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Welcome to Tiktopia, a TikTok agency also specializing in UGC (User Generated Content) videos with over 100 actors available.

At Tiktopia, we have solid experience in creating UGC videos, having collaborated with a wide range of businesses and sectors.

Our expertise in this area allows us to create authentic and engaging videos that captivate your audience and strengthen trust in your brand or service.

💡Why is UGC important?

UGC (User Generated Content) is a style of advertising video where an actor portrays a real customer and shares their opinion on a product or service. The benefits of UGC include:

  • Viewer Identification: Viewers can easily relate to the person in the ad, who speaks to them naturally and authentically, like a friend would.

  • Viral Potential: UGC videos are engaging and authentic, encouraging sharing and increasing the reach of your message.

  • Conversion Rate: The authenticity and trust generated by UGC videos improve conversion rates compared to traditional ads.

  • SEO: Well-executed and shared, UGC videos contribute to optimizing the SEO of your website or sales page.

💭Why choose Tiktopia for your UGC videos?

✔️Proven Experience: We have worked with numerous satisfied clients, who have seen the positive impact of our UGC videos on their brand awareness and results.

🧾Expertise in Various Domains: Whether you are in lead generation, e-commerce, service sales, or any other sector, our experience allows us to create UGC videos tailored to your specific needs.

✨+ 100 Talented Actors: We have a network of over 50 professional actors, capable of perfectly embodying your message and creating a strong connection with your audience.

🤝Custom Approach: Each project is unique, and we take the time to understand your goals and your brand to design custom UGC videos.

⏳Responsiveness and Speed: Our team is dedicated to your success and committed to quickly responding to your requests, while respecting delivery deadlines.

By choosing Tiktopia for your UGC videos, you invest in a proven solution that will maximize the impact of your communication and sales.

For 10 euros: You can send us the sentence of your choice (up to 50 characters). This will be spoken by an actor for a final video of maximum 5 seconds.

❌Don't want to spend more than 200 euros per UGC video (or more)? We understand...

At Tiktopia, we are aware of the budget constraints that many companies face, which is why we have developed an offer tailored to your needs without sacrificing quality.

For only 100 € per video, you benefit from our expertise in UGC videos, including script writing, editing, and shooting the video.

Unbeatable price for quality services✅:

  1. ✍️Script Writing: Our team of experienced writers will create a compelling script tailored to your message, respecting the specificities of the UGC format. We make sure that the script highlights the strengths of your product or service, while being engaging enough to grab your audience's attention and effectively transmit your message.

  2. 🎥Shooting with Talented Actors: Our professional actors, chosen based on your project, will bring your script to life by perfectly embodying the desired role. Their authentic and natural performances will create a strong connection with your audience.

  3. 🎞️Professional Editing: Once the shooting is complete, our editors set to work compiling and optimizing the footage to create a smooth and captivating video. We use modern, impactful editing techniques, suited to the UGC format, to maximize the impact of each second.


What is included for each video
📞15-min call on ComeUp to define your needs if necessary
✍️Custom script written by an expert of our team
🕜Delivery within 72 hours max
PRICE 100 €

👉You have the option to order multiple videos with multiple actors! Just select the appropriate option at the bottom of the page :)

🚀Performance Pack: 9 UGC Videos - 3 Different Actors/Actresses

  • 📞 30-minute Call (via ComeUp) to understand your business and target audience in detail
  • Allows you to test multiple ads simultaneously
  • Increases your visibility by enhancing the impact of your advertising message
  • Enables you to diversify the content of your ads to better capture the attention of your target audience
  • Allows you to explore different advertising formats
  • Choose three actors/actresses for optimal results
  • Each actor/actress will create 3 UGC videos
  • Price: €1000

✅Opt for our 9 UGC Video Pack if you want to invest in the success of your business.

What is a Hook? 🎣

A hook refers to the view rate of the first 3 seconds of a video. The goal is to captivate the user while they scroll through a social media platform.

Users typically decide within 2 seconds whether they will watch the video.

To create a good hook, it is important to start the video with a unique and original clip.

It can be beneficial to test different hooks for your video.

The hook should be impactful, to encourage users to watch the entire video.

Here are 4 best practices for a successful hook:

  • It should be dynamic 🚀
  • Evoke surprise, shock, or satisfaction 😮
  • A captivating text 💬
  • A visual effect that grabs the eye 👁️

✅Therefore, it is interesting to test different hooks for your UGC videos!
We offer options with additional hooks at the bottom of the page.

Services Prices
🎥 1 UGC Video + Script + Editing 100 €
🎥🎥 2 UGC Videos + Script + Editing 200 €
🎥 🎥 🎥 3 UGC Videos + Script + Editing 300 €
🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥 4 UGC Videos + Script + Editing 400 €
🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥 🎥 5 UGC Videos + Script + Editing 500 €
🚀Performance Pack: 9 UGC Videos - 3 actors 1000 €
👉 An additional hook 15 €
👉Five additional hooks 75 €
👉 Ten additional hooks 150 €
➡️1 additional format (square or landscape) 20 €

🛒 HOW to ORDER your UGC videos?

Depending on the options selected when you place your order, we will guide you step by step through the process, from script writing to delivery of the final videos and other required elements.

Step 1️⃣: Choose the option you want to order at the bottom of the page.

Step 2️⃣: Once the order is placed, you will receive an automatic message with some information to provide me so that I can start creating your UGC videos.

Step 3️⃣: I confirm your order as soon as I have received this information.

Step 4️⃣: I send you the UGC videos when we have completed the order.

Step 5️⃣: As soon as the order is delivered, you can finish and rate the order if you are satisfied, or you can request a revision if necessary.

👇Trust Tiktopia to bring your projects to life and achieve optimal results with our UGC videos!👇

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