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Professional formatting is a significant asset for your books. Whether it's recipes, technical sheets, methods, or advice, your message will have a greater impact when supported by a modern and dynamic layout.

As a bonus, if desired, I can search for and incorporate royalty-free images to illustrate your book.

Book Formatting

Number of Pages Word Count Delivered Files Images Tarif
Up to 6 < 2100 PDF 1 50 €
7 to 20 up to 7.000 PDF up to 3 115 €
21 to 60 up to 21.000 PDF up to 8 165 €
61 to 100 up to 35.000 PDF up to 12 230 €
101 to 160 up to 56.000 PDF up to 16 290 €
161 to 250 up to 87.500 PDF up to 20 380 €

How to estimate the number of pages for my book when placing an order?

A rough estimate is around 350 words per page. However, the actual number of pages for the delivered ebook may vary depending on the project's content, size, the design of its layout, or the amount of images to be included.


• KPF Files: I will deliver the files in KPF (Kindle Package Format) in addition to the PDF format. +20€

• Source Files: I will provide you with the editable files in professional InDesign format. These files include the layout template, images, and used fonts, allowing you to modify and adapt the book as needed. +160€

• PRINT Project: Your project is intended for printing as a paperback or hardcover book on Amazon KDP (or with a traditional printer). I will adapt your layout to be printable (300 dpi resolution, trim marks, bleed) +70€

► Information required when placing an order:

Before placing your order, please prepare the following:

  • Book dimensions.
  • Text to be integrated in Word format.
  • Images to be included in the book, in high resolution for projects intended for printing. ⚠️ Images embedded in a Word file may not have sufficient quality for printing. It is preferable to attach the images separately.
  • The book cover if you want me to integrate it (in high resolution for print project)
⚠️ Important Information Before Placing Your Order
Please ensure that you have the proper usage rights for the images you provide with your order. Red Raccoon guarantees that the images provided as part of its services either belong to them or are royalty-free. A discreet credit to the author of the image may be added to respect the law.
This service does not include the creation of original illustrations, writing, proofreading, or spelling and typographical correction of texts.
The delivered files may have watermarks. A watermark-free version will be provided once the service is validated and completed.

► How to place an order?

  1. Place an order for the desired options and provide me with your brief and necessary elements.
  2. I will verify that everything is in order and get to work.
  3. I will deliver the completed work as soon as possible. If needed, you can request one or more revisions.
  4. Enjoy your amazing book!

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