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🫵🏼 With this emoji, I managed to capture your attention. 🫵🏼

You may feel like this text is directly addressed to you.

Now, imagine: If I can capture the attention of all your followers, how many sales will you be able to achieve?

A good story should:

✅ Capture attention
✅ Entertain
✅ Inform

If your story meets any of these three criteria, it means it is relevant and will have an impact on your followers. They will remember you, be interested in what you offer, and might even make a purchase.

For the basic service of 5 euros, I will create a story of your choice for you.

100 Instagram Story Ideas to Implement

For 15 euros, I will provide you with a PDF document, written by me, containing 100 ideas for Instagram stories to create for your account.

For each idea, I will not only tell you what to do but also how and why to do it. Each type of story will yield different results for your Instagram account.

Relevant Instagram Stories

I will create your Instagram stories based on your visual identity (if needed, I can also create an identity for you), using your chosen colors, writing style, and elements. 📲

The idea is that each of the stories you post will have an impact on your community. My goal is to diversify the content as much as possible and utilize various tools offered by Instagram, such as polls, quizzes, and more.

Option price Total number of stories
20 euros 10 stories
40 euros 20 stories
100 euros 50 stories
190 euros 100 stories
285 euros 150 stories

The service includes up to 2 revisions per story.

The stories will be delivered in PNG format.

Story Templates

If you would like to have custom story templates to work with, I can create them for you.

Option price number of templates
5 euros 1 template
10 euros 3 templates
20 euros 5 templates
40 euros 10 templates

Obviously, the templates are 100% personalized, based on your graphic charter and colors.

The templates will be sent as Canva links, which you can duplicate and use as you wish.

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