I will create a compelling UGC or testimonial video, suitable for TikTok ads , Instagram, Facebook ads

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Boost your sales and attract more followers for your products or services with authentic and professionally crafted UGC (User Generated Content) or testimonial videos. 🙂

Do you need Product Demo UGC videos that can differentiate you and enhance your brand's reputation while improving your key performance indicators (KPIs)?

Are you looking for a talented actor for a high-value-added UNBOXING UGC video with a perfect script that will help you achieve your sales goals?

Do you want to better position your brand and products in front of your target audience with impactful testimonial or UGC (User Generated Content) videos ?

Do you need to produce quality and entertaining TRENDS UGC content?

Do you want to use UGC content as a significant marketing lever to quickly generate traffic to your e-commerce store?

Do you need someone who can comfortably present your product in front of a camera to attract new customers or optimize your online reputation?

Do you want to better animate your social media (TikTok videos, Facebook Watch, Instagram Reels, or YouTube) with testimonial videos or product usage videos that reflect a reputable brand and thereby establish your reputation?

Are you a digital marketing agency that produces a lot of engaging content to attract new prospects, but you are seeking UGC videos that can reinforce your content marketing or inbound marketing strategy and build trust with your audience?

Are you keen on influencing the buying decisions of prospects visiting your sales page with natural testimonial or UGC videos?

Do you want to establish or gain trust with your audience through testimonial or UGC videos?

Have you just launched a new training program and wish to increase your sales and revenue through natural-looking testimonial or UGC videos that convey a sense of trust to your future users?

Are most students of your online course reluctant to show their faces for a testimonial/UGC video?

Are your subscribers or students not inspired enough to create testimonial/UGC videos for you that adhere to marketing principles capable of encouraging your prospects to make a purchase?

Are you aiming to create buzz, gain virality, and drive highly targeted and qualified traffic to your e-commerce site with a compelling UGC video?

Do you need a professional UGC (User Generated Content) or testimonial video creator capable of conveying all the emotions that will convert your prospects, thanks to their advanced knowledge in neuromarketing and online sales?

Do you want to reduce lead acquisition costs with natural, impactful, and converting UGC videos or testimonial videos from your products or services users' feedback?

If so, you've likely come to the right place at the right time! 🙂


1 - L'UGC/vidéo témoignage est le principal moyen d'établir la confiance avec votre public et d'influencer les décisions d'achat

People are bombarded with advertisements 24/7, but with a selfie video or face-to-camera content, commonly known as UGC/testimonial videos, viewers tend to listen to someone they can relate to.
• With UGC, brands can utilize digital assets like testimonials, product reviews, aesthetic photos, unboxing videos, and more to enhance brand authenticity and recognition.

• People trust people, which is why user-generated content yields results. This is where a skilled UGC video creator comes in!

2 - In 2023, 90% of buyers' purchasing behavior will be influenced by UGC/testimonial videos on search engines

  • Users of social platforms no longer make purchases through simplistic, inauthentic-feeling ad campaigns of a few years ago. They are more motivated to buy or use services based on real people they like and see themselves in.
  • Many brands and trainers already state that UGC/testimonial videos are now an essential part of their digital communication strategy, maximizing their online revenue with a very attractive ROI (Return on Investment).
  • People now prefer the authenticity of UGC/testimonial videos over traditional ads, as it builds trust and lowers lead acquisition costs.
  • Current trends suggest UGC/testimonial videos increase conversion by +28% compared to paid advertising. 85% of consumers find UGC/testimonial videos more influential than brand photos and videos.
  • Whether you're purchasing traffic (Facebook Ads, TikTok Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google AdWords) or acquiring leads through organic traffic (producing high-value content on social networks; SEO or natural referencing), UGC/testimonial videos add value and credibility to your online brand or business. They highlight a product/service's real-life usage, fostering trust among new users discovering your e-commerce brand, significantly impacting your conversion rate.

3 - UGC/testimonial videos can help you multiply your business by ten in just a few weeks.

Such is the power of these UGC / testimonial videos for social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Only UGC/testimonial videos allow your audience to connect with you in a way that other ad creations can't. They strengthen your brand image, discuss the real problem, and provide a concrete solution with a demo.
So we're here to help, stop DIY-ing your UGC/testimonial videos and entrust them to a professional in online communication arts to forever stand out from the competition on social media.

We have extensive experience in designing UGC/testimonial videos that will perfectly convey your message.

We will also provide scripts that will, on one hand, build trust with those newly discovering your business/training/brands online, and on the other hand, retain your existing customer base to the point that they become your fans and your brand or business ambassadors.


Hello, my name is Will, a digital marketing expert with a passion for neuromarketing. I have extensive experience creating content for social networks like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, etc.

As a content creator for my products or services, I already have skills in creating UGC/testimonial videos. Therefore, I have excellent equipment and a well-equipped studio for creating high-quality professional content.
Every UGC/testimonial video shooting session is pure enjoyment for me. 🙂

I'm also the leader of a dynamic freelance team of digital marketing experts and professionals who have been helping businesses, new brands, and

- 35% discount until June 25th starting from 2 UGC videos 🥈

What do you get for 15 euros?

Here's what you get for only 15 euros
➡️ I will create one UGC video
➡️ You provide the script
➡️ Duration of up to 05 seconds
➡️ Face to camera
➡️ One revision allowed
➡️ Video delivered in HD MP4 format
➡️ Maximum delivery time 72 hours

What about going further with a Pro pack?

Basic Pack

➡️ I will create one UGC video
➡️ Duration of up to 30 seconds
➡️ You provide the script
➡️ Face to camera
➡️ One revision allowed
➡️ Video delivered in HD MP4 format
➡️ CTA (Call To Action)
➡️ Maximum delivery time 04 days
➡️ Price €45

Gold Pack

➡️ I will create one UGC video
➡️ Duration of up to 60 seconds
➡️ Face to camera or selfie (your choice)
➡️ I write the script
➡️ One revision allowed
➡️ Video delivered in HD MP4 format
➡️ CTA (Call To Action)
➡️ Special effects included
➡️ Maximum delivery time 05 days
➡️ Price €65

Gold Pro Pack

➡️ I will create one UGC video
➡️ Duration of up to 90 seconds
➡️ I write the script
➡️ Face to camera or selfie (your choice)
➡️ One revision allowed
➡️ Video delivered in HD MP4 format
➡️ CTA (Call To Action)
➡️ Special effects included
➡️ Maximum delivery time 06 days
➡️ Price €85


Is this offer solely for marketers and Shopify e-commerce brand owners?


Whether you're in B2B, B2C, a software or CRM owner, content manager, inbound marketing agency, social media manager, media buyer, etc., you'll need UGC/testimonial videos to distinguish yourself from competitors and establish your reputation on social networks.

How do I place an order?

To place an order, select the option you wish to purchase and click on the "order" button located at the bottom of the page.

What are the special effects included in each pack?

These are simply video animations such as text overlays and graphic animations, etc.

How long is the execution time for the basic plan?

Maximum of 72 hours.

What kind of video will I receive?

File in MP4 format

Do you have any other concerns?

If so, don't hesitate to contact me. I will respond promptly. Thank you

Looking forward to working on your project soon! 🙂

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