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Did you know that a large majority of brands don't know how to communicate effectively on Instagram?

Actually, poor communication is the cause of stagnant results. If that's your case, you have two choices:

🌟 Train yourself, spend hours testing and learning how the Instagram Algorithm works.

🌟 Delegate this task to a social media professional.

Who am I ❓

My name is Laetitia, and I have been an expert in Community Management for 4 years.
I specialize in growth strategies to build a community.
My work is 100% organic and manual, targeting the right people.

Each of your requests is taken seriously to ensure a premium service and exceptional customer experience.🌟

As one of the community managers who has worked with the most people on "ComeUP," feel free to take a look at my service in French to see the reviews I have received :




My Instagram content packages

The basic option for 5 euros includes a story (PNG file format), which is directly sent in the order's chat or my Instagram checklist (a list of Instagram tips and best practices in checklist form), as preferred.

Instagram posts

Pack Price
8 posts 75 euros
15 posts 135 euros
30 posts 245 euros

My packages include:

✅ Creation of custom visuals
✅ Optimized post writing
✅ Creation of a harmonious feed
✅ Optimized hashtag strategy
✅ Content publishing

Instagram stories

Pack Price
15 stories 25 euros
30 stories 40 euros
60 stories 70 euros
90 stories 100 euros

The options are combinable, so you can combine an "Instagram post" pack with a "Instagram stories" pack!

Of course, for an even better experience, I am available to assist you throughout my service and even after it's completed, to answer your questions or provide guidance in your endeavors.


These three qualities will enable you to achieve real results.

My Growth Package

🌟These monthly packs are designed for those who want to grow their community on Instagram. They consist of monthly packages in which I implement growth strategies and create content.

🌟The goal is to target a prospect audience through organic strategies and build a community of future clients.

🌟By providing them with value through posts and stories, I will engage your audience and convert your followers into customers.

Discovery Growth Package 🥉
2 posts per week (8 posts per month)
2 stories per week (8 stories per month)
10 minutes of engagement (3 times a week)
Instagram checklist (PDF that I created) with all my strategies
Duration: 1 month (4 weeks)
260 euros
Plus Growth Package🥈 Ultimate Growth Package 🥇
Biography writing
Editorial calendar
Creation of a cohesive feed based on your branding guidelines
1 post per day ✅ 20 posts in total (only on business days) ✅ 1 per day, 28 in total
Stories ✅ 1 per day ✅ 1 per day
Repost of each post in story
Instagram checklist (PDF) with all my strategies
Creation of highlights
optimized writing of the post text based on the algorithm
Researching optimized hashtags
Optimization of posting time
Giveaway organization
Follow/unfollow strategies every day
Liking other accounts every day
Commenting on other accounts every day
Strategies to target your account
Duration 1 month (4 weeks) 1 month (4 weeks)
Price 450 euros 650 euros

My priority is to develop your community with qualified followers for an engaged audience!

I recommend a minimum of 20 euros to boost the giveaway, which is not included in the price.

Diamond Growth Package 💎

Are you looking for a unique customer experience and personalized support from A to Z?

Choose my most prestigious package: the Diamond Growth Package, which includes all the options from my Ultimate Growth Package, plus:

In-depth analysis

Thorough analysis of the performance of each post/story to refine strategies and optimize results.

Custom brand identity

If you don't already have one, I will create your brand identity (on Canva, especially for your Instagram) with:

🌟 Your own colors
🌟 Your own fonts

...to establish your brand's universe on Instagram. Branding is key to building a serious and growing brand.

Optimized results

Through analyzing posts, stories, and implementing various strategies, the results will be significantly improved and more substantial.

Continuous work

At the end of the service, you will have two choices:

🌟 Continue the service and work with me on a long-term basis.
🌟 Take control of your account again using my personalized action plan, which you can follow precisely to continue developing your community. I will also provide editable templates so you can create content while adhering to your brand identity.

Reels Package

Option Price
1 reel 20 euros
2 reels 40 euros
3 reels 60 euros
4 reels 80 euros
5 reels 100 euros
10 reels 190 euros

🌟If you choose this option, please provide me with the necessary materials (videos, photos).


🌟My carousel packs contain up to a maximum of 8 slides per carousel.

Option Price
1 carousel 25 euros
2 carousels 50 euros
3 carousels 75 euros
4 carousels 95 euros

Additional options

Option Price
Repost each post in story 5 euros
Premium Instagram audit (This is an analysis of approximately 20 pages of your Instagram account. It outlines the negative aspects of your Instagram account and provides an action plan to address them.) 45 euros
Editorial calendar (Shared file in the form of an Excel spreadsheet where you will have an overview of all the previous posts.) 20 euros
Creation of 5 highlights 25 euros
Canva link for templates (if you want to reuse the templates to create new ones at the end of the project) 10 euros

Customize this service

Extra options

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