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Are you done with the little Sunday editors? 😅

Of those subtitles full of mistakes or with bad synchronization ? ⭐

That's where we come in! 💪

✅ 20€ per minute of editing! 💥

✅ DYNAMIC and SYNCHRONIZED subtitles **💥

✅Add rights free images, music and videos! 💥

Let us explain👋TO YOU!!!

🤔These questions would probably pop up on your mind:

❓-🧠What is the point of Short Formats?

Nowadays, whether it's Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram or even Facebook, the trend is for vertical videos. when having the will to grow fast, it is imperative, I will even say urgent, to make vertical content! We are here to help you do just that!

Moreover, thanks to the new update of Tiktok, content creators are now monetized by paying 1€ for only 1000 views, but earning views is becoming more and more complicated.
The solution is simple: Differentiate yourself.

That's why raising the level of your edits and customizing your videos will only set you apart from other creators.

❓ - 🌈 Why should you trust us?

We have been working for 2 years in the field of editing and voiceover, we have participated in many projects and videos, among the channels that will have trusted us Merlux and its 221,000 subscribers or Onzze soccer and its 310,000 subscribers.

Moreover being ourselves, creators of content, we will propose you new ideas seen and tested, which will only increase the interest of your Tiktoks!

❓- 💪Let’s talk quality !

By coming towards us, YOU get an editing that fits you, because before any work begins we will ask you for all the little details that will make the difference!

We will listen to YOUR requests, whether it is for the color or type of font, the type of images and videos or even certain effects that you would like to add, YOU will have a CUSTOMIZED VIDEO.

Don't even hesitate for a second, we are what YOU need!

They trusted us 🤝:

Name of the channel Number of subscribers
Merlux 222 000 subscribers
Zinfos 257 000 subscribers
Onzze Football 310 000 subscribers
FitBoss 365 000 subscribers
Blux motivation 211 000 subscribers
Picsous L'entrepreneur 60 400 subscribers
Histoires Addictives 9 000 subscribers

When you click on the basic offer, this is what YOU get:

  • A one minute customized vertical video in MP4 format!
  • Delivery within 72 hours
  • Right to broadcast
  • 5 retouching requests


--------------🔒 These are YOUR files and they will never be disclosed 🔒 -----------


We are aware that time is money, and YOUR time is very worthy to us.
We are ALWAYS committed to meeting the deadlines YOU CHOOSE.

🔥 How do you order ?

Customize your order:
☝️ 1. Briefly explain your project to me
✌️ 2. I will explain the options suitable for your project!
🤟 3. Give me your instructions ( Color, font type ect...)
🤟 4. Contemplate your new video!

If you have the slightest doubts, you can contact me before ordering. I will be able to guide you to the right options related to your expectations, your budget and your project.

❓You don't have enough time ?

We have the solution for you, by activating the Express delivery YOU ensure a delivery in even SHORTER delays.

🤝Now that we know each other don't waste any extra time, ORDER and let's get to work TOGETHER!!!

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