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Looking to establish your online presence but not sure where to start?
Unsatisfied with your current website's design and lack of appeal?
Struggling to find a WordPress theme that combines aesthetics and functionality?

Enhance your online presence with Divi, the ultimate professional WordPress theme!

Unlock the full potential of your website with my exclusive Divi installation service, priced at an unbeatable 25 €!

✦ Divi install ➡️ 25 €

  • Seamless installation and configuration of Divi, the ultimate WordPress theme
  • Includes a lifetime license for Divi, giving you access to its powerful features
  • NO revision included
Only Divi 25 € 1 day 0
1A. Layout 1 page 50 € 2 days 1
1B. Layout 5 pages 100 € 5 days 1/page
2A. Personnalized 5 pages ✔️ 150 € 8 days 2/page
2B. Personnalized 10 pages 275 € 12 days 2/page


1. Divi Layout with your Content ➡️ 50 €

  • Choose your preferred layout from here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/layouts/
  • I will install the layout with your provided texts and images or placeholder content on 1 PAGE
  • The layout remains as shown, with the option for minor adjustments to colors and fonts
  • 1 revision included

1B. Divi Layout on 5 PAGES ➡️ 100 €

  • Same service as above on up to 5 PAGES
  • 1 revision (per page) included

2. Divi Personnalized Website ➡️ 150 €

  • Choose your preferred layout from here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/layouts/
  • I will install the layout across 5 PAGES, incorporating your texts and images or placeholder content
  • You have the flexibility to request modifications to the layout, colors, and fonts
  • 2 revisions (per page) included

2B. Divi BIG Personnalized Website ➡️ 275 €

  • Same service as above on up to 10 PAGES
  • 2 revisions (per page) included

EXPRESS delivery (paid service) available

I am unable to validate or accept an order if I do not have all the necessary elements. Without them, I can't complete the work properly. Any unvalidated order will be automatically cancelled within 48 hours.
All items are required for the basic service and selected options, which may include access to your site, content (text, images), color preferences, a list of keywords, and any other information that I may need to fulfill your order.
📝 INFO: You need to already have a hosting (I recommend SiteGround or IONOS, for example) and a WordPress website running. If you don't please refer to this service: https://comeup.com/service/362628/design-your-dream-website-today-using-divi


What do I need for an order?

I need the following:

  • Your FTP and database ids, as well as the access ids for your hosting (if you don't have the above ids).

If you chose an option, I need:

  • Your chosen design from this link: https://www.elegantthemes.com/layouts/

If you chose option 2 or 2B:, I need:

  • Your texts and images already formatted as you wish to see them appear on the site in Word or Open Office format.
  • Your logo in .png or .jpg format.
  • Your choice of 2 to 3 colors in hexadecimal format (see here: https://color.adobe.com/explore/most-used/?time=all and here https://htmlcolorcodes.com/ )

When do I need to provide you with all the information to place my order?

You need to provide me with all the information (see above) within 48 hours of placing the order. If I don't receive all the necessary information within this time frame, the order will be automatically cancelled.

How can I send you a document that is too large to be sent via ComeUp messaging?

To send me a document, you can use https://wetransfer.com/ On the free version, click on the three small dots at the bottom left, and then choose "Send as link". After adding your file or files, click on "Transfer" and then send me the link to the wetransfer type such as https://we.tl/456e4fgre65.

✦✦✦ WHO AM I? ✦✦✦

As a webmaster 💻 since 2004, I have worked with major accounts such as Meetic and Nokia, as well as various web agencies. Since 2010, I have been offering freelance services to clients, assisting them in all aspects of website creation and management 👍

Specializing in the creation ❤️ and maintenance of websites, I'm using WordPress to develop professional, optimized, and user-friendly websites ✔️
From domain name selection to website maintenance, redesign, and SEO 🎯, I offer comprehensive services that cater to all your needs.

In addition to my web development services, I also provide other services, which you can check out on my profile page
With 2.122 sales and 1.816 positive reviews 💚 (out of 1.838 reviews in total), I am a verified seller ✅ you can trust to handle your website with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

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