I will bring your songs to life with a symphonic lyrics video montage

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Bring your songs to life with a symphonic lyrics video montage ✨🦋

Looking to create high-quality videos to accompany your music?

My lyrics video editing service is here to help! 😃

My name is Morion AHOYO, and I'm a graphic designer specializing in the creation of personalized video lyrics for musicians and singers of all genres.

My partnerships with many artists have made me realize that every artist is unique, which is why I understand the importance of creating a lyrics video that reflects your music and your personality. That's why I work closely with you to offer a service that perfectly suits your musical style.

When you choose my service, you can rest assured that I'll take care of every aspect of the video editing process, from selecting the images to synchronizing the lyrics with your music.

My aim is to provide a top-quality service at an affordable rate, so that you can benefit from excellent value for money.

With my custom lyrics video editing service, I'm confident I can help you bring your songs to life and create a high-quality video that will touch the hearts of your audience.

So what can I offer you?

For just €5, you'll get:

📌 One lyrics video montage of one minute maximum

📌 A simple background (wallpaper)

📌 A single retouch

📌 1920p/1080 format

📌 Full HD resolution

For a personalized and unique design, I propose packs with more tempting options.

Duration 0 to 3 min 0 to 5 min 0 to 8 min
Special effects
Colors 2 3 5
Fonts to match your song
Add moving images 4 8 12
Format and resolution MP4 format and full HD resolution MP4 format and full HD resolution MP4 format and full HD resolution
Number of retouches 2 3 5
Price 35€ 40€ 70€


How do I place an order?

It's very simple:

👉 First, check the option(s) you need.

👉 Next, click on the black "order" button.

👉 Finally, you'll be directed to the built-in chatroom where you can submit all the information I need as well as any concerns you may have.

Can't find what you need in the list of options?

Don't worry, you can tell me directly what you need by clicking on the "CONTACT THE SELLER" button at the bottom of the page, just below the options.

What do I need to edit your lyric video?

👉 Your audio (mp3)

👉 Lyrics (Document, Text, PDF)

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