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Stand out from the competition on TikTok and attract more customers to your business!

I'm here to help you as a professional TikTok creative.

Morion AHOYO is my name and I'm an expert in creating original and engaging videos for different niches, such as fashion, beauty, cooking, music and much more. Working with me, you can be sure that your TikTok content will live up to the highest standards of quality.

As a professional TikTok creative, I have extensive experience in creating videos for brands and companies of all sizes. I can tailor my services to your specific needs to ensure optimal results, while being more affordable than most marketing agencies.

I understand that TikTok is a powerful marketing tool for businesses and brands, and I'm ready to help you take advantage of this ever-evolving social media platform. With my help, you can reach new heights on TikTok and grow your business exponentially.

So why hesitate? Let's get to work creating innovative TikTok content to set you apart from the competition.🔥

So what do I get?

For €5, you'll get:

📌 A 10-second edited video proposal

📌 The addition of music provided by you

📌 Delivery in MP4 format/ size 1080/1920

📌 Maximum retouching

We offer you a complete range for more sparkle in your Tiktok content

Options JUNIOR Pack SMART Pack SENIOR Pack
Tiktok video length 5-10 seconds 15-20 seconds 20-25 seconds
Number of videos to have 1 2 3
Add transition
Add trendy music
Add visual effects
Call to Action at end of video
Calibration & color correction
Price 15€ 30€ 55€

Additional options

Additional advice and support 10€
Script and text customized for you 5€
Search for content about your product 10€
Unlimited retouching 20€
Sound effects 5€
4K rendering 10€

🚨 NB: If the option you need is not included in the above packages, please contact me via the integrated Comeup chat.


📍How do I place an order?

It's very simple:

👉 First, check the option(s) you need.

👉 Then click on the black "order" button.

👉 Finally, you'll be directed to the integrated discussion chat where you can submit all the information I need as well as any concerns you may have.

📍What types of TikTok videos can you create for me?

🗣️I can create different types of TikTok videos depending on your needs and purpose. This can include dance videos, lip-sync videos, comedy videos, challenge videos, news videos, educational videos, branding videos and more. We can discuss your ideas and vision for your TikTok video to determine the type of video that will best suit your brand.

📍How can I provide you with information about my brand so you can create a TikTok video that represents it well?

🗣️You can provide me with information about your brand by discussing with me your values, mission, target audience, aesthetic and any other relevant elements you'd like to include in the TikTok video. You can also provide me with existing images, videos or design elements you'd like to incorporate into the TikTok video.

📍If I'm not happy with the TikTok video you've created for me, can you make changes? If so, how long will it take?

🗣️Of course, if you're not happy with the TikTok video I've created for you, we can discuss the changes you'd like to make. The number of changes I can make will depend on the package you initially choose. In general, I'm willing to make changes to make sure you're happy with the final TikTok video. The time this takes will depend on the nature and extent of the changes you wish to make.

📍What do you mean by "Add tips and support"?

🗣️ The "Add tips and support" option means that I'll add personalized tips to the tiktok videos I create for you based on the content of said video.

📍And in the option "Search for content on your product" what do you mean?

🗣️ The "search for content on your product" option means that I will conduct in-depth research to find relevant content related to the product or service, for use in TikTok creations.

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