work with self-published authors and Francophone publishing houses on various texts.

I look forward to proofreading your writings in French!

Please send me your texts in Word format (unlocked file, preferably without illustrations).

To check the word count of your text in Word: Review => Word Count. A window will appear with the number of words (or characters).

Anne, your professional proofreader.

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