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Your ready-to-use LANDING PAGE that converts with WordPress. 🤩

★ They trusted me ★

Extremely pleased with the 2 services I took. I have never seen someone who is so invested in their clients. Everything is very professional, very well organized and perfectly mastered. I would recommend any of his services without any hesitation. I have already taken 2 and I will take 2 new ones very quickly. For me, the best 5euros service!!!
PatrickBron (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Very good work. I recommend Vilasco who gives very good advice
Cheminette (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

Very good service with clear explanations given by phone
Cheminette (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

What is a landing page? 🤔

In your digital marketing strategy, a landing page is a very dynamic, self-contained page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign. It's the space you reserve to host your leads generated after clicking on a link in your email campaign or ads from Google, Bing, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other similar places on the web.

The power of your Landing Page, and more importantly its uniqueness, is the ultimate goal it serves: ***Call to Action.

Very different from the pages of a website, the landing page allows you to increase your conversion rate and presents itself as the funnel into which your prospect falls and whose only exit door is to do the action for which your campaign was initiated.

Also, it is important to distinguish the type of landing page adapted to your marketing objective.

Do you want to capture more leads and get their emails back, by offering an e-book or any other present? Then the LEADING PAGE is the right one for you. With an adapted and dynamic form, but also with an impeccable presentation of your product or service, generate more leads in record time.

On the other hand, the LEADS DESTINATION PAGE is ideal if you are looking for actions such as a sale or a subscription to your product or service by your prospects.

It is very beneficial to design a Landing Page, but it is also important, Regardless of the type of your landing page, that it respects the integration of essential elements such as:

👌 A unique selling proposition (USP)
👌 A hero image or video
👌 The benefits of your offer
👌 A form of social proof
👌 A single conversion goal (or your call to action)

I'll help you get started on your landing page right away and exponentially increase your conversion rate, no matter what your goals are.

Who am I and why should I create your LANDING PAGE with WordPress?

I am Gomez Vilasco, Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Consultant / Trainer in lead generation strategy and increase sales on the Internet.

With the experiences gained from many projects I have done, I help you to gain more efficiency and time.

On the ComeUp platform:

🔥 I have totaled over 250 finalized projects.
🔥 I have a 99% customer satisfaction rate
🔥 A 5 star score on all my services

😮 Interesting isn't it? These numbers are not fictional. You can easily see that by taking a closer look at my profile 😊. Finally, remember that with me as your collaborator, your project will be safe and will be handled in the best way to allow you to have concrete and lasting results.

With me, you will have:

💎 A professional work and with a high conversion rate ;
💎 A unique and highly customized landing page;

💎 A friendly collaboration throughout the process
💎 A strict adherence to delivery deadlines
💎 Unbeatable value for money
💎 A satisfaction guarantee

For 65€, I will create and connect your capture form to Mailchimp.
👉 Creating your optimized landing page;
👉 Email capture form insertion;
👉 Images + Text to use (supported);
👉 Optimizing your Landing Page;
👉 Connecting your Landing Page to your social pages (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn)
👉 05 granted modifications;
✅ Satisfaction guaranteed
PACK PRO : 35€
For 35€, I will design your landing page with all required formatting based on the installed theme.
👉 Creation of your optimized landing page ;
👉 Insertion of email capture form ;
👉 Images + Tests to use (supported) ;
👉 Optimizing your Landing Page;
👉 Connecting your landing Page to Google Search Console;
👉 SEO optimization of your landing page;
👉 Connecting your Landing Page to your social pages (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn)
👉 Visibility of your landing page (supported);
👉 08 granted modifications;
✅ Professionalism guaranteed

Don't hesitate to write me for more information about my offers. I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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