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💎Discover and explore the undisputed power of YouTube thumbnail!

↪️CURRENT OFFER: Thumbnails for only €20 instead of €45! 🚀

📌Obviously, the ultimate wish of every YouTube channel owner is to have views. In fact, who wouldn't like to get a million views on their videos?

But let's face it, views are only generated by clicks on your videos: more clicks = more views.

But before you can get a high click-through rate on your YouTube videos, there are a number of other aspects that you shouldn't overlook.

Especially YouTube thumbnails. 😇

➡️Also known as a YouTube thumbnail, a YouTube thumbnail is the equivalent of a book cover in the world of YouTube videos. The main purpose of YouTube thumbnails is to entice viewers to click them in order to view videos on your YouTube channel.
⚡Now let's move on to the importance of captivating thumbnail for your videos on YouTube.

⚫An irresistible YouTube thumbnail: the essential approach to increasing views on your YouTube channel

👉 Suppose you've just watched a video and YouTube's algorithm suggests a video with an attractive thumbnail. By instinct, you'll be interested in this video, watch it and maybe even subscribe to the YouTube channel. In fact, 99% of people's decisions as to whether or not to click on a video are conditioned by the quality of the YouTube thumbnail.

🧲A compelling thumbnail will have captured more people's attention than a boring or blurry one that will disadvantage clicks on your video. This is exactly why marketers strategically place thumbnails on their videos on YouTube.

If you've monetized your YouTube channel, your goal is to make money, so you need to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel. So a well-designed and relevant thumbnail can have a significant impact on the number of clicks and views.

The impact of thumbnails on YouTube videos is notably linked to their potential to generate views and engagement.

Indeed, once users have clicked on a video because of its attractive thumbnail, they tend to be more inclined to watch it to the end, or to interact with the video by liking, commenting or sharing it. This can also have a positive impact on the monetization of videos, as YouTube takes into account the number of views, the rate of engagement and the duration of viewing to determine the appropriate advertising and advertisers.

👉The key to getting viewers to click on your YouTube thumbnails lies in your ability to stand out from the crowd!

In fact, a premium YouTube thumbnail is the best way to attract new viewers to your videos.
Your thumbnail is undoubtedly the first visual element with which your visitors will form an opinion of your content. A poorly designed, pixelated visual will give your video an amateurish look, which is likely to turn off interested viewers.

As creators of content on YouTube, it's vital to place great importance on the design and optimization of your videos' thumbnails. Not forgetting other factors such as keywords, tags/hashtags and descriptions to maximize the visibility of your videos in search results.

That said, making a YouTube thumbnail that gets YouTube visitors to click doesn't just happen!

You may be wondering how to create YouTube thumbnails that will bring millions of views to your videos like MrBeast on the YouTube platform.

However, it's always advisable to consult professional graphic designers, experts in creating attractive designs and capable of bringing out exactly what your target audience wants.

Benefit from the skills of an experienced miniamaker!
Let me introduce myself antKrea: an experienced graphic designer with a passion for her craft. With 4 years' experience under my belt, I know how to create visual worlds where aesthetics merge with user-friendliness.
My goal: to solve your problems by providing you with functional, professional and aesthetically pleasing designs that best meet your needs.
My technical and social skills have enabled me to work with many types of satisfied freelance clients on ComeUp and off the platform too.
📌What sets me apart is my ability to listen and empathize with my customers, which helps me to be close to them and to take into consideration every detail they give me in order to get the best results for your business. I work with Adobe suite software: the best on the market, which helps me to make interactive and professional visual creations.
⚡With me it's:
↪️️Innovative creativity + impeccable quality + exceptional aesthetics.
✅100% respect for deadlines
✅100% seriousness in fulfilling orders.
I am totally committed to every project entrusted to me to ensure guaranteed satisfaction for all my customers.

✨What I guarantee about this YouTube thumbnail design service.

