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🚀 Explode your sales and master Google Shopping like a PRO.

Without a doubt, if you've clicked on this service, it's because you're experiencing the problem that 96% of users encounter when launching or managing a Google shopping campaign.

❌ How do you settle and unblock errors in Merchant Center?
❌ Why is my campaign budget being used and I have no sales?
❌ After how long does my campaign generate conversions?
❌ How many products should I put in a shopping campaign?

Yes, there's the theory, but the practical application is very different in many respects in the world of Google Shopping.

Many of our clients delegate this sometimes difficult task to us, but other clients like you prefer to acquire the knowledge and fundamentals to manage on their own.

The aim of this tutorial will be to evaluate your knowledge, and to help you discover all the aspects of a profitable Google Shopping campaign.

🚀 Support is provided at your own pace and directly on your e-commerce shop.

🖥️ Our Agency continually trains dozens of customers in Google Shopping, for various e-commerce shops with convincing results.

At Akapana Agency, we are located at the crossroads of several fields (SEO, E-commerce, copywriting, social Ads, etc) where people competent AND passionate work in chorus to make the visibility and sales of its clients take off.

⭐ On the ComeUp platform it's more than 120 clients supported since October 2021. As the statistics on our profile show, we do our utmost to guarantee positive and qualitative results.

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🧠 But in concrete terms, what are we going to do together?

✅ Audit to check whether your shop complies with legal standards and is structurally suitable for launching a campaign without having your account suspended.

✅ Installation and configuration of **** the feed application** on your shop.

✅ Preparing the product feed in the application.

✅ Creating and configuring the Merchant Center and Google Ads account.

✅ Checking and correcting the flow of products in the Merchant Center.

✅ Preparation and creation of the Google Shopping campaign.

✅ Optimising the Google Shopping product flow.

✅ Management and exclusion of irrelevant keywords (negative keywords).

Monthly monitoring of your Google Shopping campaigns.

❌ Not displaying your products on Google Shopping means losing approximately 40% of your sales to your competitors.

🖥️ These days, being visible in Google searches is indispensable for any e-commerce shop looking to have its products discovered and sold online.

🌐 84% of people use Google 3 to 4 times a day, so why deprive yourself?

🛍️ Google Shopping campaigns are visually adapted to online sales: ads present products with visuals, price, promotions and reviews of the product or seller.

📢 The visual exposure of your products on Google helps to raise awareness of your brand.

📈 How will this Google Shopping support improve your business?

What our support will really do for you:

✅ Generate more sales by opting for optimisation generate sales.

✅ Reach new customers and extend your online reach.

✅ Improve your online visibility and position yourself as a leader in your field.

✅ Arouse the interest of Internet users with visuals of your products.

✅ Collect customer reviews after their purchase and consolidate your brand image.

✅ Be autonomous in managing your campaigns.


💢 Note that the various services do not guarantee instant results. It's a day-to-day job with gradual progress. You will notice an improvement in your various accounts over the weeks.

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KhalidBelchkar ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 Perfect, I am very satisfied, this is not my first order, and it won't be the last one of course.
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msaddiki ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 Thank you very much!!! very good quality of the rendering, I am very satisfied ...I highly recommend
Abdelmeddah ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 A big thank you to the Akapana_Agency team, for their professional and careful work, a team available and listening.
rhoots_couture ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 Really very satisfied, top customer service, very responsive and efficient, really super nice! I recommend!
NadègePIB ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 Great involvement in this project, thanks for your work! It was perfectly what I was looking for :)
Growth_Agency ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 💬 Great work, fast delivery. A partner you can trust. Thank you Akapana Agency

You can come and read all of our 90 positive reviews on our profile :

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🔰 Our Google Shopping coaching is tailored to all levels and fully personalized. Contact us for more information! ⬇️

🌐 coaching : ⚜️ Pack Solo (1h) 🌱 Pack Freedom (3h)
⌛ Duration of accompaniment 1h 3h
🔶 Questions / Answers
🔶 Professional audit of your shop
🔶 Installation and configuration of the feed app
🔶 Preparation of product flow
🔶 Creating your Merchant Center account
🔶 Creating your Google Ads account
🔶 Checking and correcting your Merchant Center feed
🔶 Creation of the Google Shopping campaign.
🔎 Optimisation of the Google Shopping product feed
🔎 Management and exclusion of irrelevant keywords (negative keywords)
🎁 Monthly tracking of your Google Shopping campaigns
Price** 120€ 350€ / 750€

⚜️ The Solo Pack offer at €120 consists of helping you with Google Shopping for a total of one hour. We'll answer all your questions, whether they concern configuration, campaign creation or management, or any other matter of your choice.

⚠️ PLEASE NOTE: the compliance of your website and your legal pages are not included in the audit. You will be asked to pay a supplement if you want us to do this for you.

🌱 The Freedom Pack offer at €350 is a pack for beginners or experienced people who want to discover or deepen their knowledge of Google Shopping. All aspects of Google Shopping will be covered in detail. Google Shopping will no longer be a secret to you.

📄 This pack also includes a resource file, which will be sent to you by email in a PDF document. The file can be between 1 and 5 pages long, or several pages depending on the operations explained and carried out together, the complexity of the problems and issues addressed, etc. It will cover what we have seen together and during the coaching and will serve as a summary.

💡 I would like to be coached and accompanied by Akapana Agency, how do I place an order?

➡️ After clicking on the blue button, you will be taken to a secure form.

➡️ Once the order has been validated, we will immediately get in touch via a chat and ~we will discuss your project and your needs ~.

⚠️ If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us before placing your order. We'll be happy to answer them.

📞 A free 15 minute strategic call via the ComeUp platform is available, Contact us! ⬇️

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