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Being on social networks isn't necessarily a simple matter. Indeed, if you want to get started on Instagram, you need to know that the visual aspect is something important. Having a harmonious, dynamic feed is something you shouldn't neglect. Nevertheless, designing a moodboard and visual identity for Instagram can be somewhat complicated. Not sure how to go about it? Then this service is for you!

Who am I?

My name is Amandine. With a master's degree in business school and an MSc in Marketing, Communication and Business Strategies from INSEEC, as well as a master's in digital strategy and communication, I know exactly what each customer wants. Whether you want to sell, promote yourself or simply give your audience a few tips: anything is possible!
With my service, you'll have:
✅ A unique visual identity.
✅ Colors that suit you.
✅ An atmosphere suited to your products and services.
✅ High-quality visuals for your Facebook communication.
With my help, you'll be perfectly able to create your posts and stories, while having visual templates already designed.

What I offer for €5

If you opt for the basic €5 offer, you'll get a moodboard in four colors. The latter will also be composed of 5/6 inspirational images. Thanks to a well-constructed moodboard, I'll be able to create your templates for your social network.

Additional options

If you want a visual identity built from the ground up, you can opt for more complete moodboards. This will give you more color and diversify your content on Instagram.

A six-color moodboard

If four colors aren't enough for you, you can opt for a six-color moodboard. Of course, these will always be taken from the inspirational photos. However, your visuals can be more elaborate.

Eight-color moodboard

The must-have for perfect communication on Instagram! Having a moodboard with eight colors simply allows you to get a worked visual identity that's perfectly suited to your audience. The aim is to have as many colors as possible so that your visuals are diversified and your audience doesn't get bored.

Templates for your Instagram stories and posts

Once you've got your moodboard, and therefore the mood you want to set for your content, it's important to create templates for posts and stories. You'll find your colors on these templates: it's the best way to have a harmonious and beautiful feed on Instagram. You can choose how many templates you need for Instagram.

Other options to complete your offer

Once you have your templates, it's important to complete your offer so that your content can be effective. Discover the different options available to you.

The hashtag search

On Instagram, hashtags are really important. It's thanks to them that your content can be found. So make sure it's relevant and in line with your themes.

Writing and designing posts

If you're having trouble creating your posts, once you've received the templates, I can help you with that. Then all you have to do is publish your content on Instagram. Of course, the templates will also be modified according to the content you create.

Designing an editorial calendar

On Instagram, it's important to be regular. And you need to plan your content in advance so that you can post it according to the rhythm you've chosen. I can help you with this by proposing different types of editorial calendars that you'll just have to stick to.

Silver Editorial Calendar Titanium Editorial Calendar Platinium Editorial Calendar
Number of publications per week 4 per week (16 in total) 5 per week (20 in total) 7 per week (30 in total)
Integration of hashtags in publications
Template modifications according to schedule
Writing posts of 200 words
Number of stories per week 4 stories per week (or 12 per month) 5 stories per week (or 20 per month) 7 stories per week (or 30 in all)
Modification of story templates according to editorial calendar
Price 100€ 150€ 200€

Within this service, there will be no interaction with other accounts. You will also have to publish your posts and stories.

Complete packages

If you're looking for a complete service, we're sure that complete packages are just what you're looking for. Find out more and choose the one that suits you best.

VIP Pack 1 VIP Pack 2 VIP Pack 3
Number of colors in moodboard 4 colors 6 colors 8 colors
Number of templates 10 posts and 10 stories 15 posts and 15 stories 20 posts and 20 stories
Search for hashtags 10 hashtags 20 hashtags 30 hashtags
Editorial calendar creation
Writing / designing posts and modifying templates
Writing / designing stories and modifying templates
Price 200€ (instead of 245€) 450€ (instead of 510€) 600€ (instead of 720€)


Only one alteration request will be possible per order. This must be done at the end of the order to respect the process set up by ComeUp. However, you can make several comments per alteration if required.

A few instructions to bear in mind

⭕ Politeness. I'm always polite to my customers and feel I'm entitled to the same, even if we disagree on something.
⭕ For a touch-up request to be accepted, please remain polite and courteous. I understand that we don't necessarily have the same vision of the final rendering, but your request must be formulated politely and without aggression. You have 24 hours following a retouch request to tell me what needs to be changed. Once the 24 hours have passed, the retouch request will be automatically refused.
⭕ If I ask you for resources on your topic. Sometimes subjects don't offer a lot of resources, and you may ask me to make a modification. It will be accepted if you send me information allowing me to clarify certain points within my article.
⭕ Refunds can be made when the order has not yet been validated or when the order is in progress. Nevertheless, whether it's in either case, I prefer that you talk to me about it beforehand so that I understand your reasons for cancelling the order. Please note that I will never issue a refund before or during an order. A refund will not be possible when a request for alterations has been made.
⭕ I don't work weekends. Therefore, orders that fall on a Saturday or Sunday will be sent by Friday evening at the latest.

Frequently asked questions

I need interaction in addition to the editorial calendar. How do I go about it?
As I mentioned in this service, it won't be possible to interact with your templates. To do this, you'll need to go to my Community Manager service.

Are carousels integrated into the templates?
Yes, but if you don't want them, you can let me know at the beginning of the order.

I have no idea what colors I want for my brand. Can you help me?
Yes, that's what this service is for. Together, we'll be able to find the right colors and atmosphere for your brand.

The visuals don't match my expectations. What can I do?
As provided for on the ComeUp site, you can request a touch-up at the end of your order. Simply let me know what you don't like, and I'll adapt the visuals accordingly.

I'd like to be delivered earlier, but I don't want to pay for express delivery. Is this possible?
Express delivery is an option that allows you to be delivered earlier. Express delivery is expensive because I have to rearrange my schedule. However, if you don't want to pay for express delivery, but would still like to have your visuals beforehand, it may be possible, depending on how busy I am. If my schedule is full, you'll be delivered on time. If my schedule is less full, you may be delivered earlier. However, please note that retouching requests will not be accepted for visuals delivered in advance, without having taken the "express delivery" option.
I'd like to change the proposed colors during the order process. Is this possible?
No, once the order has been placed and validated by me, you will no longer be able to change colors. You'll have to place a new order if necessary.

In what format are the visuals delivered?
You'll receive the visuals in .png format. But I'll also send you the editable link so that you can take them into your hands, of course.

Can I modify my visuals myself?
Yes, once your order is complete, you'll be able to modify them as you see fit.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to help.
See you soon for your order!

I will create your moodboard and visual identity for Instagram

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