Working with dedication to provide you :

✅ Unique, personalized YouTube thumbnails: Each thumbnail is carefully designed to highlight your content and captivate your audience,

✅ Eye-catching YouTube thumbnails,

✅ High-quality, aesthetic thumbnail design that makes you stand out from the crowd.

↪️👉Quick answers to all your concerns.
↪️👉Expert advice tailored to your field.
↪️👉Punctual delivery: Your time is precious, so I'm committed to meeting your deadlines.
↪️👉Compliance with YouTube thumbnail rules.

Choosing my YouTube thumbnail design services means enjoying an exceptional experience and results that exceed your expectations.

Trust me to bring your ideas to life and deliver YouTube thumbnails that make viewers irresistible to click.

Your YouTube channel deserves the best, I'm committed to providing you with sufficiently creative and innovative thumbnails. 😇

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ My customers' opinions speak for themselves!

rose2525 Je suis très satisfaite :) Le design est plus beau que ce que je voulais !
Eymarde_S Très professionnel et créatif je recommande ✅✅ en un si bref délais il a fait preuve d'une rapidité extrême J'ai hâte de faire d'autres commandes avec vous À bientôt
Resnick_ Très à l'écoute, très professionnel et force de proposition. Je recommande à 100%
Nathan_Jouvin C'est parfait, respect de la commande au top
Elise354 Bon travail, merci pour votre professionnalisme :)
AnaisBernard Je suis très contente de votre travail, je repasserai commande ;)
FabianBourges Super travail encore une fois, merci antKrea
Marketplaces Commande conforme : prestataire fiable ! Je recommande !
Thibs_Mindset AntKrea et très à l'écoute, pour la création des miniatures je le recommande chaudement.
Benoit_Coaching Je suis satisfait de la commande, merci à antKrea pour avoir bien respecté mes critères :)

➤In order to :

  • explode the click rate on your videos,
  • quickly attract viewers' attention** and encourage them to click on your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel,
  • or provoke clicks to increase views on your YouTube channel.

I'm offering you this professional service to design impactful, tailor-made YouTube thumbnails for youtubers in order to improve your growth on YouTube.

🌟Get a striking YouTube thumbnail for your YouTube video now!

💎- 1 Professional Thumbnail
💎- JPEG or PNG Format
💎- Dimensions: 1280 x 720 pixels
💎- High Resolution: 300 dpi ➕ Full-HD Quality
💎- Embedding your face into the thumbnail (Yomi Denzel style)
💎- Use of lighting/effects/sharpness for a stylish outcome
💎- 03 Possible Revisions
✔️ You must provide me with your image of good quality.
❌ No screenshots as images.

Note: Contact me if you desire a specific style for your YouTube thumbnails so that I know how to meet your request.

Looking to take it further with YouTube thumbnail packages for a long-term collaboration?

Please choose from the various additional options I offer:

➕ YouTube Banner €20
➕ 10 Retouches €10
➕ Editable PSD Source File €25
➕ 1 YouTube Thumbnail €10
➕ 2 YouTube Thumbnails €20
➕ 3 YouTube Thumbnails €30
➕ 4 YouTube Thumbnails €40
➕ 7 YouTube Thumbnails €70
➕ 9 YouTube Thumbnails €90
➕ 11 YouTube Thumbnails €110
➕ 14 YouTube Thumbnails €140
➕ 19 YouTube Thumbnails €190

❓FAQ - I answer all your questions!

What is the process to follow?

  1. Choose the pack that suits your needs
  2. Click on the order button to confirm your order
  3. As soon as the order is placed, I'll contact you to ask for some precise information. After that, I start with the careful creation of your YouTube thumbnail.
  4. I present the finished work to you. You then validate it or make any changes you like.
  5. I take care of the modifications and finally I deliver it on time.

In summary, what are the advantages of an effective YouTube thumbnail?

