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You have set up a blog in the hope of better ranking your site but underestimated the scale of the work.

Posting random articles is simply a waste of time and money. So, entrust your blog article writing to a professional!

Basic service information for €10

I will write a simple and well-crafted 500 word SEO article for even €5. The article will be ready to be integrated, structured and formatted with an introduction and paragraphs with subtitles (H2, H3, H4,...).

The article will be optimized according to the keyword you have defined. You will just have to let me know when placing your order.

⚠️ Authentic articles, guaranteed without AI

Artificial intelligence is a revolutionary tool, but it can in no way substitute for "human" writing. All the articles I deliver are written by me without the use of AI. This guarantees effective, relevant, and engaging blog articles.

Did you know? 🤔

Search engines penalize the use of texts generated by artificial intelligence. If you have recently noticed a drop in your ranking in search results, you may be penalized.

Good news! It's not too late to act!
By choosing to entrust me with the writing of your blog articles, I will help you regain your positioning and more in a few weeks.


✍️ Targeted 1000 word article: + €20

📃 Targeted 2000-word article: + €45

📄 Premium Integration and Layout: + €20
I work on a multi-column layout and use tabs, widgets, HTML/CSS if necessary relative to your template and integrate royalty-free images to create strong added value to the content. This service is performed from the back office (administration) of your site.

🤩 Strategy and editorial plan: + €245
I analyze your site, your environment, and develop a content strategy for your site. I deliver a plan in PDF format with visibility over 1 year. In this plan, I detail the content modifications to be made (for example: optimizing texts, adding content to your pages). I also detail the general semantic cocoon of your site as well as a schedule of actions to be carried out (writing articles, creating new pages for example). Then, you are free to carry out these actions by yourself, through a professional or by entrusting this task to me.

📊 Data research: + €20
This is the indispensable option if you want me to integrate factual and verified data into the article. Of course, sources are cited. The number of data cited in the article will be adapted according to needs without exceeding a number of 6.


The key to SEO is consistency. I offer editorial packages over 30 days without commitment that include:

  • Article (number and length according to the chosen option)
  • Online publishing
  • Featured image
  • Metas + Url
  • Premium Layout

Here's an overview of the prices:

500 words 1000 words 1500 words
PACK 🐥 - 4 articles/month €60 €120 €220
PACK 🚀 - 8 articles/month €120 €240 €440
PACK ⚡ - 12 articles/month - €360 €600
PACK 🏆 - 16 articles/month - €480 €750

↳ Regular publications over 30 days.
We can adjust the number of words and the number of articles according to your interests. Great flexibility possible in packages, let's discuss it.

Check my profile ☞ https://comeup.com/@chris-optimize

Other types of writing services

  • For page content, see my service here.
  • For product sheets, it's here.


  • What are my preferred themes? Thanks to my experience as a co-manager of a web agency, I have had the opportunity to deal with many themes. I can therefore write an article for all types of business sectors.

  • What are the topics I do not deal with? I do not deal with topics related to politics, scams, clairvoyance, illegal products.

  • What CMS do I master? I can integrate your articles regardless of your CMS. Wordpress, Shopify, Prestashop, Magento, Learnybox, Contentful,...

  • Why add the “Specific keywords - Targeted request” option? If I ask you to add this option it's because you have defined a subject (title) or your target keyword. In both cases, the article focuses on a targeted request which implies more important SEO work than for a €5 article.

  • Why don't I apply a discount for text-only articles? The prices practiced on this platform are very low compared to those I practice in my agency. That's why if you want to order several text-only articles, there is no discount.

Can't find the formula that fits your needs?

If you want more articles or more words per article, contact me. I can make a custom formula for you.

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