An effective YouTube thumbnail offers multiple benefits in terms of search engine optimization and visibility on the platform. Here's how it can positively influence different aspects:

Increased Visibility: Since YouTube search results are displayed in the form of thumbnails, an effective thumbnail enhances the visibility of relevant videos.

Audience Growth: By choosing an attractive thumbnail for your video, you can attract more viewers, thereby boosting your YouTube audience.

Engagement Boost: A relevant thumbnail piques users' interest and encourages them to click, increasing the chances of getting more views.

Impact on Monetization: Captivating thumbnails encourage longer viewing, leading to increased advertising revenue.

Branding Reinforcement: Customized thumbnails reflect your channel's branding, making it easier for viewers to recognize.

Can you design thumbnails for different types of videos, such as tutorials, vlogs, reviews, etc...?

Certainly, regardless of your sector or niche on the platform, you deserve to have attractive and well-designed YouTube thumbnails to increase your chances of getting views, viewer engagement, traffic generation to your channel, and even monetization of your videos. I am here to design all your thumbnails, whether they are for tutorials, vlogs, tips, personal development, and more.

Could you detail the work you will do on the thumbnails?

Certainly, here is a brief summary of the details of the work that will be done.

For the creation of an attractive and professional YouTube thumbnail, I use image editing software: Photoshop. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Photoshop allows me to create captivating thumbnails that will stand out from other thumbnails on the YouTube platform.

📌 First, I import your image into a Photoshop file with the recommended dimensions of 1280 x 720 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio. To avoid any loss of quality for your YouTube thumbnail, please provide me with a high-quality image. If you don't have specific background images, I can take care of that as well.

📌 Next, I proceed with cropping and resizing to adjust the size of your image if needed, allowing me to make basic adjustments such as brightness, contrast, and saturation to enhance the appearance of your image.

📌 Then, I move on to advanced photo retouching: removing imperfections or unwanted elements from your image and using some advanced techniques. I also handle cutting out to isolate your image from the background. Here, I let my creativity and expertise shine through for better composition using photo manipulation techniques.

📌 The next step is to add text, icons, or graphics to reinforce the message of your thumbnail. The choice of font is appropriate to match the style of your channel. It is advisable to include short, concise, and enticing text in a thumbnail. The text should contain relevant keywords that also appear in the video title to optimize the chances of the video appearing in search results. To emphasize certain details of your image, I will enhance sharpness and blur. This helps draw attention to key elements of your YouTube thumbnail.

📌 Once the thumbnail is complete, I proceed to export it in JPEG or PNG format.

By using the advanced features and editing tools of Photoshop, along with a good understanding of design principles, creating an attractive and professional YouTube thumbnail becomes a straightforward process.

How can I ensure the quality of your work?

🟧 All my visuals are stunning and professional. I follow a creative process that always works; I have tested these creative methods for over 4 years, consistently achieving astonishing results. I also continue to deepen my knowledge every day and adapt to new technologies. You can see my previous creations in the service images. In this service, I promise you high-quality and perfectly crafted YouTube thumbnails to entice more people to watch your YouTube videos.

How can I be sure that your creation will match my taste?

🟧 Before starting work, I engage in deep discussions with you to understand exactly what you are looking for. Then, I provide you with an initial presentation of the work done, so you can offer suggestions or approve the work. I am completely attentive to my clients, and I will adapt to your requests to ensure that your YouTube thumbnails attract many people to your YouTube channel.

There are countless thumbnail ideas for YouTube that can capture viewers' attention. With me, you can get a winning YouTube thumbnail to maximize visibility and increase the number of views on your YouTube videos. I promise you a professional and eye-catching result at a great price and within the specified delivery deadlines.

What if I have other concerns?

🟧 In that case, please feel free to share all your questions or concerns with me, and I will respond as soon as possible. I am here to listen and provide advice on creative and innovative design solutions tailored to your needs.

Are you ready to become my next success story?
If so, place your order and let's get started in the discussion space.

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It will be a pleasure for me to work on your project.

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